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Sandbox: Something different.

Ok, this time the sandbox is a little different. I tried my hand at writing a polyamorous relationship. Two guys and one girl. So be warned, if that not your thing, stop now.

Otherwise, enjoy the little scene with Cole, Dalton and Kelly. Let me know what you think. Would you like to see more of written about this relationship? No is okay. I’m just checking.


Well, I’d messed around too long again and now they’d be home soon and it was my night to cook. I’d had good intentions. The final that loomed over me consumed my afternoon though, now our meal was going to be some junk I’d thrown together. The ground beef was browning and the water was also ready for the noodles. I sighed, hodgepodge crap again.

The rattle of keys at the door signaled Kelly’s return. Damn, I’d hoped Cole would be first. If I had him eating, then Kelly would be easier to deal with. Now, I’ll catch grief about what a terrible meal I made. I jumped when the muscular hands around my waist belonged to no girl. I turned to meet Cole with a kiss. Continue reading