Double Trouble: Chapter 67

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 67

Trent frowned and rubbed the back of his head where Josh had just thumped him. “What was that for?”

“It was for checking out that guy’s butt. That’s the third one. And who was having the meltdown because something happened that made you feel older?”

“Oh, for God’s sake. I’m just looking. It’s not like I’m taking anything home.”

Josh cocked an eyebrow. “You try to take one home and I’ll band you and then you won’t want to act like a horny eighteen-year-old. Because I remember you at eighteen, and you weren’t too sharp.”

Trent shot Josh a glance filled with daggers. “I don’t remember you cutting down on the sex when you were eighteen either.”

“Beg your pardon? I’ll have you know that I was a virgin until you showed up.”

Trent snorted loud enough to startle a few of the cattle that were closest. “You were still a virgin because you were still trying to fit into the fish world and I had to teach you how to enjoy a good one hundred percent rare beef steak.”

Josh’s face burned hot, and he moved a little closer to Trent. “Let your gaydie sense work a little better.”

Trent slowed his pace and a second or so later glanced at Josh. “What’s gaydie sense? Like gaydar?”

“No, like spidie-sense for our people. You know, to tell when the crowd is turning against us.”

Trent chuckled. “Our people? My people are from southwestern Canada and performed our marriage. You? You’re just a white boy from western Oklahoma.”

“You know what I mean. Look over there.” He twitched his head toward some of the people who seemed to lock their attention on the couple.

Josh glanced around again, it wasn’t as if a crowd was forming and torches were being lit. But he thought it would a good idea to keep their personal live a little less public. They’d left the cattle barn without finding the current owners of their new herd bulls and were now in a new world. This was horse country.

No one was noticing them now, which was perfect in Josh’s opinion. They toured through the stalls of giant horses that made the ones on the beer commercial seem small. One hoof of these bad boys would cover Josh’s head. But they were sweet and didn’t seem to want more than a good scratch on the end of their noses.

Trent scratched his fingers under the chin of one behemoth who he was making very happy. “Too bad we can’t stick around for the stone boat pulls tonight. I bet this big guy could move a house all by himself.”

“And if he had that annoying habit of stepping on your foot, broken foot time!”

“Not this big fella. Would you guy?”

A snort came from behind them and they turned to find a middle-aged guy sporting a well-trimmed beard smiling at them. “Actually, Ben there loves nothing better than to catch you not paying attention and getting that huge hoof on your foot and lean into it. He’s never broke bones, but it hurts like hell.”

A second man walked up behind the first and laid a hand on his shoulder. “Noah has woke up everything on the farm more than once by screaming bloody murder when Ben tries to flatten his foot again. It’s pretty entertaining.”

Noah glanced back and scowled. “And Jesse can be a real ass sometimes too.”

Josh stepped forward and held out his hand. “I’m Josh.” He motioned over his shoulder and considered for a few seconds. He decided this time he’d trust his intuition. “That’s my husband, Trent.”

The other two froze in place and Josh realized how big these two were. If it came down to it he and Trent would act more like a quarter horse while Noah and Jesse were more like their draft horses. But then the pair grinned. “Yay, that’s so cool. How long have you been married? Jesse and I have been together for almost twenty years and we got married when the Supreme Court got smart,” Noah said with a grin.

The tension drained from Josh. “About the same for us. Trent is part Haida, and we had a traditional marriage from them a long time ago. But we redid it last year in Tulsa to make everything legal.”

Jesse leaned close to Josh with a grin. “I hear one of the clubs downtown has a great drag show.”

There it is. We’re with our people.

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New release coming!

My forest ranger short story, “It’s The Hat” was accepted by Mischief Corner Books as part of their “Behind The Uniform” anthology. I tried to find a pic to go along with the characters, but couldn’t find one that was the Matt I saw in my head. 🙂

The release date is June 22 of this year. Yay! New stuff coming your way.


Double Trouble: Chapter 66

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 66

Josh gave Trent plenty of space. His expression meant his husband wasn’t far from losing his shit. The night hadn’t gone the way Trent expected. Actually, it hadn’t been much different than Josh figured it would go. But there was no way he was going to say anything to Trent. He knew when not to piss off the man he lived with. And right this minute, he was going to give Trent some time to calm down.

Trent stomped back and forth across the nondescript beige carpet. His boots were hitting the floor hard enough to cause the lamps to shimmy a little. He ripped open the curtains, crossed his arms, and glared into the inky darkness.

