NaNoWriMo Last 100 words – day 25

For those who celebrate Thanksgiving. Eat a lot! I plan to pig out on pie! And now that the holiday festivities are taken care of…here are today’s 100 words.

“Skin stuff. I have some too. But Chivin must have some too. He’d need it with all the changes.”

He suddenly spun to Dhala. “You must put it on him. Where he gets dry spots in his flyer form.”

“Oh, the rub.” He moved to the storage on one side of Dhala’s sleeping chamber and brought out a carefully made bowl with a sealed lid that he handed to Askari. He opened the lid carefully and sniffed. After a moment he ran his fingers through the thick substance and smeared a thick layer over Dhala’s arm.

The smear of ointment across his arm startled Dhala. His panic great with each passing moment. He tugged to try and win his way free of Askari’s grip. 

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