Sandbox: Something different.

Ok, this time the sandbox is a little different. I tried my hand at writing a polyamorous relationship. Two guys and one girl. So be warned, if that not your thing, stop now.

Otherwise, enjoy the little scene with Cole, Dalton and Kelly. Let me know what you think. Would you like to see more of written about this relationship? No is okay. I’m just checking.


Well, I’d messed around too long again and now they’d be home soon and it was my night to cook. I’d had good intentions. The final that loomed over me consumed my afternoon though, now our meal was going to be some junk I’d thrown together. The ground beef was browning and the water was also ready for the noodles. I sighed, hodgepodge crap again.

The rattle of keys at the door signaled Kelly’s return. Damn, I’d hoped Cole would be first. If I had him eating, then Kelly would be easier to deal with. Now, I’ll catch grief about what a terrible meal I made. I jumped when the muscular hands around my waist belonged to no girl. I turned to meet Cole with a kiss. Continue reading

Still waiting…

Yes, still waiting to hear back on the short story. They said the authors would be notified by August 20th and its the 16th. My fingernails are chewed down pretty nicely. Come on folks! Ah well, this is actually pretty quick to hear back. I’ll work on chilling out.

I also have a few other things in the works. I have a novella that’s almost finished editing before it’s off to a publisher. I think you’ll like it. There are goats again. What is it with me and the goats?

Another one that is in the works I know you’ll like. It’s set in the rodeo circuit. It’s just in the rough draft stage. Growing Josh will definitely be finished before I go back to work on it.

I’m down to the finale in Growing Josh. I’m hoping to have it out to you before too long. Take care and happy reading!


Sandbox: “Lockers”

Billy sat quietly on the wooden bench, surrounded by the smells of a college locker room. The careful observer would notice a slight shake in his shoulders from time to time, but they would never have seen the silent tears that slid down his nose to splatter onto the grey concrete floor. The cool of the room seeped through his sweat soaked clothes, but he was oblivious. Nick had dropped him and outed him to the whole team at the same time. Continue reading

Hump Day Teaser

Trent looked over his shoulder to the largely vacant sidewalk. “Nah, I don’t see anything. Just a couple a blue-hairs shopping.”

Josh tried to relax, but kept feeling like they were being followed. He stopped to look in the window he was passing, and had to agree with Trent, he didn’t see the guy again. He relaxed measurably. Josh followed Trent into the western store and was soon lost in trying to decide what was the perfect clothing for them to wear to the wedding. They’d finished up and were standing on the sidewalk when Trent got a grin on his face when he spotted a coffee shop. He turned and grinned at Josh. “I want a chai tea.” Continue reading