“You know, it could have been worse,” Josh ventured.

“Shut. Up.”

Josh ducked his head and sat on the side of the bed and started working his boots off. Trent wasn’t dealing well with the situation. But Josh didn’t want to give his frustration a target, so he kept his mouth shut and let Trent simmer.

“Twink clubs should come with warning labels. Damn little glitter covered monsters. They’re going to get older too you know. Their little twenty-eight-inch waists. Let’s see how they look once they have teenaged kids. Then we’ll see how their tiny little butts look when they have to do something besides go to the gym. It’ll all come back to haunt them. You just wait and see.”

Josh nodded his head in agreement as he peeled his socks off and dropped them inside his boots. “You’re right. Everyone gets older and the day will come when they have more important things to worry about than keeping their narrow glitter covered chests clipped and groomed.”

Trent spun to Josh and started motioning with his hands as he warmed to his subject. “Exactly! Their skinny bodies will be more than five-percent body fat. They’ll live on more than seltzer water and cigarettes.”

Josh couldn’t keep the smile from his face this time. He considered for a few seconds but then decided it was just too easy. “Your memory is kind of short. Until the kids got in it and used up the last of your body glitter trying to make themselves look like Christmas ornaments, you had a drawer full of the stuff. You would have kept it too, but the bottles were completely empty.”

Trent glared at him and frustration filled his face. “You think it’s so funny. Only those old dudes hit on you, you weren’t exactly in the prime market either.”

Josh shrugged and the smile never wavered from his lips. “I hate to break this to you my fine studly husband but Jeff and Adam were a lot closer to our age than those twinks.” Josh unbuttoned his jeans, let them fall to his ankles, and stepped out of them. He worked his shirt off a button at a time while Trent wore a path in the carpet. “Besides, they were good dancers and I wanted to dance.”

Trent glared at him. “They were at least ten years older than us.”

“And have been together for over twenty years, and weren’t looking for a hookup. They just wanted to have a good time, which was all I was looking for.” He paused until Trent stopped for a moment to glare at him. “Besides, those boys you’re so pissed off about were probably twenty years younger than us. I bet most of them had to leave at the under-aged curfew. Seriously? You’re letting an eighteen-year-old get under your skin like this? It isn’t worth it.”

Josh let Trent sit and stew while he dug through their luggage, found his toothbrush and ducked into the bathroom to get ready for bed. He could hear Trent fuming under his breath without his audience to play toward. Josh finished brushing, washed up and made his way to the bed.

He settled into the blankets and smiled at Trent. “Are you about ready to get in bed?”

“I’m pissed off. Does it not make you mad as hell?”

“Actually, no. We were no better when we were twenty-something. Anyone the age we are now would have been an old fart.”

“Rude little fuckers.” Trent muttered as he started undressing. His face was covered with a frown as he tossed his shoes and clothes into a pile. As the briefs he was wearing topped off the stack, Josh grinned at Trent’s body, which he still felt was as hot as any of those young guys.

Trent noticed and his frown deepened. “What?”

“Just thinking how steamy you are.”

Trent made a dismissive sound and started toward the bathroom. “I need to wash off the cologne and body glitter from tonight.”

“Go ahead. I’ll see if I can’t find a way to relax you once you’re out.”

With a smirk Trent disappeared around the corner. The shower started and shortly after he could hear Trent splashing as he washed up. A few minutes later the shower stopped. Josh waited patiently and got the reward he was hoping for when Trent walked into the room, finished the last of his drying and tossed the towel to the countertop.

“So this is it. This body isn’t going to get any better. It’s down hill all the way.”

“Come here.”

Trent smirked as he stared up and down Josh’s body. “You’re just trying to get my mind off tonight.”

Josh grabbed the back of Trent’s head and pulled him in for a hard kiss. He shoved the tip of his tongue between Trent’s lips and a moment later was exploring the inside of his husband’s mouth. They separated and Trent started to say something else when Josh grabbed his nipple piercings and tugged at them.

“Shut up and let it go. The kid just called you ‘sir’!” Before the conversation could go anywhere else Josh had Trent focused on something much more pleasurable.

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Working away at “Tackling the Subject”

It’s been a good weekend for progress on “Tackling the Subject”.  2500 words today for a 45k total. I’m shooting for a 70,000 word novel, but I only have few chapters left. It will be what it will be.

