Double Trouble: Chapter 82

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to flash fictions.

Chapter 82

Mitch stopped a few steps behind Darrin to enjoy the beautiful fall mountain scene. Their timing was perfect. When the sunlight hit the leaves, the entire mountainside looked covered with gold. He turned to Mitch and winked.

“This is beautiful. The aspens are in full fall color. I don’t know how you did it.”

Mitch flashed a smile that stretched from ear-to-ear. “I’d like to take credit, but this was pure dumb luck. I rolled the dice, and God helped us out.”

“Well, however we got it, I’m happy.” He looked up at the log cabin they’d be living in for the next few days. It was beautiful and inviting. And expensive.

“This looks like its way over our budget…”

“The last part of the trip we’ll be camping, so that’ll save us bucks.” Mitch walked behind Darrin and wrapped him in a hug. “It is beautiful though isn’t it?”

Darrin turned in Mitch’s embrace until they were facing each other. Mitch always enjoyed the boyish look Darrin had kept, even with the stress of his job. Darrin winked at him and kissed. They separated a short time later and held him close. “So did you have any adult activities planned?”

“Oh, hell yes. I’m going to adult activities your ass until you won’t be able to sit right for a week.”

“And I’m going to enjoy these activities?”

Mitch discovered that the whole sexy banter thing turned him on. His cock was stretching down the leg of his jeans. A deep growl slipped from between his lips as he leaned in to kiss Darrin. His lips had barely touched Darrin’s scruffy face when they heard.

“Hey, neighbors.”

Mitch spun around to find a young couple smiling at them. Mitch was a little frustrated their long overdue lovemaking session was interrupted. A giggle from one of the pair drew his attention back. God, do they even have pubes? But the tall blond was chewing on the others neck like it was a rawhide treat. With a smirk they pulled apart. “Sorry, its our honeymoon and Tony is a horny fella after driving from Amarillo.”

Mitch scowled at the pair, but a warning tug on his jeans from Darrin kept him from responding to the guy. In spite of the warning, he couldn’t keep from sharing a crack toward them. “Yup, we were about to work off some steam too.”

“Oh, cool! I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again soon.”

They watched as the young couple disappeared into the cabin next to them. He primed himself for a tirade about the pair of twinks, but Darrin squeezed his arm. When he looked, Darrin had one eyebrow almost to his hairline. “Don’t tell me you’re going to be pissed off at two guys who are younger than Josh and Trent.”

“But, they’re—“

Darrin cut him off. “Come into the cabin. The kitchen is suppose to be stocked. We can eat and then slip into the hot tub for a little us time.”

Mitch hesitated for an instant, then relaxed. “You’re right. We won’t see them again while we’re here.”

“Exactly. Let’s see what’s in here.”

A little more than an hour later they’d put the last of the dishes into the dishwasher and Mitch was ready to get into their private hot tub. He grabbed Darrin’s face and kissed him hard. At first tense, but then Darrin relaxed under Mitch’s touch. They parted and both of them were panting.

“Strip,” Mitch said. “I’m ready for the hot tub.”

“Strip? It’s daylight, and the thing isn’t just outside the door. I’m not going out naked.”

“Oh, come on! Don’t be a pussy. Who’ll see us? We’re in the middle of the fucking woods.”

“We can lose the suits once we’re in the water. But I’m not streaking from the cabin.”

Mitch wasn’t happy that his plans were thwarted, but he’d been with Darrin long enough to know he wouldn’t change his mind on this. So rather than ruin the evening, he slipped into a pair of trunks, grabbed a towel and followed Darrin. A few minutes later they had sank to their necks in warm water. Mitch drifted close and gave him a long slow kiss. He pressed his tongue against Darrin’s lips and they opened with no hesitation.

“Hey again neighbors. How’s it hanging?”

This time a slow burn of anger simmered inside Mitch. He turned to the pair while trying to keep his cool. “Hi. What are you guys doing over here.?

“The hot tub seemed like a good idea. Making out in the great outdoors stuff.”

“Well, this is our tub. Why don’t you use yours.”

“This is our tub.”

