Good news, bad news

Hey all,

Bad new first, I’m out of state (which is good actually) but am so busy that “Double Trouble” will be on hold for a couple of weeks. But it will be back.

Now, the good news. My short story “Iced” has been accepted into the 2016 Advent collection from Dreamspinner Press. So keep an eye out for it in December.

I also received official notification my submission, “A Single Night”, has been accepted into the “Love Wins” anthology from DSP. I hope the charity anthology will be a huge success.

Double Trouble: Chapter 79

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to flash fictions.

Chapter 79

Mitch glanced out the kitchen window as he washed the food he’d just gotten from their garden. Fall was shooting past and soon everything would be frozen, but until they get that first killing frost he would take advantage of the late season vegetables. But at this moment his focus was more on Darrin than on the leaf lettuce he was trying to wash. Darrin had already slammed both doors on the pickup getting his bag out. That wasn’t a good sign. He dropped the last of the greens in the colander to drain and was drying his hands when the front door swung open.

“I am so fed up with the ignorant mother fuckers! They aren’t worth the shot and powder it would take to get them out of my misery.”

“They’ll put your ass away for saying shit like that these days.”

Darrin shut the door and sighed. “I know. I can’t. But they are so frustrating to deal with, and every single one has an agenda. Fortunately, most of them aren’t very good at it and I can head off their crap. The ones that get me are the ones who pull stuff I have to clean up.”

“You could quit. The extra money is nice, but nothing we can’t do without if you’re miserable.”

“I know, and I appreciate the support. Unless it gets worse, I’ll finish my contract. I swear once I’m not department chair I’m going to be one ignorant son of a bitch.”

Mitch drew his lips together and formed a hark line. “You’re finished next year. I won’t put up with you killing yourself dealing with those people. Someone else can fall on the damn sword. You’ve done your time.”

Darrin nodded as he accepted the cold beer Mitch passed to him. “At first, a few of them seemed supportive. Now? They’re all out for themselves and it I get thrown under the bus that’s fine because it wasn’t them.”

“They are a self centered bunch of assholes. But they’re not getting another second of discussion in this house. So no more about work. But we’re going to find you something to do that’ll relax you.” Mitch studied him as he went through their options. “When’s fall break? It’s got to be soon.”

Darrin took another swallow of beer and seemed to consider the question. “Next week I think. Yup, it’s next week. Why?”

“You’re taking a few days off and we’re going to New Mexico. We can get a place to stay through that Airbnb thing. It’ll be good to get out of town. I’m sure we’ll find weekend retreat.”

“There’s not a lot of time. They might all be taken.”

They’d have a relaxing weekend, Mitch was determined. Well, at least Darrin could unwind. “Go change out of the monkey suite, and then we can find a place to stay for a few days. Something where with golden aspen and the creeks are filled with trout.”

“I have no idea how to fly fish. All I’ve ever fished for are bass and catfish.”

Mitch stepped close, took Darrin by the shoulder, spun him toward the bedroom and gave him a shove. “Go. Now. I’ve decided we’re going. You get to help so long as you don’t argue with me.”


“No buts, well maybe some cute butts to ogle, but no buts from you.”

“You know you’re not funny. Right?”

Mitch grabbed a damp towel from the counter and spun it. “Are you going, or do I have to get physical?”

Darrin took a few steps before turning back with a question. “What about the animals and the garden will need—”

“That’s what children and grandchildren are for. They’ll be thrilled to take care of the farm while we take a long weekend.”

Darrin lifted his eyebrows. “Thrilled?”

“Thrilled shitless. They just don’t know it yet. I’ll take care of that while you get out of the ‘ old man administrator’ clothes and into some jeans.”


Mitch flicked the towel toward Darrin’s backside, which it met with a resounding snap.

“Hey you fucker! That hurt.”

Mitch was already winding the tea towel for a second strike. “Are you ready for another? Cause that’s what you’ll get if you keep questioning me.”

Before Darrin could reply, Mitch snapped the towel again and this time it popped a few inches from Darrin’s crotch. “Hey! Leave the jewels out of this.”

“Move! I won’t miss again.”

Darrin started to argue, but held up his hands in surrender. “Okay, okay. I’m moving it along.” Mitch took a few quick steps toward Darrin and popped the towel again.

Darrin yelped and trotted to the bedroom. Mitch waited a few seconds before flipping the damp cloth over his shoulder and pulling his phone out.

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Need Your Love – Dean Frech – 99 cent Deal of the Day

Need Your Love 7.15

In June, 1966, ACLU attorney Eron Lassiter attends his uncle’s wedding, and makes an unsettling discovery. Though he’d bowed to family pressure and has a potential marriage planned, his long-ignored attraction to other men roars to life when Garrett Emerson, the bride’s nephew, captures his attention.

