Flight – Anthology Release

front-coverThe 2016 Queer Sci Fi Flash Fiction anthology, “Flight”, is here, and I have a story in it! It’s a really cool concept:

A 300-word story should be easy, right? Many of our entrants say it’s the hardest thing they’ve ever written.

Queer Sci Fi’s Annual Flash Fiction Contest challenges authors to write a complete LGBTQ speculative fiction micro-story on a specific theme. “Flight” leaves much for the authors to interpret—winged creatures, flight and space vehicles, or fleeing from dire circumstances.

Some astonishing stories were submitted—from horrific, bloodcurdling pieces to sweet, contemplative ones—and all LGBTQ speculative fiction. The stories in this anthology include AI’s and angels, winged lions and wayward aliens. Smart, snappy slice of life pieces written for entertainment or for social commentary. Join us for brief and often surprising trips into 110 speculative fiction authors’ minds.

The book us available in eBook form (4.99), and will soon be available in paperback with b/w illustrations inside (12.99) and in a special collector’s edition with color illustrations (24.99).

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from “Escape” by Jon Keys

The attacking flatlanders had drove them deep into the moors. His wife died years ago defending the clan’s children, but her death came at great cost to the attackers. The years had passed and only a final desperate gambit remained.

Lightning cut a jagged incandescent wound against the stygian sky, revealing the only escape. The children’s defender this time was his husband Pali, and the consequences were more dire. Failure was not a possibility for Nalo. They would appear any moment, and he was ready.

Double Trouble: Chapter 85

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to flash fictions.

Chapter 85

Mitch woke to a snort that seemed to be next to his ear, but in reality was probably across the camp from the tent where he and Darrin were sleeping. He lay frozen in place and waited for the sound. His eyelids felt like each one was trying to hold up a five-pound weight. He faded into sleep and then was awakened by the sound again. This time the noise was close.

It had to be a bear.

Mitch pulled away from the paper-thin walls of the tent and reached over to shake Darrin.

“Huh… what… what’s up?”

“Be quiet!” Mitch hissed. “Do you hear that?” Continue reading

Release day for “Obsidian Moons”!

obsidian-moons_fbprofile_optizimedforfeedIt’s finally here! Obsidian Moons is out and ready for download!

Sequel to Obsidian Sun

Obsidian Series: Book Two

After achieving the impossible and releasing their people from the Varas slavers, Anan and Terja, a spellweaver and spellspinner, start the arduous journey back to their homeland. A winter trek across the grasslands is dangerous enough, but the traitor, Xain, is tasked with recapturing the slaves, and failure will mean his death. As added insurance, the Varas High Regent hires a Triad of legendary Ubica assassins and assigns a full regiment of his personal guards, along with their captain, to the task. Their mission is clear: recapture the escaped Talac slaves destined for the Varas pleasure houses—and the bed of the High Regent—at any cost.

The newly freed Talac travel toward their homelands with the full knowledge they are likely being pursued. The flight westward is fraught with new and unexpected dangers as Anan and Terja struggle to save their tribe. The battle for shelter, food, and a way to defend themselves becomes an all-consuming task, but they are reminded by the avatars of their gods that all is not as it appears.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 84

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to flash fictions.

Chapter 84

The pickup rolled to a stop and Darrin couldn’t imagine a more picturesque spot for the last few days of their trip. There were still a few ranches they wanted to stop at, but this would be a perfect central location. After the hot tub fiasco at the cabins, he didn’t want anyone else within miles of them. That wish was likely unattainable, but that didn’t keep he and Mitch from wishing for it.

The stream running below the campsite rippled over the rocks like an advertisement for the Colorado Rockies. Even though it looked refreshing, he knew that water was barely liquid having been snow just a short time ago. He walked to the edge of the stream and into the high mountain sunshine. A breeze wafted through the small valley and sat the aspen leaves dancing again. He couldn’t seem to get enough of the beautiful fall colors. Fall at home was just a slow transition from gray-green to a tan and brown winterscape.