This time the anger surfaced. “What do you mean this is your tub? This is our cabin and our tub. We didn’t planning to share.”

Tony stopped what he was doing long enough to look at Mitch. “Cool down, Gramps. The tub is private, but they’re shared.”

“That makes no fucking sense. If it’s shared, it’s not private.” He turned to Darrin. “Right, professor? Shared is not private?” Without waiting for an answer, he turned back to the couple, to find them dropping their Speedo’s and climbing in.

Mitch lost it when the pair started making out. “Mother fucker! Are you kidding me!”

“Come on Mitch. I’m not staying in a hot tub with other people who were having sex. It isn’t going to happen.”

Mitch’s lips formed a thin line, but he followed Darrin out and wrapped the towel around him. They walked into the cabin and Mitch shot them a death glare before yanking the blinds closed.

He turned to Darrin, shaking his finger. “This is not over.”

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Double Trouble: Chapter 81

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to flash fictions.

Chapter 81

Darrin was shaking, and any drop of lust had evaporated in the dry western Oklahoma winds. The police were stopping them, and there was only one reason for Darrin to be half dressed. He wondered what would be the penalty for indecent exposure. Or even worse, would this land him on the sex offenders list. The possibility made his stomach knot, and he wasn’t certain he wouldn’t puke on the officer.

Darrin glanced back in the rearview mirror and the muscular vehicle was barreling toward them, lights whirling. As the police car closed the distance, Darrin slowed, looking for a safe place for him to pull off the road. He glared at Mitch who was silent, which wasn’t normal.

“I hope you’re happy. I told you we shouldn’t be doing that even if we were in the middle of no where western Oklahoma.”

Darrin spotted a place where the road’s shoulder widened and he eased the pickup into the spot and waited. A few seconds later red and blue light bathed the interior as the cop pulled in behind them. Darrin sat with both hands on the wheel as he waited. With nerves already shot, he didn’t want to do anything to make the situation worse.

“I could offer to blow him. Think that might help?” Mitch asked.

Darrin stared ahead of them as heat flashed over his face. “If you open your mouth, he will have a reason to haul me into whatever God forsaken county jail that’s closest because I’m going to beat you to death.”

“Ooh, a little S&M. That’d be fun.”

The door on the car shut and Darrin’s tension went higher. This time he let his eyes flicker to the side mirror to see a big man wearing a highway patrol uniform making his way to the pickup.

The officer wrote for a few more seconds before meeting Darrin’s gaze. “I’ve been following you for a few miles. You seem to be driving a little erratic. Would you mind stepping out of the pickup, sir?”

Darrin made his way to where the cop pointed and went through a battery of roadside sobriety tests, all of which he passed with no problem. At one point he thought a chuckle came from Mitch, but when he glanced toward him, he was staring straight ahead. His attention change back to his situation, and the cop staring at him.

“I don’t see any reason for your driving from the sobriety tests…”

Darrin was trying to decide how to respond when the officer’s radio crackeled off something unintelligible and he turned back to Darrin. “I will let this go this time. I’d focus more on the road in the future and don’t let other things distract you.” There was a pause while he finished writing on his report. He closed the folder and looked at Darrin. “I would be careful. There are cops out here that don’t like anyone born outside this county. They might make life more difficult than anyone wants.”

His grin became broader. “Might want to check your zipper. My husband likes to push the boundaries too. I’m better at driving distracted than you are though.”

Darrin felt his face burning at the back side of the retreating cop who climbed into his cruiser and drove off with a quick wave in Darrin’s direction. He stared at the receding taillights until they disappeared over the distant hills. As the realization they had escaped a potential disaster settled onto Darrin, he decided Mitch needed a little payback.

He left his fly unzipped and made his way to the pickup and a grinning Mitch. He crawled inside, took Mitch’s hand, and shoved it back into his pants. Mitch let out a squeak. “What’re you doing? What about the cop?”

“Finish what you started. I was having a good time. It’ll give you practice for the rest stop in a few miles.”

Mitch looked suspicious, but worked on Darrin again before he spoke. “Why? What’s at the rest-stop?”

“A cop’s dick you’re going to suck in exchange for the ticket you would have cost me otherwise.”