For those of you who haven’t read my earlier stuff. “Tackling the Subject” is about how Gordy and Sam from “Wrangler Butts” met and became a couple. I’ve always wanted to do something about the background of the two. So, now I am. For those of you who enjoyed the whole cowboy thing. Hang on, you’re getting another dose.

Just to add a little to the story, here is a shot of Sam. Sam might be a little thinner, but the hair and skin are perfect

Flash fiction – Trip Home

Wednesday Briefs

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Trip Home

No “Double Trouble” this week. Instead, I’m writing about the young couple seated across the aisle from me on the flight home. The whole scene moved me enough that I was drawn to bring my interpretation to paper. – Jon


Drew heaved his carry-on bag into the overhead bin and then slipped into the seat beside Brandon. He leaned forward to peer out the window at the frantic activity even at this ridiculously early hour. The shimmer of light across the damp asphalt created a monochromatic abstract punctuated with moving points of light in red and blue. He inhaled softly and was filled with Brandon’s musky morning scent and leaving a metallic tint on the back of his tongue.

“Relax, the flight’s only about an hour,” Brandon whispered.

He glanced at his husband, his chiseled face highlighted in blue from the pale lights above them. The soft sounds of the other passengers finding their seats in the predawn hour helped him remember they were not in their hotel any more. He reached with his left thumb and turned the ring that was a recent addition.

He leaned closer to Brandon as the two of them watched through the small oval window as the last of the passengers filed past them to get their seats. The soft pop of the cabin door closing served as a prelude to the prattle of the flight attendant. He smiled to himself as Brandon leaned his head against Drew’s shoulder. A moment later the soft breathing he recognized so well signaled Brandon was fast asleep. A feeling of contentment worked its way through his system at the sensation of his husband’s head on his shoulder.

As the plane taxied away from their gate, the apprehension that happened on every takeoff appeared right on schedule. He glanced down and smiled at the relaxed face mere inches from him. Nothing bothers him. He could sleep through a train wreck.

The ‘prepare for takeoff’ announcement came over the speakers, but even that had a softness appropriate for the ungodly hour of the day. The jet engines just outside his window roared to life, and the plane lurched forward. He tightened his grip on the arm rest almost imperceptibly and inhaled deeply of Brandon and as always, it calmed him.

Then there was the slight lessening of the vibrations and a second later the rattle stopped. They were airborne.

Drew looked out into the inky darkness with its patterns of lights, constantly changing as the plane gained altitude. He felt glued to his seat for a minute or two with Brandon’s head bouncing slightly against him. The exhaustion of the busy trip washed over him at that moment and his jaw opened like one of the giant anacondas from the nature shows Brandon loved to watch. His yawn grew until even sleeping like a rock, Brandon shifted in place. Then it passed and the only sights out his window were the soft billowy clouds and he heard the pilot’s reassurance that their destination was less than an hour away. He tucked Brandon’s head under his chin, his goatee rubbing against the top of his head as he drifted fitfully.

Drew woke with the gray of dawn permeating the cabin and the pilot announcing their imminent landing. He shook Brandon slightly and said softly into his ear, “We’re about to land. Did you get your beauty sleep?”

Brandon stretched, the sweet smile he’d fallen in love with creeping across his face. “Yeah, I slept just fine. You were there to keep the bad guys away.”

Drew chuckled but was filled with a warm sensation. “You don’t have to work to get lucky. I’m a sure thing now.”

Brandon shook his head but didn’t intrude on the silence of the plane.

They relaxed against each other and listened to the sounds as the plane prepared to land. Drew jumped slightly as the landing gear locked into place with a soft thud but Brandon’s presence calmed him. As they circled, he watched as the things on the ground grew in size until what he was seeing from his window wasn’t much different than how it would look out from out of a car window. Only the grass and runways of an airport were surrounding him instead of an interstate highway.

He braced himself for the landing and a few seconds later the tires bumped onto the runway and then the engines reversed. He braced himself on the seat ahead of them and waited out the short time until they were calmly coasting to their gate. Brandon reached over and squeezed his hand.

As they stopped at their gate the typical rush to unload filled the aisle almost instantly. In no particular hurry, they sat quietly until the seats ahead of them were vacating. They moved quietly in the early morning light, grabbing their bags and making their way off the plane. Brandon walked beside him as they made their way inside. At the end of the hallway he paused at the doorway for a moment and glanced at the crowd waiting to board the plane they had just left. Nerves caused his stomach to knot.