After serving in the Korean War and going to college later than his peers, upwardly mobile Garrett is a loan officer at a local bank. For his girlfriend, fiancé in her mind, he can’t climb fast enough. But none of that matters to Eron, and maybe that’s why Garrett’s so drawn to him.

Can Eron and Garrett find happiness amidst the still pervasive culture of propriety, honor, and expectation in the 1960s?


Get Need Your Love for just $0.99 Here (7/15/2016 Only)

JMS Books



By the time they made it to the beach, the July heat and
humidity had reached their peak. They grabbed some burgers and fries from a boardwalk stand and snatched a table as a family got up.“You want to stay and swim?” Eron asked as he gobbled down his burger.

“Not really, too crowded.”

“When I was a kid, we’d never let the crowd stop us from swimming,” Eron quipped.

“Yeah, guess we have some sense now.”

They finished eating. Eron nodded toward the car rather than the beach. Garrett smirked and followed. As Garrett drove back to his apartment, Eron reached out and touched his thigh.

“I’m sorry,” Eron blurted out, in line with his own thoughts, but out of nowhere in the silence.

“For what?” Garrett answered, as if he and Eron were thinking about the same thing.

“I guess the whole thing.”

Garrett looked at him and grimaced. “What do you mean?”

“I feel like I start things and then put them to rest.”

Garrett shrugged. “I suppose things can be kind of sticky between us.”

“I don’t want them to be. I haven’t regretted anything we’ve done.”

“Having sex in the bushes at the country club?”


“Dancing at the Valentine’s dance?”

“Not at all.”

“Maybe if we lived in a vacuum and didn’t have to deal with the rest of the world, this would be easier?”


* * * *

They finished the drive back to the apartment in silence. Eron’s sincerity had shone through when he spoke of what they had done and his lack of regret. Eron’s words eased the tension between them. At the flea market, with other people around, they had no trouble carrying on a conversation.

Garrett pulled into his parking spot. He nodded toward his apartment as they got out of the car. Once inside, Eron lowered himself to the davenport and Garrett plopped down next to him.

“I’ve been a jerk,” Eron said.

“We’re both confused. Don’t be so hard on yourself.” Garrett wanted to agree with him, but when he played the scene in his head, Eron came off less a jerk than he blamed himself. “It doesn’t help that we both have girlfriends and family that only want what they think is the best for us.”

“Do you and Johnette…you know…”

“Have sex? No. I used to tell myself it was because she was a respectable girl and we should wait.”

“And now?”

“Come on, you know the answer to that. What about you and Mary Ellen?”

“Same situation.”

“Eron, why did you come see me today?”

* * * *

Eron had struggled with the same question. “As much as I don’t want to be gay, I want to be with you.”

“I understand that,” Garrett said after a while. “I don’t identify with the queens that live in the city.”

“What about our jobs? Our family?”

“Could we make it work?”

“I have no idea. Honestly I don’t. I’ve spent hours plotting and examining every angle and I’m more confused than I was to start. I walled up any feelings I had about other men a long time ago, but you brought them to the surface.”

Garrett fiddled with the worn seam on one of the cushions. “I guess you made it safe for me to feel the same way, to experiment.”

“You soothe me and you’re practical.”

Garrett soaked in Eron’s confession. “I do?”

Eron swallowed the last of his fear. “Yes.”

“You know, all I hear anymore is to focus more on my career at the bank and to quit dicking around at the flea market. Even Dad says I need to shit or get off the pot. But you do nothing but encourage me.”

“Isn’t that what being in love is about? Encouraging and helping?”

“Are you saying that you love me?” Garrett squinted at him, then cupped his face in his hands. “Say it again.”

Garrett studied Eron’s face further.

“Yes, it’s true. I have no other explanation for how I feel. I love you.”

Garrett gulped. “I’ve dreamed of hearing those words since we met. I…I love you, too.”


May 2016 Bio picAbout Dean Frech

With inspiration from historical tourism sites, the love of reading, and a desire to write a novel, Dean started crafting his debut novel, A Place to Call Their Own, in 2008. After four years of writing and polishing the manuscript, it was accepted and originally published 2013. His second novel, Disappear With Me, set in Edwardian England was published later that same year. Both novels were re-released in May 2015.

Dean lives in Kansas City, Missouri with his two cats. He’s involved in his church and enjoys watching movies, outdoor activities in the warmer weather, and spending time with friends and family. In addition to writing, Dean’s hobbies include reading and patio gardening.

Dean is currently working a standalone title, Sartin, a merman romance, and The Higher Law, a continuation of the story of Frank and Gregory’s family set in the 1930s.

Connect with Dean


Blog: Dean’s Web Site

Facebook: Dean Frech, Author page or send a friend request Dean Frech.

