Double Trouble: Chapter 63

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 63

Darrin leaned back against the chair with his feet propped up on the footstool as Mitch brought him a beer from the fridge. He took a drink and turned back to Orin and Rob.

“How’d you meet? How long have you been together?”

They glanced at each other and Darrin could tell they both were frantically counting, and hoping the other one wouldn’t notice. Rob looked up first with a smile. “Since I was a sophomore. Orin’s a cradle robber.”

“I am not. I’d just started grad school. So I was only a few years older.”

Darrin grinned at them and smiled. “So you’ve been finishing up over the last year while Orin was here?”

“Yes, now I finished my PhD in physical chemistry and followed along behind the hubby. A long distance relationship was no fun at all.”

“Long distance relationships are hard. I don’t even like the week long conferences,” Darrin said.

Mitch chuckled and poked Darrin in the ribs. “You don’t like anything until you get there, and then you have a good time.”

Darrin leaned in and gave Mitch a peck on the cheek. “You can be quiet now. You don’t need to share all our secrets.”

Mitch chuckled. “No problem there. I don’t tell anyone how kinky you are in bed and how much you like your sex toys.”

Rob roared with laughter while Mitch remained completely unrepentant. Darrin’s face burned with embarrassment but he wasn’t certain that Orin’s face wasn’t even redder. He was considering ways to make Mitch suffer when Josh, Trent and the twins came crashing through the door. Danny yelled, “Grampy! PaPa! You home?”

“Danny, we’re in the living room. We have company over for supper.”

The young man dashed into the living room and stuck his hand out for Orin. “Hi. I’m, Danny. Dan.”

Orin shook Danny’s hand and giving it all the dignity it merited. “I’m Orin. I work with your grandfather.” He motioned to his husband. “This is Rob.” He hesitated for a second before continuing. “Rob is my husband.”

The rest of the family introduced themselves to the couple and were grabbing drinks from the fridge before leaving. Once the quiet descended on the group there was no conversation for several minutes. Then Orin started to chuckle. “That was a first. Usually I have to try and explain why I have a husband.”

Darrin chuckled. “No, you don’t have to worry about Danny and Samantha needing two daddies explained.”

Mitch chuckled and headed for the patio with Rob not far behind. Darrin watched them for a moment and then turned back to find Orin watching him. Before he could say anything, Orin began to speak.

“Rob needs a friend. We both need friends. I’m sorry if we seem a little desperate. We just want to find some people to hang out with. Both of us were worried a small university in southwestern Oklahoma wasn’t going to be that friendly to us.”

Darrin nodded and refilled his glass. “Don’t worry about it. Mitch is a really nice guy so long as you don’t mess with his family, I can’t imagine Rob doing anything that would piss Mitch off.”

Orin took another drink of his wine and then nodded. “We’re really pretty fun. It’s not like we want to go clubbing every night or anything like that.”

Darrin chuckled, as he sat back down. “No. No clubbing around here. The closest gay bar is in Fort Worth, so it’s a whole weekend trip. We never go anymore, it got old fighting the horny guys off Mitch.”

Orin chuckled and nodded. “I know that feeling. I feel like Rob could go home with anyone in the place and then there’s little door mouse me.”

Darrin chuckled, glad someone else was dealing with similar feelings. Orin finished his wine and glanced out toward their husbands. “Sometimes I worry about Rob leaving. It’s pretty obvious I married up. I don’t share well either, and he knew that before we got married.” Orin blushed slightly. “I think people wonder how I got so lucky.”

Darrin skirted that whole issue with a slight veer of topics. “From what I can see he cares about you quite a lot.”

Orin glanced up just as roaring laughter came from the patio. Darrin looked at him and grinned. “You know one of them farted or something else equally mature.”

Orin started to say something when the pair burst through the door. The steaks looked delicious, and Darrin found himself relaxing around the couple. But by time the night had wound down, Darrin thought even suspicious Mitch had taken a liking to the couple.

