Sandbox: “Choices”

Stephen stood surrounded by clothes of every description, the scent of cedar and leather wafting through the closet. He flipped through a few shirts, considering what he was going to wear. Tonight was it. He was going to meet the parents. What the fuck had he been thinking? It was Friday night. Six months ago he would have been filling his pocket with condoms, slithering into his tightest pair of club pants and smearing body glitter over his hairless torso in preparation for a Friday night sexual safari. But no! His life had shifted radically. Now his Friday night was meeting his lover’s parents.

He wanted to rebel. To lace, pin, pull and tug on his favorite dance club outfit and say fuck it to all of it. The responsibility, the caring, having someone that he needed to check in with, just toss it all. He’d fought falling in love, fought it tooth and well-manicured nail. He hadn’t been looking for love, he was the poster boy for the stereotypical gay slut who has been fucked more times than most men had been on dates. With a soft sigh, he shook his head in disbelief as he selected a crisp blue cotton shirt that made the aqua in his eye float to the surface. Flipping through the choices, he picked a pair of light gray pants, adding a black belt and some matching socks, carried his selections from the closet and laid them all carefully on the bed.

Looking over his choices, he slid off his boyfriend’s oversized white T-shirt and the nondescript boxer briefs he was wearing, and then started pawing through his underwear drawer. He pulled out several choices, dropping them back into the drawer with a shake of his head. As his digging progressed to a back corner, his fingertips hit a different texture. Recognizing it immediately, Stephen pulled out the black lycra jockstrap and grinned. After all, he reasoned, there was no reason to give up everything from his former life. Threading his taut legs through the straps, he reached into the pouch and adjusted his goods until everything was comfortably in place.

He twirled in front of the closet’s full-length mirror, confirming his body was still the perfect pale, lithe foil for the black undergarment. He sashayed back to the bed and donned the clothes he’d selected, critical of each detail. Once satisfied, he strolled into the bathroom, to spend the next 20 minutes achieving the ‘just rolled out of bed’ look he was going for with his hair.

Standing at the closet doorway, Stephen surveyed his shoe collection. He was trying to select the perfect pair, when he felt a pair of strong hands curled around his waist.

“Stop it! I’m almost dressed,” whined Stephen.

Dan pressed his mouth against the back of Stephen’s neck, kissed it softly and then nipped at this neck.

“We have 30 minutes…”

Stephen felt the warmth flow through his system, his knees weaken and his heart race with his lover’s touch. As he surrendered to the sensuous touches, he remembered why he’d agreed to meet the in-laws.

Hump Day Teaser

Here is a bit of one of the scenes from chapter 8 of Growing Josh.


“Please, youngster, call me Nanna. Everyone else does. And I think we’ve had enough fun at your expense, so we should explain.”

“Yes, ma’am…Nanna.” Trent got a nod and a smile. “We are a little confused.”

“Well, you know two-spirit mark good things for the tribe. Until Darrin and Mitch moved in, we hadn’t had anyone in a long time.” She glanced at her other guests. “At least not who was brave enough to tell anyone. Certainly not a couple.” She beamed at Josh and Trent. “But now we have two couples. Unbelievably good for the tribe. But one of them snuck off and got married under another tribes traditions…”

Trent’s lips formed an O as he took in the information. “So you want us to do a traditional Kiowa wedding? You want me to—steal—Josh?” Trent couldn’t suppress the chortle that came out. He turned to Josh with his lips pressed hard against each other.

“How do you feel about being stolen?”

New Sandbox

I’ve decided to share some of my writings when I’m just trying out an idea, setting or whatever. These aren’t fully realized stories, mostly just scenes or ideas I’m wanting to play around with. This one is writing with multiple partners in the scene. It was challenging, at least for me. But I hope you enjoy them.

Also, I’ve tried to turn on the comments feature so you can post comments if you’d like. Enjoy


Strip Poker

Kirk lifted the bottle and drank deeply. It only added to the tension building in the room, but then that was the idea. He locked eyes with each of the other three players, watching them squirm under his gaze. With a satisfied smile, he fanned his cards across the table.

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Humpday Tease

A little visit from Zach and his husband.


Josh stood with Christopher, and watched as Trent and Zach played with the twins. Josh had to admit, if someone had created children from Zach and Christopher, these kids were them. Light complexion and white blond hair, they looked like smaller versions of their dads.

He smiled at the antics of the toddlers. “They’re cute kids.”

Christopher glanced over and then beamed at his children. “They’re great. They’ve sure changed our lives.”

“I can only imagine…”

Josh walked over to the rug the kids were playing on and squatted beside them. “Hey would you two like to go see the horses?”

Timmy stumbled to him and Josh caught him just before he fell.


“Yup, you can see the horsey. Maybe even pet him. How does that sound?”

“Good! Ammy! Go see horthy!”

Sammy waddled to his twin, falling into Josh’s lap with a delighted giggle. Josh helped them both up, and started outside with them. By the time they got to the door, Christopher had moved to the other side and helped get the kids out. They ambled to the newly rebuild stables. Josh could hear the shuffling inside and then both horses stuck their heads over the stall doors and peered at the kids.

Hump Day Tease

I thought this week I’d share something with a little more heat.


“Stop it. It’s not fair to use your magic powers over me to get me to be reasonable.”

Mitch chuckled and shook his head. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“You know how sexy you look all laid out like that?”

“Does this make it better?” Mitch grabbed the tail of his tee and pulled it up, exposing his flat stomach and the hair fanning across it. The same peek that had driven Darrin crazy when they had first met back in college. Darrin could feel the tightening in his crotch as his cock responded to the show Mitch was creating.

With a gleam in his eyes Mitch continued his teasing show, lifting the shirt until his hard nipples were protruding above the dark hair surrounding them. Darrin leaned down, put his splayed hand over Mitch’s torso and let his hand explore it. “Yeah, maybe. You are just as sexy as you were when we first met.”

“Really? What about now?” Mitch flexed his abdomen, lifted himself off the couch and peeled the shirt off to launch it across the floor. Lowering himself in tiny increments, Mitch lifted his arms behind his head, exposing his thick hair of his arm pits. Mitch’s mating scent filled Darrin’s being. The sharp pheromone curled through his nostrils, sending electric pulses of lust to his now throbbing cock.

Darrin leaned in, letting both hands trail up Mitch’s muscular body. “Not fair.”