Controller: Chapter 19

Wednesday Briefs

Another week, another flash! I hope you enjoy it. Be sure and check out the other authors listed at the end of this chapter.

Chapter 19

“I’m starved. Let’s grab some pizza,” said Eli.

I looked at Eli at about the same time as my stomach growled. “I think you have my vote. Apparently my stomach thinks it needs fed.”

Eli walked over to me and started rubbing my shoulders. It only took a few passes before I collapsed onto the bed and was letting out a little groan each time Eli dug his fingers into my neck. After a few minutes his hands slid under my shirt and the feel of his hot hands against my skin was doing more than relaxing my tense muscles. When Eli ran his fingernails down my back, I groaned and rolled over.

“You keep that up and we won’t be going anywhere.”

“And would that be so bad?”

My stomach growled again, this time even louder. “Apparently we’re being out voted.”

Eli patted my stomach and grinned. “Let’s go get him fed, and then see what you’re up to.”

“Oh, I’m up to quite a bit.”

Eli shoved me to the side of the bed. “Come on. I have something new to show you later.”

I cocked an eyebrow and looked at him. “What are you planning?”

“Don’t worry about it. Just something to keep you on your toes.”

“Ah, come on! Don’t be a prick.”

“I’d watch what you call your boyfriend, or you might not get the present later,” said Eli.

Boyfriend? Eli and I are boyfriends now? My stomach growled again. “Let’s go before my body holds a rebellion.

A short time later we were walking into the pizza place. The waiter motioned us to a table. “Go ahead, guys. I’ll be with you in a minute.”

We sat in the booth he’d indicated and starting looking over the menu. Although it wasn’t like we hadn’t seen it a few times a week for the entire semester. The waiter arrived in a few minutes with glasses of water for each of us. He sat everything down and then smiled at us. “Well, gentlemen. I’m Kyle. What can I get you tonight?”

Eli grinned at me before he turned to Kyle. “We’re thinking something hot. Like smoking hot. Curl your toes and make your neighbors pound on the wall and tell you to shut up hot.”

Kyle smiled at both of us, and I could feel the heat radiating from my face. What the hell? Eli never did this. Not that I was particularly offended or anything, but it didn’t seem like the normally quiet Eli. Actually, the whole thing was kind of turning me on.

“We can add enough jalapeño peppers to anything to make it hot.”

Eli winked at me and leaned closer to Kyle. “What would you suggest? What toppings would be kinky, twisted and make you moan with pleasure when your tongue goes through them.”

Damn, Eli! I had to adjust myself. The whole conversation was starting to make me hard. When I glanced at Kyle, he was only smiling. “I’d say the ton-o-meat pizza with extra sausage…and peppers. Then you can have all the beef you can swallow.”

Oh, crap! What are these two doing? Kyle walked off and I turned to Eli. “You’re crazy. What if you’d offended the guy or something?”

Eli chuckled. “I know Kyle’s girlfriend. She told me he would think it was funny.”

I leaned back against the booth and studied Eli as I tried to reconcile this new side of him.

The rest of the meal went fairly quietly, although there were a few more innuendo shared between Eli and Kyle. The pizza was actually delicious and Eli and I stuffed ourselves. Through the entire meal, Eli kept making comments that had me laughing the entire time. We made our way back to his apartment. As soon as the door was shut, he took me in a hard kiss.

“You ready for your surprise?”

“Crap! I’d completely forgotten.” I grinned at Eli. “Yes, what’s my surprise?”

“Come with me.” Eli grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bedroom. He pushed me backward onto the bed and then walked between my legs. He smiled at me, and then launched himself. Unprepared, I was barely able to catch Eli before he crashed on top of me.

“Fuck! Careful or the family jewels will be damaged.”

Eli took my face between his hands and kissed me. The kissed began with passion, but by the time our lips slipped apart, I was panting from excitement and hard as a rock. It took me a moment before I could form coherent words.

“Okay, you have my attention. And if that was the surprise, I’m good with that.”

“Nope, not the surprise.” Eli rolled off me and rummaged through his nightstand for a few seconds and then came back with a surgical glove and a pair of scissors.

I stared at him and finally asked. “What the hell are those for?”

“Well, I thought it might be fun to take the sex a little further. So I got these.”

I looked from Eli to the things in his hands and then back again. “Sorry, Eli. I don’t get it.”

Eli grinned and without a word cut the fingers off the glove and then split the loop of silicon that was left along the side opposite the thumb. He opened the rectangle and grinned. “See, instant dental dam.”