“That water’ll freeze off anything that dangles into it.”

Darrin chuckled at his husband and shot him a small wave. “I have no intention of putting any part of my body into that water. I know it’s probably only liquid because it’d moving so fast.”

There was a scratching noise that drew Darrin’s attention. He couldn’t hear it again over the sound of Mitch scrambling down the bank to stand beside him at the water’s edge. He wrapped his arm around Darrin and tucked the tips of his fingers into Darrin’s jeans. Darrin enjoyed the moment of closeness and leaned against Mitch.

“This is a beautiful spot,” Mitch said.

“I was just thinking the same thing. Home will seem really brown after this.”

They stood soaking up the scenery for a few more minutes before Darrin pulled away from Mitch with reluctance. A few seconds passed and Darrin’s adolescence thrust itself forward and he swatted Mitch hard on the ass cheek and took off running up the hillside. Mitch raced after him. Darrin topped the ridge first, raced by the fire pit, and grabbed a piece of firewood. He spun and gasped out a warning.

“I’m armed. You better watch out since I’m such a bad ass hunter.”

Mitch tried to dodge past the piece of kindling, but then motioned dismissively and sat down to catch his breath. “You’re an evil man. There’s no oxygen in the air up here. Only you obsessive exercisers can function up here.”

Darrin gave Mitch a comforting squeeze on his shoulder and headed for the pickup. He leaned over and dragged the cooler off the tailgate. He popped it open and went through the ice laden water to see what sounded appealing for tonight.

After taking longer than it should have, he spotted a package of bratwurst that would make excellent tasting hot dogs for their supper. Besides, Darrin had been in elementary school the last time he cooked anything on a stick. But since he was cooking adult hot dogs this time it required more subtle approach than cook them until they’re charred.

He found a few appropriate branches and used his pocket knife to cut them down to size with little effort. Darrin speared a couple of lengths of meat for each of them and propped them over the glowing coals he’d created on one side of the fire. He settled in to watching his charges when Mitch pulled out the food locker from the bed of the pickup.

Mitch spread a thick blanket over the tailgate and put out the fixings for the evening meal. He looked around and then to Darrin.

“There’s not much else unless you want to open a can of beans.”

Darrin grinned and pointed toward one corner of the box. “Dessert. I packed the fixings for s’mores.”

A grin spread across Mitch’s face. “You went all out for this meal.”

“You better believe it big guy.”

The evening wound down as they enjoyed their nostalgic meal. The first hot dogs disappeared and were followed by others. Now they were down to stuffing themselves with the last of the chocolate, graham cracker, and roasted marshmallow treats. Darrin leaned against Mitch as he licked the last of the chocolate from his fingers. After a second yawn he nudged Mitch. “I’m about to fall asleep. Let’s put everything away and get some sleep.”

A few minutes later found them nestling into the thick sleeping bag and Darrin had spooned against Mitch’s warm back. They drifted off to sleep surrounded by the faint sounds of nocturnal animals.

If you’d like to see a snippet from the other Wednesday Briefs authors you can go to the groups website. Or click on the name listed below to go directly to the story.

Double Trouble: Chapter 83

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to flash fictions.

Chapter 83

Mitch gritted his teeth against the sound of Matt and Tony fucking— again. After two days Matt’s squeals were getting old. And talk about a buzz kill for he and Darrin. The pair sounded like cheap porn. If Mitch heard ‘oh, baby. Pound my tight ass’ once more he would lose his shit.

“We were probably just as bad in our younger years.”

Mitch spun, stabbing the air with a finger as he argued his point. “No, there’s no way. Neither of us would have said that. They don’t sound hot, they sound stupid.”