Twitter: @thedeanfrech

Google+: +deanfrech

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Rough draft of “Tackling the Subject”

Finished the rough draft of a contemporary western, “Tackling the Subject”, at 68,000 words.

For those of you who know “Wrangler Butts”, this is the story of how Sam and Gordy got together.

For everyone else, it’s a college love story between a computer science geek, Sam, and Gordy, one of the tackles from the university’s football team. Gordy also happens to be brilliant, an agriculture major, and vary closeted.

Lots of edits to do before this once gets shipped off.

Double Trouble: Chapter 78

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to flash fictions.

Chapter 78

Danny gulped a few times until Jamie’s butt disappeared under the murky water. He realized his penis had done what it was good at as the situation became embarrassing. He yanked off the rest of his clothes, letting them fall wherever. Before the last piece hit the ground, Danny splashed through the water to hide his erection. Once he reached deeper, he sank lower until only his neck and head remained above the creek.

“This is amazing. Great suggestion, Danny!”

He turned to find Jamie submerged to his shoulders. When Jamie smiled his snow-white teeth gleamed against his golden tan. The combination left Danny with a tingle in his belly, and no relief from his erection. He struggled to get his horny teenage self under control, but wasn’t having much success when Jamie flipped himself up and then disappeared underwater. Danny’s thoughts focused still on the firm butt that had flashed above the water for a second.

He wondered where Janie had gotten to when hands grabbed his legs and pulled him below the water’s surface. Taken by surprise, Danny surfaced gasping and coughing. Once he caught his breath, he spun searching for Jamie.

“You asshole! I’m going to nail your skinny butt.”

“Yeah, give it your best shot, cowboy!”

Danny dove underwater and grabbed at Jamie’s legs. The muscular legs flexed under his touch and then slipped away. The sensation of skin against skin felt good, but Danny was too competitive to not try to win at everything. As a result, they spent most of the next thirty minutes fighting in the water. It ended when neither of them could catch their breath. They’d stopped with Danny’s legs wrapped around Jamie’s torso as he tried to pull him under, again.

As they caught their breath Danny realized their faces were inches from each other and he got the slight mint aroma of Jamie’s breath. Before he considered the action, he leaned in and kissed Jamie. The instant they separated, Danny knew things weren’t going well.

“Shit. Sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.” Danny said as he stumbled away from Jamie. “We need to go or the parents will be hunting for us. Sorry. Yeah. Let’s go.” Danny spun away and ran toward the edge of the pool.

“Danny. Hang on. Danny!”

Danny yanked on underwear and jeans, refusing to respond to Jamie’s call. He was working at pulling socks over his wet legs when Jamie walked out of the water and squatted down just behind Danny’s shoulder. He reached toward Danny’s shoulder, but then hesitated. They reached Danny’s breaking point.

“You can’t catch it.”

Jamie’s face turned into a scowl. “I’m not stupid, Danny. I know being gay isn’t contagious.”

“Well, I’m bi, not gay.” It seemed like an important distinction.

“Okay, whatever. But I already knew you were into guys. I should have told you before that I’m straight.”

Danny sat for a minute before motioning vaguely in Jamie’s direction. “If we’re going to have the ‘I’m not into guys’ talk I’d appreciate it if you’d put on clothes.”

After a soft chuckle, he heard the crunch of gravel followed by the sounds of Jamie dressing. A few minutes later Jamie called out to him. “Okay, it’s safe. I’m dressed.”

Danny grinned as he glanced at the cute guy walking toward him. “It wasn’t so much me needing to be safe, you’re the one in trouble.”

Jamie folded into a seat beside Danny and patted his shoulder. “I should have told you I wasn’t into guys when we first started running around together. I was afraid you’d take it wrong, and I didn’t want to lose a friend. It’s not like I have many, and none of the ones I have are into bull riding. I hoped I’d found another friend.”

Danny laughed and shoved playfully at Jamie. “You goof. We can still be friends. Do you want to hang around with someone who’s… well who’s somewhere in the LGBT spectrum.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “Sorry about the kiss. What I was thinking?”

Jamie shrugged. “It was as much my fault as yours. But I’m flattered you wanted to kiss me.”

“Are you kidding? Trust me, you’re fucking hot.”

Jamie’s face turned red. It shocked Danny to find himself wrapped in a tight hug. Once he released Danny, they both grinned. “I’m glad we’re still friends.”

“There’s no way you’re happier about it than I am. Let’s get the horses and head back to the house. We’ve got a pizza or two in the freezer.”

“Cool! I’m starved.” Jamie took a step and froze. “Where are the horses?”

Danny jumped up from the ground scanning the area. “Well, damn it to hell.”

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Double Trouble: Chapter 77

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to flash fictions.

Chapter 77

Danny frowned at the skinny pale leg the cast had been cut off. “The damn thing has about as much color as a grub worm,” he said.