They stood on the porch and exchanged hugs. Orin and Rob were half way to their pickup when Rob turned back to them and shot them a huge smile.

“He is hung by the way,” Rob said.


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Double Trouble: Chapter 62

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 62

Rob was sitting on the patio while Mitch tended the steaks and veggies on the grill. Mitch glanced inside to see Darrin and Orin talking while they drank wine and got the meal ready. When he turned back, Rob was smirking at him. Mitch had started to like the guy, he wasn’t at all what he’d expected.

“I was.”

Mitch cocked his head at the man. “You were what?”

“An underwear model. Most people wonder so I thought I’d just put it out there.” He smiled at Mitch and motioned his hand up and down the length of Mitch’s body. “But then you don’t look like you’d have any trouble finding a modeling job either. You know, I threatened to wear something like what you’ve got on. I thought it might make an impact on two cowboys.”

“And why didn’t you?”

“Because Orin said he would kill me in a painful way…and no sex for the rest of my life.” He motioned to Mitch’s outfit. “What about you? How did you manage to get your look past the hubby.”

“Oh, I didn’t. And he’s going to kill me.”

“I could strip off my shirt. Then we could both be in trouble.”

“Or I could put on clothes that aren’t cutting off the circulation to my nuts.”

Rob relaxed against his seat and chuckled. “And where’s the fun in that?”

Mitch tried to adjust himself and discovered the pants really were cutting into him in painful ways. He decided the fun with Darrin had went on long enough. Grinning at Rob, he handed him the tongs. “Keep an eye on the steaks. Turn ‘em in a minute or two. I’ll be right back.”

Rob took the tool from Mitch’s hand and motioned him away. “I got this. Go take care of the jewels.”

Mitch walked through the living room and couldn’t help but see Darrin’s glare. At this point the jeans were so uncomfortable that he didn’t care about the daggers being shot at him. He made his way to the bedroom. As soon as the door clicked shut, he was digging at the buttons to the jeans that were cutting off his circulation.

The first couple popped free and Mitch breathed a sigh of relief and rubbed his abdomen. “Crap, it’s not going to be worth the ass chewing Darrin is going to give me,” Mitch muttered, A few seconds later the offending pair of jeans hit the floor and Mitch stepped out of them. He adjusted himself and walked over to his closet.

“Everything okay in here?” Darrin asked from the door.

“Yeah. Just changing pants. Got something on the pair I had on.”

Darrin smirked at him and lifted an eyebrow. “Can’t you just paint over whatever part didn’t match anymore?”

He shot Darrin a quizzical look. “What?”

“Yeah, the last pair were so tight they had to be painted on so I figured you could just touch up anything that got messed up.”

Mitch ignored Darrin while he rummaged in his closet for a minute or so. He knew Darrin was still standing there, but really didn’t know what to do. Or worse, what to say.

“I’m still pissed off at you,” Mitch said.

“I know.”

“You let them walk all over you. You work hard for what you get.”

Darrin met Mitch’s gaze for the first time since he’d walked in the room. “They don’t get away with nearly as much as you think. I don’t let them, but I don’t handle it the same way you would.” Darrin smirked and winked at Mitch. “Not that I wouldn’t like to break a few bones in your style when they get shitty.”

“I never broke any bones.”

Darrin rolled his eyes. “Seems like I remember differently. I believe you punched a few people in the nose while we were in college. Maybe not so many since we moved here, but you were quite the brawler when we were in school.”

“Those don’t count. They were too stupid to live, much less breed. They needed a whipping. Besides, I don’t think I ever broke anything.”

“There were a lot of bloody noses. I’m sure you broke one or two.”

“Noses don’t really break. It’s just kind of smashed.”

“Ah huh.”

“Besides, these guys could be setting you up.”

Darrin shrugged. “They’re already here. Let’s try and relax. I’d like to have a good evening.”