I looked at it for a moment and then asked what was to me the obvious question. “Why didn’t you cut it down the thumb side?”

Eli grinned, held the rectangle up, and stuck his tongue into the thumb and started wiggling his tongue.

I watched him for a second then started giggling.

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“Home Grown” is being published!

Dreamspinner Press is publishing “Home Grown” and it’s scheduled to be out in Aug-Sept of this year. I’m so thrilled.

Story in Brief

Ethan Hart, a vendor at the local farmer’s market, finds himself falling for Peter Stevens, an advertising executive who is one of his regular customers. Ethan spent the past ten years consumed in caring for his failing mother, and avoiding the emotions of an abusive relationship. Peter’s last romance had left him wary of attachments and with a heightened pleasure in various cuisines. Their mutual interest in food bridges their markedly different occupations as well as their turbulent histories.

And…for long time readers. There are goats again. I know. They keep showing up!

Controller: Chapter 18

Wednesday BriefsAnother week, another flash! I hope you enjoy it, this chapter is pretty short. This is the chapter some of you have been waiting for. Be sure and check out the other authors listed at the end of this chapter.

Chapter 18

“Have you ever played this game?”

I grinned at Eli. We were together a lot now, and I still hadn’t worked out all my emotions over us. But I knew Eli was becoming my best friend. Beyond that, my feelings about our relationship were convoluted. But one things certain, sex with someone else was a huge improvement over jacking off in bed alone, even if we hadn’t gotten any further than mutual hand jobs and oral sex.

“Hey, earth to Nate.”

I shook myself from spacing out and bumped against Eli playfully. “I’m here. And no. I haven’t played before. This game supposed to be the scariest game in the last year.”

Eli dumped a bag of chips into a bowl as we got snacks ready for the evening. “Well when I’m sleeping in your shorts tonight, you’ll know I didn’t deal well with the game you picked.”

I grabbed us both some pop, I’d had enough of a hangover from the one night of beer, and settled on the bed, controller in hand. “Come on, get your little butt over here.”

Eli settled on the bed with a bowl in each hand. One full of chips and the other some kind of sugar coated popcorn. With the food settled around them on the floor and bed, I jumped up again and flipped off the light. With only the light from the the screen, I turned on the game.

“Holy fucking shit!” screamed Eli as he back peddled up the bed.

I laughed and hid my character under the virtual bed before turning back to Eli. “The mental patients getting to you?”

“Damn! Why didn’t that scare the shit out of you?”

“It is scary, I guess it just doesn’t get to me the way it does you.”

The lights came on and bright light flooded the room. “Oh shit, I need a minute to recover. We’re out of food anyway.”

I chuckled at Eli as he started rummaging through my tiny fridge. “There’s some grapes in a container, if you want something beside stoner food.”

Eli grinned and flipped me off. “Fuck you, Nate. This is pure gamer food, not stoner chow.”

“Yeah, like there’s a difference. Hurry up. I’m ready to see what happens next.”

Eli grabbed the grapes and a two-liter bottle of something green and full of sugar and caffein. He flipped the light off and  jumped into bed with me. We were involved with the game when loud voices came from the living room. It sounded like Jamie and Michael.

“Michael, you’re drunk again. Let’s get some sleep.”

“I’m horny as hell. Come on and give me a little.”

“No! Not again. I’m tired of this one sided relationship. You can’t keep taking and never giving.” The response was the sound of things breaking and loud curses. Then the hallway door banged into the wall followed by a slam that shook the walls.

“Fuck you, Jamie. I can find some ass if you’re too good to put out.” The door slammed and silence filled the space around us.

After a few minutes, Eli sighed. “Well, Fuck! So much for fright night. Let’s check on him.”

“Really? You’d be okay with that?” I asked at a whisper.

The soft sound of sobbing drifted to us through the door. I could feel Eli tense against me, and then slump.

“Come on. We can’t leave him out there by himself. He’s actually a nice guy, even if he is far too good looking for his own good.”

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Guest Blogger – Rob Colton


Thanks for having me today, Jon!

This is Rob Colton and I’m here to share an excerpt from my brand new paranormal novella, An American Lamb in Europe.

The book was released Wednesday, February 12th , and is available from Dreamspinner Press, and all your favorite online book stores. Dreamspinner is having a Valentine’s Day sale. Buy direct and save 25% off from today until February 19!

In this excerpt, Jamie once again runs into his mysterious “hero.” He takes the opportunity to ask about his brother. While he finally seems to be making some headway on his search, he also gets the first inkling that something may be… different… about Tomas.


