Hey everyone, thanks! Amazon has taken the stolen copy of Wrangler Butts down from their site.

I very much appreciate your help and support. What a kick ass bunch you are!

Wrangler Butts stolen

Apparently someone has stolen Wrangler Butts and is selling it on Amazon. Changed the name to “Wrangler Butts Drive Me Nuts” and used the author name Felix Ferrero. A couple of my wonderful readers let me know.

Humpday Teaser: Before the Christmas Trip

Randy and Tanner were wedged tight in their make-out chair, both of them enjoying their time together. The pair were enjoying their last night in the apartment before they began their epic trip for the winter holiday. Tanner had finished his finals a few days earlier, and had been putting together a great last dinner for the two of them. Randy had came home early, was happy with how his tests went and began helping with the meal too. They’d soon sat down to a great dinner Tanner had obviously splurged to buy, although Randy suspected the steaks were pilfered from the family freezer at the ranch. Everything was delicious, and they’d had a great time talking while they cleaned up afterwards. Continue reading

Sandbox: Opposites Attract

Hope you enjoy the story. This isn’t the typical hot 20-something character, but don’t worry, it’s still hot.



The scenes on TV shifted and changed, providing illumination for the room as Mark piled the couch with cushions in anticipation of movie night. He could hear popcorn exploding in the kitchen as James tried his latest recipe. Mark would have been perfectly happy with a bag of microwave popcorn, but their relationship had lasted all these years because they recognized they were not mirror images of each other, and it was okay. That realization had been a crucial element to the success of their relationship because they were markedly dissimilar, as illustrated by their career choices. Mark enjoyed his job as supervisor of a construction crew, and James was a contented professor in Literary Studies at the university. Continue reading