Trent glanced over and grinned. “It’s not that bad. You’ll have it tanned and toned in no time. You’re lucky you can walk without a limp, or even walk at all.”

Danny scowled at Trent but decided it wasn’t the best time to argue with one of his parents. He dug through his dresser and retrieved a pair of bright aqua boxer briefs and a tee. When he finished, Trent was still leaning against the doorframe and smiling.

“What? I didn’t do anything.”

“Clean underwear. Jamie must be coming over.”

Danny’s stomach fluttered to think of the muscular blond. He raced for the bathroom so he would be behind closed doors before his erection was tenting his underwear. In spite of his best effort, he heard Trent’s laughter and then the sound of his bedroom door shutting.

Damn busy body parents.

Danny dropped his clothes in the hamper and turned on the shower. He wasn’t successful at keeping his thoughts from Jamie. They’d been hanging out with each other since Danny got home from the hospital. He seemed to think nothing of making the hour-long drive from his grandmother’s house to spend the afternoon. His reaction to thoughts of Jamie wasn’t improving his condition. In the hope he get himself back into a pair of jeans without having an obvious bulge running down one leg, he turned the water cold.

He stepped inside and the chilled water quenched his thoughts. He lathered up and rinsed as fast as possible. By the time he’d finished, everything had shrank to normal dimensions. There’d be no bulges in his jean now. He pulled on a shirt he’d cut the sleeves from and a decent pair of work boots. Voices from the living room had Danny sprinting to stop Jamie from being trapped talking with his dads. He walked around the corner to find what he’d feared. He had to get them away from his parent’s gauntlet.

“Hey Jamie. We can head out now. Sorry to keep you waiting,” Danny said.

“What’s the hurry?” Trent asked.

Danny knew he was tense. But he didn’t want his parents to wreck his fantasy. He knew the odds were not in his favor that Jamie was attracted to him. But every time those ice-blue eyes trapped him, he wished his dreams would come true. He also didn’t want to lose someone who was becoming a good friend. His feelings twisted into a solid knot of hormone. With all the emotions he was dealing with he didn’t want them peppering Jamie with the questions they’re renown for asking. What one of them didn’t cook up, the other would. It would wipe out his private life.

He met Trent’s smirk and frowned. “We’re checking the north fence. Some of the goats got out a few days ago and Jamie offered to help. But we need to get going.”

“Need any help with the horses? We’d be happy to help you out.” This time it was Josh causing the problem. Danny was losing his patience, and everyone in the room could tell. But at this point he didn’t care and his answer hissed through his teeth.

“No. We don’t need help. We’re going now.”

Trent started to retort, but Josh laid his hand on Trent’s forearm and his mouth closed. Josh glanced at the pair and motioned toward the outdoors. “Be careful. It’s so dry the rattlesnakes are thick this year.”

Danny gave a curt nod and almost ran for the door. They got to the stables with Jamie jogging to catch up. They didn’t speak while Danny got bridles on both horses and led them out. He motioned to the tack room. “The tooled saddle with the red is yours. Mine’s over there.”

The silence stretched on while they saddled their mounts and began a trot between the pastures. Jamie glanced at him. “Your dads’ seemed to get under your skin.”

Danny frowned and tried to collect his normal testosterone laden nerves before replying. “They were just being old farts. Just ignore them. They don’t get to town very often and they think they’re funny.”

Jamie chuckled. “Yeah, I understand that. My grandmother pulls stuff like that too.”

The conversation became more relaxed as they made their way along the fence. The afternoon sun blazed down on them and sweat was rolling down Danny’s back by the time they repaired the last stretch of fencing. He pushed his hat back and wiped his face with the tail of his T-shirt before he turned to Jamie.

“The creek widens up here and makes a decent swimming hole. Maybe we should take a dip and cool off.”

“Sound like a great idea. Let’s go. It’s hotter than a popcorn fart out here.”

They rode to a grove of towering cottonwoods marking the pool of clear water. They led the horses into a patch of lush grass and made their way to the sandy strip bordering the water. Danny pulled off his boots and shirt in time to hear a splash to the side of him.

“Oh, shit. That feels good.”

Danny looked up to see Jamie with water lapping at the bottom of his pale ass. Blood flooded his erection and Danny knew he was in trouble.

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“It’s the Hat” to be released July 20th

Cover for Behind the Uniform anthology

“It’s the Hat” will be released as part of the “Behind the Uniform” anthology on July 20.

Uniformed careers are a matter of choice and of sacrifice – military, fire, police, forest service, etc. – and the people who choose these careers are often dedicated to a fault. But sometimes dedication can come with a hefty price. Behind the Uniform illustrates the physical or emotional sacrifice and the hard choices that sometimes come with such all-consuming dedication.