Brandon intertwine their fingers, and he glanced over with a smile as they took their first steps into this new life.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 65

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 65

The pickup and stock trailer pulled to a stop, and Josh looked around at the hotel Trent had picked. He really didn’t want to be driving around downtown Ft. Worth with a few tons of bull in the trailer, but he’d let Trent worry about that when they left on Sunday. So he was fine with the place Trent had picked. It was the perfect combination of comfort, and still having a parking lot that Josh could get their rig into.

“They have a limo we can rent too. So no need to try and park the truck downtown. Plus, we don’t have to be the responsible dad’s tonight. We can get hammered and someone else will drive us home.” Trent said.

Josh chuckled and turned to his husband. “I have to say, I do enjoy the parental release program, even if we do have to mix it with business.”

“Well,” Trent said, “The show starts tomorrow. I’d like to see how these two new bulls compare to the others their age. This is a big show, the classes should be tough.”

“I think it’ll be fun to watch. They’ll be great for our herd. But it would be great to be able to say our bulls were champions at the Fort Worth Stock Show.”

Trent nodded his agreement and turned to Josh with a mischievous grin. “But tonight there are no kids, no critters, just you, me and a list of clubs we want to hit.”

They gathered their bags from the pickup and headed for the hotel. Once they were checked in, they were both eager to wash off the dust of western Oklahoma and spend a night on the town like they had when they were younger. Josh’s clothes were laid across the bed and he considered what he was going to wear tonight when they went out.

Trent’s voice from the shower brought him back into the present. “Hey, why don’t you come join me? We can wash each others backs.”

Josh chuckled and shook his head. “Yeah, I don’t think so. I know what washing your back in general leads to.”

The water shut off and the next thing Josh knew, Trent was standing in the doorway toweling off. “What in the world are you talking about? I was just trying to save a little water.”

“Yeah, whatever. I know you better than that. You get away from the kids and you want to fuck like bunnies.”

Trent shook his semi-hard cock at Josh and laughed. “And do you see some problem with fucking like bunnies?”

Josh walked to his husband and spun him toward the bathroom before giving him a sharp smack on the ass. “I do when it cuts into our fun. Now finish getting dried and get some clothes on.”

He walked back to the bed and picked a dark blue pair of Wranglers and began pulling them on. He went to the mirror and turned back and forth. I’m no twenty year old, but the body isn’t in too bad of shape. A sharp wolf whistle pierced the air. “Hey, hot stuff. You wanna fuck?”

“First, seriously? Did that really work for you at some point? Second, I better be the only one to hear that question from you.”

Trent grinned, completely unrepentant, as he finished running the towel over his crotch and tossed it back into the bathroom. He looked at the clothes Josh had laid out and grabbed the black boxer briefs from the selection. “Are you serious? You’re going to wear underwear? You are becoming an old man.”

“Leave my underwear alone. I’ve never been a big fan of commando. My stuff rubbing against my zipper is not fun.”

Josh enjoyed the view as Trent walked to the closet and started flipping through his clothes while glancing back at Josh from time to time. Eventually he pulled out a pair of button fly jeans, and when he slipped them on Josh knew why he’d picked them. They left nothing to the imagination once he got them closed. Actually, if Josh didn’t know better he’d think Trent was stuffing his crotch. But Josh did know better, and he wasn’t. The body-hugging shirt that followed it didn’t hide much either. Technically they’d meet any ‘no shirt, no shoes, no service’ requirement. But in actuality, it showed off his body even more.

Their eyes finally met and Trent smirk. Josh cocked an eyebrow and frowned ever so slightly. “Are you advertising goods for sale?”

“Highest bidder.”

“Just remember, I do know how to castrate a bull.”

Trent did a stage performance cringe. “That’s a low blow.”

“Just remember who you came with. Dance and flirt all you want, but I’m the one you have to deal with later.”

Josh sat on the bed to pull on his boots and stood to make sure everything was in place. Then he looked back at Trent to discover a smirk on his face.


“Well you’re going to be the fulfillment of a lot of cowboy fantasies. Are you fishing for glitter cover twinks?”

“If you’ve picked a club filled with twinks we’re going to spend the night dancing with each other.”

“Finish getting pretty and we’ll see how this night goes.”

