Double Trouble: Chapter 115

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 115

Danny brought his pickup to a stop in front of his home and sighed. He sat staring at the brightly lit house sitting before them, catching shadows of the activity inside. His parents were there. Trent would’ve known Danny wasn’t foolish enough to put himself in the same situation again. Well, at least not in the same evening. His gut still seemed filled with a tub of knots.

“It’s okay. I’m fine with spending the night with your folks,” Rob said.

Danny smiled at him and pulled them into a tight embrace. “I wanted it to be something we would never forget.”

This time Rob chuckled. “Oh, I don’t think we’ll forget this soon.”

Danny grinned and gave Rob a final squeeze before releasing him. “No, you’re right. Neither of us will forget this night.”

They stepped out of the pickup and headed toward the entrance. Danny opened the door and made a sweeping gesture to indicate Rob should go first. To Danny’s surprise, they heard laughter from the living room. He’d expected a quiet night with Josh and Trent going to bed early, but he also hadn’t thought Trent would discover them in the hay field.

Rob looked at him with wide eyes. But Danny listened for a second before shrugging. “Whatever they’re doing, it sounds more fun than setting in the park and hoping someone doesn’t catch us with our dicks in our hands.”

Rob chuckled but moved toward the source of the noise. They rounded the corner to a rousing cheer. Josh turned to them. “Why are you in so early? We figured you’d be crawling back home at dawn.”

Danny turned to Trent and lifted his eyebrows, but he got only a slightly wider smile in response. Why do I feel like I’ve been played? But at this point, trying to get even would only make things worse. But as he glanced around the room, he noticed that it wasn’t just their parents still up and awake. Darrin and Mitch were sitting at the table getting the cards ready for a serious game of hearts. Then to his surprise, Samantha and Levi appeared from the kitchen each carrying a huge platter of sandwiches and snacks.

She smiled when she saw Danny and Rob. “Great timing. We were about to play cards. You want to join us?”

Only if it’s just with Rob, and we’re playing strip poker.

He realized how close he was to his thoughts becoming reality and he reined himself in. He glanced back at Rob to buy him a few seconds more. But he knew if he kept silent any longer, they would ask him questions he didn’t want to answer. He plastered on a smile and turned to them. “Sure. A few hands would be fun.”

They joined the others as Darrin dealt the cards. For the first few hands, Danny felt as if he’d explode at any instant from his tension. But then the typical humorous banter began and his tension seeped away. A few hours later the adults were yawning and having trouble staying awake. At that point, Trent turned to the high schoolers. “Here’s the way tonight’s going down. The twins are in their rooms—alone. You other two, one of you gets the guest bed and the other the couch. No happy fun times tonight.”

Danny kept the smile on his face, but this battle was no where close to finished.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 114

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 114

Danny stepped out of the hot gymnasium with his arm intertwined with Rob’s. The evening air was a blast of cold after having spent the last several hours having a great time. He felt like a wrung out dish cloth after the dancing. He and Rob had no problem sharing, especially with some of the fast dances they’d been practicing with Trent’s help. His skills had impressed Danny, and he appreciated how easy it had been to recruit him into given them lessons. It had been a rough start, although Trent had been good about keeping everything casual and loose. A few weeks before the prom, Danny and Rob were polished enough he invited his sister and Levi to join them.

He squeezed Rob’s hand before moving into a relaxing stretch. He dropped his arms around Rob’s waist and pulled them together. Then he leaned closer and whispered. “We’ve showed them all how good we are at the two-step. What should be doing now?”

Rob ran his tongue over his lips then smiled at Danny. “How about some chow? I could eat a horse.”

“Well, I’m not sure about a horse, but how about a burger from Tom’s?”

“Sounds great.”

With a destination in mind, the pair headed down the road that bisected their little town. They pulled into its crowded parking lot and walked inside. It only took a few minutes to reach. Danny knew what he wanted. He’d eaten here a few days a week since he’d been a kid and after he got his license, it might have been even more often. But out of habit he scanned the menu board as if he’d choose something else.

When he looked down the girl working gave him a hundred watt smile. “Hey, Danny. You gonna get the usual?”

He returned the smile. “Yeah, cheese burger with the works.” Danny stepped to one side and let Rob order, then paid for their meals. They found a table and sat across from each other. He glanced around and realized the other customers were mostly their classmates. The familiarity made him more comfortable. He turned back to Rob. “Seems like everyone from the prom has changed clothes and are out at the typical hang outs.”

Rob chuckled and shook his head. “I’m kind of over dressed now. I should have followed your lead.”

Danny leaned across the table and whispered. “Maybe I’ll get you out of that monkey suit after we finish eating.” When Rob turned red, Danny settled back into his side. But then it became Danny’s turn to be teased as Rob’s sock covered toes ran up the inside of his leg. A few passes, and Danny was uncomfortably erect. There was no way for him to leave now until he wasn’t tenting out the front of his jeans to an embarrassing degree.

He leaned close again and raised his brows. With his cock so hard it ached, his biggest desire was to release some of his steam with Rob. Before he could reply, their food arrived. With their focus on eating, the heat of lust lessened until Danny’s pants no longer looked like a six-man tent at the Boy Scout jamboree.

He polished off the last of his fries and turned to Rob with a smirk. “You want to go parking? I found a good place where we’ll be hidden.”

Rob ran his tongue over his lips in a come hither motion. They reached the dark county roads and Rob rubbed along Danny’s thigh. In seconds, Danny was hard and throbbing. By the time he pulled into a hay field he’d worked in last summer, he was close to unloading.

Danny wrapped his hand around the back of Rob’s head and pulled them together. He pressed his lips against Rob’s and a were soon making out.

Their hands slid over each other, exploring their bodies. Danny slipped his fingers into Rob’s pants and gave his package a squeeze.

There was a series of hard knocks at Danny’s window which sent the pair into a panic do trying to make it look like they weren’t doing anything.

“Come on, Danny. Open up.”

Danny wasn’t certain if it relieved him to hear Trent’s voice, or mortified. But with no other choice, he pushed the window button. The beam of a flashlight hit him and he wanted to be anywhere but here. He started to explain, but got cut off.

“Are you fucking kidding me? The biggest hayfield in the county? What if it had been Sheriff White Cloud who found you?”

Danny shrugged and Trent shook his head.

“Get back to the prom and save the fooling around for when you have a room with a lock.” With that, Trent walked to his pickup, hopped in and roared off a few seconds later.

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