Jamie Anderson knows you need to look before you leap, but he forgets it often enough to land in trouble. When his brother and only remaining family member disappears, he doesn’t think twice about quitting his job as a dental hygienist to travel to the Czech Republic to search for him.

Rescued by the sexy, mysterious Tomas in a small city near the German border, Jamie enlists his help in locating Rudy. Soon Jamie realizes the man knows more than he’s sharing. When Jamie demands Tomas tell him the truth, Tomas reveals he’s a vampire. Horrified the man he’s fantasized about is a monster, Jamie struggles with the fact he still needs Tomas’s help to find Rudy.

Jamie never expects their search will land him in the middle of a vampire turf war.


“I’m trying to find my brother. He’s missing. Please.”

I held up the picture and showed it to him, holding it toward the overhead light bulb. Stepping back to get a better look, he studied it for a moment and then looked up at me. There was something in his eyes. Recognition?

“You know him?” I asked. My heart started to race. “You do.”

After a moment, he finally answered. “I have seen him, yes.”

I let out a breath of relief. Was I finally getting somewhere? Maybe this trip wasn’t a huge waste of time after all. It felt like a weight had been removed from my shoulders, and I couldn’t help but grab onto the first glimmer of hope since I had arrived here.

“You knew him. You knew Rudy.”

He looked at me for a moment, then added, “No, but he used to come here regularly. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve seen him, I suppose. I didn’t know him… personally.”

The way he said that made me pause. What the heck was he trying to say? He didn’t know him “personally,” like they never had sex? Of course not, Rudy was straight. He was open-minded and had no problems with gay people obviously, but he wasn’t gay.

Oh, wait…. Was the big Tom Hardy skinhead gay, then? Oh. My. Wow.

Wait a minute. I wasn’t there to get laid, but damn… no, no, no. I was there to find out about Rudy. I ignored the hardening in my jeans and tried to concentrate on the task at hand.

If Mr. Big-Bald-and-Sexy didn’t know him that well, then maybe someone at the club would. If he frequented this place, then someone had to know him. I knew I would just face more rejection if I went at it alone; I would need his help.

“Maybe if we asked the regulars or the employees. You could translate for me—”

“No. You should not be here. I will ask for you.”

I really wanted to be part of this, but I felt such relief someone was actually going to help me I wanted to cry. It was like divine intervention the way he kept showing up. I grabbed his hand with both of mine, shook it.

“Thank you so much. The police said he was dead, but I know he’s not. I just know it.”

He looked down at my hand, then back up at me. “Are you not afraid of me?”

“Should I be?”

He stepped closer and pierced me with those icy blues. “Yes.” The chill in his voice ran down my spine. If he was trying to scare me, he succeeded. I jerked my hand away from his and stumbled back a step, bumping into the brick wall.

His mouth curled up into a smile, and a glint of light reflected off his teeth. Because I was obviously crazy with stupidity, I couldn’t help but take a professional inventory of his mouth. His teeth were remarkably white, nearly perfect. His number twenty-two lower mandibular cuspid was slightly out of alignment, which was easily correctable. More troubling were his number six and eleven upper cuspids—Oh holy shit! Where his two upper canine teeth should have been, he had a pair of razor-sharp fangs.

My back was already against the wall, but I was paralyzed with fear. I couldn’t move. My eyes widened as he leaned in and rubbed his nose and beard stubble against my neck. I felt the scrape of his teeth followed by the slick wetness of his tongue. I let out a quiet whimper. He let out a soft puff of air, like a snort, then stepped back after giving me one final lick.

I blinked and did a double take at his mouth. His teeth were normal. Perfectly normal maxillary cuspids on both the left and the right. I must have imagined the fangs. Please God, let it have been my imagination.


Author Bio:

Rob Colton is a software developer by day, and avid reader of romance novels at night. A romantic at heart, he loves stories that feature big, burly men who find true love and happy endings.

Rob grew up in northern Michigan and currently lives in the Atlanta area with his very supportive husband and their very spoiled miniature schnauzer.

Visit Rob online:

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Sandbox: Creation

I wrote this story last fall but throught it would be good to share for Valintine’s Day. It’s a flash piece, bt I thought it was particularly successful. Anyway, enjoy the day, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the short.

Max hit the final key and studied the line of code. He’d been working on this for most of his life, since his parents, so proud of their precocious baby, had given him his first computer. The term genius had been used a lot around Max, but he’d always had one goal, and he was so close to attaining it now.