Mitch threw himself in one of the overstuffed chairs with a growl. Darrin waited a minute then walked over and rubbed his shoulders. He tensed at first, not wanting to relaxed. He wanted to scream at the couple, but couldn’t bring himself to that level. As Darrin continued to work on his shoulders, Mitch’s muscles relaxed. A few minutes later Mitch was enjoying Darrin’s efforts. He leaned forward, and Darrin slipped his hands lower. Darrin’s hands slipped to the front of Mitch’s shirt, opened the buttons, and exposing more of his chest. He pressed his back into the chair as Darrin rubbed his fingers over Mitch’s nipples.

Mitch let out a soft moan, cupped his hands around Darrin’s neck, and pulled them together for a kiss. “You keep that up and I won’t be responsible for what happens.”

“I wasn’t looking to make you more responsible. I’d hoped you’d go more for irresponsible and horny.”

Mitch kissed Darrin again, this time the heat was intense. With their lips pressed hard against each other, Darrin ran his hands over Mitch’s chest. The sensation was the heat he wanted, but they’d reached jalapeño level and Mitch’d hoped for something more like ghost pepper. He wanted to be gasping for breath and sweat running down his body.

Darrin sank his teeth into Mitch’s neck and the jolts that ran through Mitch had him shaking. Darrin continued to work on Mitch but he trembled as Darrin rubbed and tweaked his nipples. The combination of sensations had Mitch hard and throbbing before Darrin pulled away.

“How’s that? Twinks out of your head?”

Mitch grinned at Darrin and pulled him in for a kiss. Their lips tight against each other and the heat built for Mitch. The kiss continued for several long delicious minutes before their lips separated and both men panted for air. With a note of deviltry covering his face, Darrin walked around the chair and knelt between Mitch’s legs.

The feelings built again as Darrin rubbed his hands up and down Mitch’s thighs. The masculine strokes soon had Mitch’s cock straining against his jeans as the familiar erogenous sensation built through his body. Darrin reached up and a moment later Mitch’s jeans pooled around his ankles. With a few deft movements from Darrin, his briefs followed and his aching cock jutted from his crotch. Darrin gripped it by the base and traced his tongue around the crown until Mitch thought he would pop. After a few more teasing licks, Mitch pulled away.

“Oh, you gotta stop. I’m about to lose it.”

Darrin wrapped his hand around Mitch’s nuts and tugged. “Close? You want me to stop?”

Mitch groaned a little as the pleasure of what Darrin’s actions rolled over him. He spread his legs a little wider to give Darrin better access. He wrapped his lips around Mitch’s cock and pulled his nuts tight. Unable to do more than grunt Mitch submerged in the pleasure. He had also no control left and Darrin stopped, unbuttoned his jeans, and fished his cock out.

“I want to fuck that hot ass. We’ll show the youngsters how it’s done. Get over there against the door.”

Mitch grinned and stepped out of his clothes and braced himself against the glass entrance to their deck. He glanced back as Darrin pulled one cheek over and dribbled a line of spit down his crack. As it slipped over his opening, Darrin pushed it in with his finger. Mitch groaned louder, his muscles convulsing as Darrin drove deeper. When he had it buried, Mitch panted and pre-come leaked from him in strands. Darrin worked him over until Mitch legs shook and he was seconds away. Darrin squirted lube over his cock and Mitch’s ass.

As he pressed forward, Mitch pressed his entire torso against the door. He rubbed himself against the glass as he lost himself in their lovemaking. Mitch was close, and the twinks were in the hot tub, Pay back was hell. He buried himself inside Mitch again and again until he reached his climax. Darrin pounded him and Mitch shivered as the first white strand shot across the door.

Darrin’s pounding took him hard as he emptied himself. Then Darrin pinned him and filled his ass with come. Mitch rubbed his body over the semen smeared glass as Darrin shoved inside him again and again. They slowed themselves, grinding against the door and each other until everything was coated with translucent goo and Mitch was more relaxed than any time since they arrived. Mitch looked out to enjoy the neighbors reaction and froze at the two sets of shocked expressions.

Belonging to never before seen faces.

“Oh no.”


“Apparently the twinks left. We seem to have a new couple sharing the hot tub.”

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