Break time and new work coming.

I’d hoped to finish Double Trouble before taking a break from the serial, but it doesn’t look like that will happen. So rather than let the quality suffer I’m going to take a break from Double Trouble and start it back in January. In the mean time…

Throwaway, my contemporary short story, will be released to the general public on November 28th.

On December 19th Drawing the Devil will be re-released after a major rewrite with Pride Publishing. It is also now volume 1 of a five book western series.

Also, a little further out, I have a new novella set for release in March of 2018 titled Construction and is a contemporary M/M release.


Double Trouble: Chapter 116

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 116

Danny lay awake listening to the sounds of everyone moving through their personal rituals of preparing for bed. After being cock blocked twice in the same night– he knew he would hook up with Rob.

He listened with barely controlled impatience until the late night preparations dwindled away. The noise from the television in his parent’s room kept drifting to him through the walls until his plan seemed doomed for failure. As he resigned himself to his scheme not working out for tonight, the voices stopped and Danny held his breath.

The time he lay listening went on until he felt certain everyone had fallen sound asleep. Then he waited longer just to be certain. Once the seconds stretched out to what Danny thought made up a ridiculous amount of time, he eased his blanket off, moved to sit on the edge of the bed and listened hard for signs of anyone else being awake at this late hour. He wanted to be certain before he worked on the next part of the plan he’d cooked up to make this night what he had in mind. It didn’t help that his dick had been granite hard since he had stripped to his underwear and crawled into his bed. But now he worked his way across the hardwood floor and stopped at his door.

He grinned when his ears brought him the faint sounds of Josh’s snoring. After waiting for several minutes, he decided his parents were both sound asleep. In his bare feet he crept to the living room where they gave Rob a bed for the night. He’d covered half the distance when noises came from Josh and Trent’s room. He crouched in a corner, hoping whoever had been disturbed wouldn’t spot him in the darkness. Whoever it is won’t flip on a light to find whatever they needed.

But then a beam flickered along the bottom of their bedroom door and Danny realized whoever was awake, had a flashlight and there was no way they wouldn’t spot them. He fled to his room, barely getting the door shut before the flashlight hit the bottom of the door. It sounded like there was a short conversation and more muffled footsteps before the household settled back into what were becoming early morning hours. With his time running out, Danny made his way to the edge of the living room again and paused listening for signs of anyone other than Rob who was sound asleep on the couch.

This time Danny crawled across the floor to avoid making any noise. It took longer than he might have wanted, but he reached the blanket-covered form on the sofa. He reached up and ran his finger over the edge of Rob’s ear. There was a grumbling noise that emerged from Rob before he turned away from Danny. After a few more failed attempts to wake his boyfriend, Danny went for broke.

He slipped his hand under the sheet and caressed Rob’s stomach before sliding toward Rob’s jewels. Two hands grabbed his wrist and held it in place.

What the hell?

“I don’t think you really want to do that Danny,” said Levi.

Danny shot backward as if he had grabbed an electric fence. Levi turned toward him but before he began, a chuckle came from the hallway and then Trent said, “Danny – zero. Parent’s – one.”

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