NaNoWriMo Last 100 words – day 24

First, one of the characters has a new name. I was really not liking Machi, so he got a name change to Chivin. I like it better, I think. Otherwise things are going well. A little more then 5000 words to go, and a week to do it in.

Chivin shook his head. “No. They will not return home until they wipe us out.” He focused for a moment and started the change. It always started with his hands, the knife like talons almost shot from his fingers. With a tingle, each time he found himself armed with ten knives. The process was quick and painless for Chivin. The wings sprouting from between his shoulder blades was always an interesting sensation. His mouth and jaw were past human speech at this point. As he stretched and tested each part of him, including his scared wing webbings, he remembered killing the Misiq. Before he’d tucked it away to deal with later, and he would do so again. 

Satisfied that he was ready, he folded his wings against his back and walked to the opening. He swiveled his head toward Dhala, and winked. Then he plunged from the rocks. The wind, the scents only this form could find. It had been too long since his last flight.

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