Mitch leaned closer and couldn’t stop himself. “Is Owen hung?”

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Double Trouble: Chapter 61

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 61

Mitch was talking with his hands, never a good sign so far as Darrin was concerned.

“Let’s just recap for a moment here,” Mitch said with a chop of his hand punctuating each word. “The dude who tossed you under the bus, in a faculty meeting, that guy, we are having over for steaks and beer.”

Darrin pointed to the clothes he’d laid out on the bed while Mitch was showering. Then he pulled up his pressed jeans and began tucking in his shirt. “Yes, Orin, that guy. And his husband, Rob.”

Mitch threw his towel back at the bathroom. “So now we’re the gay welcome wagon?”

Darrin was beginning to get angry. “Oh go fuck yourself. That ship sailed when Jim brought Josh to the house as a foster kid.”

Mitch studied him for several minutes before he began again. “Look. You know I’ll play along with whatever your scheme is in front of people. But I’m not going to slack off just because you have more chances to screw up than before. When I think your being stupid, I’m going to tell you about it.”

Darrin sighed but nodded. “You’ve always played straight with me. I can respect that.”

Mitch chuckled a little. “I don’t know about playing straight, but I’ve been honest.”

Darrin shook his head but kept his silence. He nodded toward the bed. “Get dressed. You’re in charge of the grill. They should be here any time.”

Mitch pulled on the pair of briefs Darrin had laid out for him and then tugged on his jeans and began buttoning the fly. He was pulling on his shirt when he glanced out the window. After a minute or so he started chuckling. “What does this Orin guy look like?”

Darrin looked at him and lifted an eyebrow. “Why?”

“Humor me.”

“I don’t know. Kind of light brown hair with a poof in the front. About average build.”

“And his husband?”

“Rob? No idea. I’ve never met him.”

“How does six-feet tall. Swimmers build. Coal black hair and I’m guessing teeth so white they practically glow in the dark sound to you.”

“You’re shitting me.”

“No, come take a look for yourself.”

Darrin moved so he could see out the window, the scene was pretty much as Mitch described. Orin’s husband was a good looking guy. Like underwear model good looking.

He glanced back when Mitch started laughing. “A husband way better looking. You know what that means?”

“Mitch, shut up. Don’t say it.”

“Yeah, you’re buddy Orin is hung like a horse, carrying the big salami, packing the heat.”

“Great! The last thing I needed was speculation about how big one of my colleagues dick was. Mitch, you’re a real asshole at times.”

Mitch started chuckling. “It’s not my fault you have a dirty mind and like porn.”

The doorbell rang and Darrin started out the room. He leaned back in and quirked an eyebrow. “He might be packing more than you, you know.”

He laughed and closed the door behind him after Mitch flipped him off. He was still chuckling once he reached the door. Darrin paused for a minute, then opened it. Mitch was right, glowing white teeth. He caught himself before he checked out Orin’s crotch. He locked his eyes above their chests and waved them in.

“Welcome. Mitch is finishing getting dressed. He’ll be here in a minute. Have a seat and I’ll get us something to drink. What would you like? Beer, Coke, I think we have a little chardonnay.”

“Oh thank God. Someone has beer,” said Rob in a deep voice. “I can’t get Orin to believe that not all gay men drink wine. And because of that.” He held out a bottle of wine to Darrin who took it with a chuckle. “We both like wine just fine, but are more beer guys.”

“Me too,” said Rob, “Give me a good lager any time.”

“I’ve got some great lager in the cooler outside.”

Darrin turned to introduce Mitch, and almost shit himself. Mitch had changed clothes and now had on a pair of button fly jeans that were at least one size too small, and left nothing to the imagination, including Mitch’s cock down the inside, across his thigh. The black compression shirt was equally revealing as Mitch’s nipples made two small mountains on his chest.

He looked so hot, and Darrin was going to kill him.

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