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Double Trouble: Chapter 64

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 64

Trent flipped through his closet trying to decide which pairs of pants he wanted to pack. Josh would take the easy way out. He’d have a suitcase filled with jeans. Trent didn’t mind. Josh looked hot. But Trent was looking for something a little different. It wasn’t often they got to escape from the ranch.

Josh was going to shop some bulls a breeder had at the Fort Worth Stock Show. But Darrin and Mitch decided he and Josh needed a weekend, and had offered to watch the kids and check on the animals. They’d talked about it for a while but eventually decided they would enjoy the weekend of fun once they’d taken care of buying the new herd sires.

Danny appeared at their door. “Dad, what clothes should I take?”

Trent considered for a minute. “Well, Saturday they’re taking you to Laugh Out Loud in Lawton. So you’ll need to take some clothes to—“

“Samantha! We’re going to play laser tag!” Danny said as he sprinted down the hallway. The running steps came to a halt and Trent knew Danny had another question. He had barely finished the thought when Danny peered around the corner.

“Um, Dad?”

Trent didn’t turn from their closet so Danny wouldn’t see his grin. “Yeah, Danny. What’s up?”

“I sort of promised Brandon that we’d go out this weekend. He got his license last week and was going to drive.”

“Talk to your grandfathers. It’s up to them.”

Danny dropped his head. “Oh. Okay.”

Trent took a deep breath. “Danny, have they ever told you no when you asked to bring friends on trips before.”

Danny considered the question for a minute. “No. I can’t remember them saying no.” He disappeared around the corner but Trent wasn’t finished. “Hey, Danny.”

He leaned back around the corner. “Yeah.”

“They aren’t going to let you sleep with Brandon.”

“Why not?”

Trent rolled his eyes. “You know why not. Now go get your stuff ready and pack two sleeping bags—and not the zip together kind.”

Danny scowled at Trent for a second before turning to stomp down the hallway. “Well shit. That fucked up the whole weekend.”

Trent smiled but then did the dad thing. “Watch your mouth Danny or you’ll be mucking out the stalls for the whole weekend.’

There was more muttering, but none of it was loud enough for Trent to hear. Josh dragged one of their bags into the living room. He glanced up and was smiling also. “I take it your son is not very happy about being told he wasn’t going to be sleeping with his boyfriend on the trip.”

Samantha appeared before Trent could say anything. “It’s only fair. I don’t get to sleep with my boyfriend either.”

Trent’s muscles seized at the idea of Samantha with someone. “Oh, hell no. That’s not happening.”

“Danny’s messing around and you don’t say anything to him? What the hell?”

“Shut up, Sam!” Danny yelled.

“This is bullshit! You can’t have a double standard.” Samantha said.

“Young lady, watch your mouth,” Trent said.

She stomped down the hallway, cursing with each step. She stopped at her doorway and spun on Danny and Trent as well as an innocent looking Josh who’d stumbled into the argument. He glanced from one of them to the other before turning back to Samantha.

“Honey, one dad being protective of his daughter is bad enough. Two dad’s being protective of their daughter is lethal. We can’t imagine you being with someone. Talk to us in a few decades and maybe we can agree that you can do whatever you want so long as it’s safe and sane…and we don’t know anything about it.”

“Bull! Shit!” she yelled and then slammed the door behind her,

“I gotta say. I’m glad to leave that kind of attitude behind with Mitch and Darrin,” Trent said.

“They’re going to kill us for dropping her off in this mood.”

“Oh, yeah. But we won’t be there for too long so maybe he won’t figure out that she’s on a rampage.”

They finished packing their bags, with the faint sound of things being slammed filling the air. Josh glanced toward Trent. “Are you at least going to call them and warn them that one of the kids is going to be pissed off.”

“Naw, they like to spend time with the little darlings. They can side with Samantha and talk about what assholes their dads are. Actually I’m hoping Darrin will get everything straightened out.”

Danny yelled from the living room. “We’re going. Sam’s already in the truck.”

“Okay. We’re right behind you.” Trent said as he and Josh grabbed their suitcases, tossed them into the back seat and jumped into the pickup. A few minutes passed, and they parked beside Danny’s pickup, just in time to see Samantha rush through the door.

“Do we have to go in?” asked Josh.

“They really will kill us if we just drop the kids off.”

They resign themselves to going inside and spending at least a few minutes with Mitch and Darrin before leaving for Dallas. They walked through just in time to hear Mitch yell.

“Oh, hell no! There’s no way your boyfriend is spending the night.”

Oh, shit. Here we go.

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