The code implemented, flying by too fast for even Max to decipher. The minutes passed as he considered the worktable with its myriad of apparatus. A dark thickening then began to take shape. He pushed his glasses back up his nose, the perspiration of his nervous anticipation forming droplets on his skin. The latticework grew, the dark molecules of carbon gathered by the millions to form the object of Max’s desire. Unconsciously, he reached down and squeezed his crotch.

Time stopped as the shape on his worktable took form. It was obviously a human form now, a fully intact male. Max’s tongue glided over his lips as the details began to grow. The slight dimples of his cheeks, the deep red hair forming from his scalp in ringlets, the prominent Adam’s apple protruding from his throat, all in perfect proportions. The dark red nipples grew from the corners of his smooth muscular chest. Max’s pulse quickened as the final strands of ginger pubic hair settled into place and a thin red trail came from his navel to the fan of hair surrounding his uncut cock.

Max chewed on his bottom lip, his body tense as the elements were revealed under his watchful eyes. One last element, one seemingly insignificant detail, Max had struggled with for the last years. The eyes. He knew what he wanted, but had been unable to adjust his programming to get the results he envisioned. It was such a simple thing, but had proven elusive. He hoped this time he’d got the programming correct. The chest began to rise and fall in a simulation of breathing; the computer model adjusted for bodily rhythms. The eyes fluttered, and opened.

“Good Lord.”

The creation smiled at him. “Did you succeed this time?”

“Yes, you’re perfection.”  Max licked his lips again as the form rose and swung his legs over the table edge. He blinked, and Max met the deep amber eyes.

“What’s your name?”

“Didn’t you choose one?”

Max smiled. “I prefer you decide.”

“Lance then, it seems fitting.”

Lance pushed off the table, and landed gracefully on the floor. He moved until they were millimeters apart, and then whispered. “Are you happy this time?”

“Oh yes, God, you’re so sexy.”

“Then I should proceed?”

Max’s brow furrowed. “Proceed?”

Lance ran his hand over the front of Max’s tented pants and squeezed. “Yes, proceed. Fulfill my programmed directive.”

The touch ignited a flame in Max he’d never experienced and his knees went weak. As his body slowly crumpled, hands caught him and sparks of desperate need shot through Max’s body from each point of contact. Lance lifted him in his arms and carried Max to a small sleeping room, almost as if he’d lived here for years.

Max soon found himself stripped and sprawled across the bed, open to Lance. The kiss they exchanged was the first of Max’s virginities to be lost. The delicious flush of building ardor filled Max as Lance gently nibbled around his ear. The porcelain skinned beauty moved lower, nursing on each of Max’s nipples until they were hard brown nubs. Running his tongue over Max’s hairless chest, Lance was soon moving across Max’s belly, the slight softness giving way under his touch.

The warm caress between his legs caused Max to jump and let out a low moan as his balls were fondled and tugged. His cock was rock-hard and the head shiny red with need. Lance’s tongue dug into the underside, and Max almost erupted. He pulled back and, with a lithe movement, straddled Max and took him deep inside.

“Oh hell…”

Max lost himself in the sensations as Lance wrapped around his cock like a tight glove. Slick and tight, a slight adjustment in the programming had taken care of the need for lubricant. The technical success lost all importance to Max as Lance crouched over him and began riding his cock. The delicious sensations soon had Max driving for the edge.

Lance ground against Max, his hips gyrating and sending him into orgasm. Max grabbed Lance’s muscular thighs and began to shoot volley after volley of his essence deep inside. He was lost in the release as if Lance was somehow sucking him dry.

Max would never know how much time passed before he again was aware of his surroundings. Lance had slid over him, his heat pleasant and comforting to Max. He let his hands slide over his hips, and pushed a finger inside Lance, to find nothing. Max’s brow lifted. “Where did it go?”

“Oh, I absorbed it. I can make something similar if you’d like.”

Max lowered himself and looked into Lance’s beautiful amber eyes, still uncertain why he’d been so drawn to that artificial color. With a pang of regret, Max kissed Lance. “I guess we’ll need to put you back. The program won’t last much longer.”

Lance smiled and pushed Max’s sweat drenched hair from his eyes. “No, we have time.”

“Why?” Max asked, becoming concerned.

“Eye color is linked to so many things. Creation is such a complex activity.”

Controller: Chapter 17

Wednesday BriefsAnother week, another flash! This is the chapter some of you have been waiting for. Be sure and check out the other authors listed at the end of this chapter.

