Humpday Teaser: Before the Christmas Trip

Randy and Tanner were wedged tight in their make-out chair, both of them enjoying their time together. The pair were enjoying their last night in the apartment before they began their epic trip for the winter holiday. Tanner had finished his finals a few days earlier, and had been putting together a great last dinner for the two of them. Randy had came home early, was happy with how his tests went and began helping with the meal too. They’d soon sat down to a great dinner Tanner had obviously splurged to buy, although Randy suspected the steaks were pilfered from the family freezer at the ranch. Everything was delicious, and they’d had a great time talking while they cleaned up afterwards. Continue reading

Sandbox: Opposites Attract

Hope you enjoy the story. This isn’t the typical hot 20-something character, but don’t worry, it’s still hot.



The scenes on TV shifted and changed, providing illumination for the room as Mark piled the couch with cushions in anticipation of movie night. He could hear popcorn exploding in the kitchen as James tried his latest recipe. Mark would have been perfectly happy with a bag of microwave popcorn, but their relationship had lasted all these years because they recognized they were not mirror images of each other, and it was okay. That realization had been a crucial element to the success of their relationship because they were markedly dissimilar, as illustrated by their career choices. Mark enjoyed his job as supervisor of a construction crew, and James was a contented professor in Literary Studies at the university. Continue reading

Humpday Tease: Back to Lariats and Lacrosse Sticks

Well, I had to reread L&LS to remember what was happening. And that’s with my store journal. This excerpt is from Rob and Ian’s wedding.

Between the two beaming men was their escort, Ian’s mother. A full head shorter than either of the two men, she easily was the focal point of the procession. She was wearing what was obviously a custom made formal kimono, white with a black on black embroidered obi. As the first cords of the bridal chorus drifted from the pipe organ, the three began walking down the isle, preceded by the flower girl throwing tiny black or white origami cranes, symbols of loyalty, honor and peace, down the isle. The couple had chosen two ring bears, twin boys from a couple they were friends with, and tow-headed twins each held a pillow with a ring on each, securely attached.

It was immediately evident that she was guiding both men. The trio beamed and nodded at friends and family as they went down the isle. The day seemed particularly preordained for perfection. The couple had actually been together for well over a decade, but laws had just changed to allow them to marry. The mix of light and pattern seemed to be a celebration from on high for an event that shouldn’t have been the struggle it had been. By the time they reached the end of the isle and both leaned down as if synchronized to gently kiss Ian’s mother, there were handkerchiefs a plenty out, and drying eyes.

Their eye’s locked as Ian’s mother settled into her seat on the first pew. Rob intertwined his fingers with Ian’s and lifted it, kissing it with tender love before walked the remaining few feet to stand before the minister, hands still tightly clasped. With a dignified and meaningful cadence vows were exchanged. The room seemed to glow from within when the ceremony was concluding and the couple leaned in to exchange love filled kisses. As their lips separated and they turned to the crowd, a thunderous roaring cheer met them. With the audience standing and continuing their cheers, and a few wolf whistles, the pair retreated down the isle, feeling blessed.

Sandbox: Desperation

Here’s another short story I was playing with. This one isn’t my typical writing. It’s a bit darker.

Also, like I’d said earlier. These are fresh out of my head and without the benefit of an edit. So please forgive the grammar and typos that probably are sprinkled through them.


In the darkened entryway, Matt could scan the monochromatic nightmare before him. The constant nocturnal drizzle started, creating a staccato rhythm, the hallmark of Matt’s existence. His world gathered the darkest recesses of the street, where shadows crossed and recrossed until the darkness sucked all pleasure into its void. His emaciated body shivered continually, the cold seeping into his being. He touched the bruises on his throat from a john who wanted ‘something special’, and promised to pay extra. His hair was longer, lanky, he struggled to look as young as possible. At eighteen, Matt sold off the only thing left, himself.

The screams of ‘faggot’ and ‘queer’ from his parents to his news still haunted his dreams. He’d tried other family members, people he thought of as friends, but rejection became his constant companion. To feed himself, he’d sold off his few possessions one by one. He’d held out, longer than most. With the passage of time his hope left and betrayed himself.

His first time, he’d whored himself for a few bites of food. The sour taste of cock and cum lingered for days as he’d contemplated how much it would hurt to die. He survived and forced himself to live through each time afterwards. Each day lowered him deeper inside the stygian abyss of his life.

A vehicle stop, the whir of an electric window descending. He dragged himself upright in the doorway, marketing his shirtless body. He stumbled forward but was cut off as an androgynous form with bleached blond hair slunk to the open window.

The kid crawl into the dark SUV, the tinted glass gliding up to hide whatever happened inside its cavernous interior. He stood, hope washed away as the cold rain ran down his pallid skin. He hobbled back to his doorway. Wondering…