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Double Trouble: Chapter 80

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to flash fictions.

Chapter 80

Danny peered into Mitch’s suitcase. “What all do you have in there? I see some odd shit.”

Mitch stuck his head out of the bathroom where he’d been shaving. “Unless you want way too much information about your grandparents you should stay out of our stuff. And watch your mouth, remember we are all trying to clean up our language.”

“Well, that’s a f’ing bunch of crap. Crap is still okay isn’t it? Or do I say poop? Or would do-do be better? Just tell me.”

“Oh please, knock off the drama. Your grandpa’s right. If you don’t watch it, then those words slip out without you knowing.”

Danny sat quietly for several minutes and then looked back at Mitch. “Why are you going to Colorado? Why can’t we go with you?”

Mitch considered telling Danny the truth that he and Darrin needed away from their family. It was time for some hot sex without wondering if one of the four would appear. But an adult wouldn’t handle it that way. Being an adult sucked. “We’re going to visit a few new ranches in New Mexico and Colorado. We need different bloodlines for our herds. It’ll only be a week or so, and in the meantime you and your sister can take care of things.”

Danny looked like he would go into another tirade, and Mitch thought he’d had enough teen drama for one day. He locked eyes with Danny for a few seconds until he dropped his gaze. “Go take care of the horses. They haven’t been fed and watered yet today. By the time you finish, we’ll be packed and you can tell your grandfather’s goodbye.”

Danny grumbled and acted like he was going argue, but turned and left without further discussion. Mitch waited until the screen door slammed.

“Who pee’d in his Post Toasties?”

Mitch shot a grin over his shoulder at Darrin. “He wants to go with us. He thinks he will be missing something.”

Mitch walked behind Darrin, wrapped his arms around his chest, and leaned in to kiss the side of his neck. “He will miss something, and that’s why they will be several hundred miles away.” Mitch dropped his hands to Darrin’s crotch and cupped it in both hands. “And I got other plans for you.”

Darrin closed his eyes in enjoyment and sighed before stepping away and turning to Mitch. “No one is as eager to take care of the little guy as me. Now come on, let’s get dressed before the fun police interrupt what we’re doing.”

Over the next hour they finished their packing and loaded everything into the pickup. Once they’d given their final hugs for everyone and had made it to the state highway toward Woodward, Mitch glanced over and grinned at Darrin. “We made it. Freedom for the next week or so. We don’t have to be adults.”

“I don’t know about not being adults, but it would be good to not need to solve everyone else’s issues.”

A wicked thought came to Mitch, and he unbuckled his seat belt. At the buzzer Darrin glanced over. “What are you doing?”

Mitch grinned and reached for Darrin’s crotch. He rested his hand over Darrin’s bulge and squeezed. “Something we haven’t done since college. You’re getting road head.”

Darrin let out a throaty chuckle that turned into a moan as Mitch tightened his grip. After a few times, Darrin was erect and both of them were breathing hard. Mitch reached up and opened the button on Darrin’s jeans. When the sound of a zipper filled the cab, Darrin grabbed Mitch’s hand. “This might not be such a good idea. What if someone sees us? I don’t want to call Josh or Trent for bale money.”

Mitch slipped his hand inside, wrapped his fingers around Darrin’s hard shaft and stroked slowly. “Relax. You’ve needed this. There’s no one for miles. We’re in the middle of fucking no where.”

“Mitch, wait.”

He flicked his tongue onto the underside of Darrin’s cock.

“Ah, fuck.”

He sucked the head into his mouth and licked it. After a few minutes Darrin tensed, but it didn’t seem to be for the right reason as his voice sounded serious.

“Mitch. Stop. Fix my pants!”

Mitch came off and wiped his face. “What’s wrong?”

“Cops! There’s a fucking highway patrol coming up behind us, he’s flashing his lights and there’s no one else around.”

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Good news, bad news

Hey all,

Bad new first, I’m out of state (which is good actually) but am so busy that “Double Trouble” will be on hold for a couple of weeks. But it will be back.

Now, the good news. My short story “Iced” has been accepted into the 2016 Advent collection from Dreamspinner Press. So keep an eye out for it in December.