Chapter 17

The door was locked and my lights off. I huddled on the bed wrapped in a thick blanket. I’d showered twice, and still felt like I couldn’t get clean. I’d never experienced anything like this. My naiveté had been ripped away, and the mental anguish had been much worse than I’d expected.

There was a soft knock at the door. Just leave me alone. Can’t they get that?

“Nate. It’s Eli. Let me in. I need to know you’re okay.”

“Me too, Nate. Let us in.” The voice this time was Jaimie.

Crap. I guess I can’t ignore both of them. I wrapped the blanket around me and shuffled to the door, opening it slightly. “I’m okay, guys. I just need some time to process everything.”

Eli stuck his foot in the doorway. “No. You’re coming up with all these ways it’s somehow your fault. Let us in.”

I struggled with the decision for a moment. “Okay, but I’m not the best of company tonight.” Continue reading

Controller: Chapter 16

Wednesday BriefsAnother Wednesday Briefs is on the loose. Be sure and check out the other authors listed at the end of this chapter.

Chapter 16

I resisted the urge to tug at the microphone strapped to my chest. This whole thing felt like a scene out of a Bond movie, but by now I’d been prompted by Heather and the campus police until I was sick of it. I’d talked to Eli non-stop about what I was expected to do. My gut still clenched at what we were trying to pull off. Eli wanted to come with me, but the cops wouldn’t let him. Not a huge surprise.

Heather. I blame Heather for getting me all mixed up in this. Her and her damn folder. Tons of people who’d had problems with Davidson, but they didn’t have enough evidence to charge him. I made the mistake of not walking out when she explained her scheme. In the end, the setup required people from all over campus. The coaching from the cops made me even more nervous, but everyone assured me regardless of the outcome, my academic career wouldn’t be hurt.

I took a deep breath and stared at Davidson’s door. This was it. I braced myself and knocked. Again shuffling and odd noises seeped through the door for a few moments before opening. Our eyes met, and Davidson broke into a nasty smile.

“Good to see you again, Mr. Jensen.” He motioned me inside his dim office.

I hid a shiver and stepped inside. Too late to change my mind now.

Davidson walked back to his side of the desk, the terrible smile never leaving his face. He said down and leaned forward. “So, you’ve thought about what ‘extra credit’ you can do to raise your grade?”

I nodded and swallowed hard, trying to keep from shaking. “Yeah. I’m ready to do the extra credit.”

“Stand up.”

My breath quickened as fear crowded my mind. The cops assured me he wasn’t violent. But they weren’t across the desk from him. I remembered I was wired and the people listening were in a service closet no more than 50 feet away.

With my bravery bolstered, I stood in front of him, and ran my hands over my body in some vain attempt to straighten them. I stood unmoving while my heart hammered in my chest.

“Turn around.”

I felt helpless, and violated. But they needed more than him saying ‘stand up and turn around’ to arrest him. I rotated until my ass was facing the predator. He moved, and a wave of revulsion washed over me as his eyes raked down my body. My skin crawled. How could this possibly be a turn on? This guy had done this to dozens of students. More actually, Heather only had the ones who’d reported the incident. This was to keep Davidson from trapping any more students.

I stood, braced myself and tried not to shake as he studied me like a whore he’d found on the street.

“Nice bubble butt, Nathan. I’m going to enjoy this.” He moved around the desk and groped himself as he stripped me with his eyes. I turned around to him working his cock. I swallowed and nodded.

“What…what do you want me to do?”

“Oh, I think you know, Nathan.” He reached up and opened his pants. His erection jutted from his crotch, obvious in the boxers he was wearing. I dropped back into the chair as he continued to stroke himself through the thin boxers. After a minute or so passed, he reached in and I steeled my will. I have to play this better. “Take it out. I want to see your big cock.”

He leered at me. “You want to suck daddy’s cock? You want me to be your daddy, Nathan? Give you the love only your daddy can give you?”

I tasted bile in my mouth as my stomach roiled. I couldn’t play the role I’d worked out with the police. I wanted out of this office. How much longer? This nasty son of a bitch wasn’t going to touch me. I didn’t care if they caught him or not.

Davidson fished out his dick and moved closer while he stroked it. “Come on, Nathan. Just lick the tip, you know you want to suck Daddy’s cock.”

The door shook under violent pounding, a key slid into the lock and someone in the hallway shouted. “Police! Open up!”

The door burst open with such force the door’s window shattered when it hit the wall. The next few minutes became a blur as police crowded into the room and pulled me out. The next hour became a flurry of questions and reassurance from the police and Heather, who had a vindictive smile on her face.

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