I also received official notification my submission, “A Single Night”, has been accepted into the “Love Wins” anthology from DSP. I hope the charity anthology will be a huge success.

Double Trouble: Chapter 79

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to flash fictions.

Chapter 79

Mitch glanced out the kitchen window as he washed the food he’d just gotten from their garden. Fall was shooting past and soon everything would be frozen, but until they get that first killing frost he would take advantage of the late season vegetables. But at this moment his focus was more on Darrin than on the leaf lettuce he was trying to wash. Darrin had already slammed both doors on the pickup getting his bag out. That wasn’t a good sign. He dropped the last of the greens in the colander to drain and was drying his hands when the front door swung open.

“I am so fed up with the ignorant mother fuckers! They aren’t worth the shot and powder it would take to get them out of my misery.”

“They’ll put your ass away for saying shit like that these days.”

Darrin shut the door and sighed. “I know. I can’t. But they are so frustrating to deal with, and every single one has an agenda. Fortunately, most of them aren’t very good at it and I can head off their crap. The ones that get me are the ones who pull stuff I have to clean up.”

“You could quit. The extra money is nice, but nothing we can’t do without if you’re miserable.”

“I know, and I appreciate the support. Unless it gets worse, I’ll finish my contract. I swear once I’m not department chair I’m going to be one ignorant son of a bitch.”

Mitch drew his lips together and formed a hark line. “You’re finished next year. I won’t put up with you killing yourself dealing with those people. Someone else can fall on the damn sword. You’ve done your time.”

Darrin nodded as he accepted the cold beer Mitch passed to him. “At first, a few of them seemed supportive. Now? They’re all out for themselves and it I get thrown under the bus that’s fine because it wasn’t them.”

“They are a self centered bunch of assholes. But they’re not getting another second of discussion in this house. So no more about work. But we’re going to find you something to do that’ll relax you.” Mitch studied him as he went through their options. “When’s fall break? It’s got to be soon.”

Darrin took another swallow of beer and seemed to consider the question. “Next week I think. Yup, it’s next week. Why?”

“You’re taking a few days off and we’re going to New Mexico. We can get a place to stay through that Airbnb thing. It’ll be good to get out of town. I’m sure we’ll find weekend retreat.”

“There’s not a lot of time. They might all be taken.”

They’d have a relaxing weekend, Mitch was determined. Well, at least Darrin could unwind. “Go change out of the monkey suite, and then we can find a place to stay for a few days. Something where with golden aspen and the creeks are filled with trout.”

“I have no idea how to fly fish. All I’ve ever fished for are bass and catfish.”

Mitch stepped close, took Darrin by the shoulder, spun him toward the bedroom and gave him a shove. “Go. Now. I’ve decided we’re going. You get to help so long as you don’t argue with me.”


“No buts, well maybe some cute butts to ogle, but no buts from you.”

“You know you’re not funny. Right?”

Mitch grabbed a damp towel from the counter and spun it. “Are you going, or do I have to get physical?”

Darrin took a few steps before turning back with a question. “What about the animals and the garden will need—”

“That’s what children and grandchildren are for. They’ll be thrilled to take care of the farm while we take a long weekend.”

Darrin lifted his eyebrows. “Thrilled?”

“Thrilled shitless. They just don’t know it yet. I’ll take care of that while you get out of the ‘ old man administrator’ clothes and into some jeans.”


Mitch flicked the towel toward Darrin’s backside, which it met with a resounding snap.

“Hey you fucker! That hurt.”

Mitch was already winding the tea towel for a second strike. “Are you ready for another? Cause that’s what you’ll get if you keep questioning me.”

Before Darrin could reply, Mitch snapped the towel again and this time it popped a few inches from Darrin’s crotch. “Hey! Leave the jewels out of this.”

“Move! I won’t miss again.”

Darrin started to argue, but held up his hands in surrender. “Okay, okay. I’m moving it along.” Mitch took a few quick steps toward Darrin and popped the towel again.

Darrin yelped and trotted to the bedroom. Mitch waited a few seconds before flipping the damp cloth over his shoulder and pulling his phone out.

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