Sandbox: Creation

I wrote this story last fall but throught it would be good to share for Valintine’s Day. It’s a flash piece, bt I thought it was particularly successful. Anyway, enjoy the day, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the short.

Max hit the final key and studied the line of code. He’d been working on this for most of his life, since his parents, so proud of their precocious baby, had given him his first computer. The term genius had been used a lot around Max, but he’d always had one goal, and he was so close to attaining it now.

The code implemented, flying by too fast for even Max to decipher. The minutes passed as he considered the worktable with its myriad of apparatus. A dark thickening then began to take shape. He pushed his glasses back up his nose, the perspiration of his nervous anticipation forming droplets on his skin. The latticework grew, the dark molecules of carbon gathered by the millions to form the object of Max’s desire. Unconsciously, he reached down and squeezed his crotch.

Time stopped as the shape on his worktable took form. It was obviously a human form now, a fully intact male. Max’s tongue glided over his lips as the details began to grow. The slight dimples of his cheeks, the deep red hair forming from his scalp in ringlets, the prominent Adam’s apple protruding from his throat, all in perfect proportions. The dark red nipples grew from the corners of his smooth muscular chest. Max’s pulse quickened as the final strands of ginger pubic hair settled into place and a thin red trail came from his navel to the fan of hair surrounding his uncut cock.

Max chewed on his bottom lip, his body tense as the elements were revealed under his watchful eyes. One last element, one seemingly insignificant detail, Max had struggled with for the last years. The eyes. He knew what he wanted, but had been unable to adjust his programming to get the results he envisioned. It was such a simple thing, but had proven elusive. He hoped this time he’d got the programming correct. The chest began to rise and fall in a simulation of breathing; the computer model adjusted for bodily rhythms. The eyes fluttered, and opened.

“Good Lord.”

The creation smiled at him. “Did you succeed this time?”

“Yes, you’re perfection.”  Max licked his lips again as the form rose and swung his legs over the table edge. He blinked, and Max met the deep amber eyes.

“What’s your name?”

“Didn’t you choose one?”

Max smiled. “I prefer you decide.”

“Lance then, it seems fitting.”

Lance pushed off the table, and landed gracefully on the floor. He moved until they were millimeters apart, and then whispered. “Are you happy this time?”

“Oh yes, God, you’re so sexy.”

“Then I should proceed?”

Max’s brow furrowed. “Proceed?”

Lance ran his hand over the front of Max’s tented pants and squeezed. “Yes, proceed. Fulfill my programmed directive.”

The touch ignited a flame in Max he’d never experienced and his knees went weak. As his body slowly crumpled, hands caught him and sparks of desperate need shot through Max’s body from each point of contact. Lance lifted him in his arms and carried Max to a small sleeping room, almost as if he’d lived here for years.

Max soon found himself stripped and sprawled across the bed, open to Lance. The kiss they exchanged was the first of Max’s virginities to be lost. The delicious flush of building ardor filled Max as Lance gently nibbled around his ear. The porcelain skinned beauty moved lower, nursing on each of Max’s nipples until they were hard brown nubs. Running his tongue over Max’s hairless chest, Lance was soon moving across Max’s belly, the slight softness giving way under his touch.

The warm caress between his legs caused Max to jump and let out a low moan as his balls were fondled and tugged. His cock was rock-hard and the head shiny red with need. Lance’s tongue dug into the underside, and Max almost erupted. He pulled back and, with a lithe movement, straddled Max and took him deep inside.

“Oh hell…”

Max lost himself in the sensations as Lance wrapped around his cock like a tight glove. Slick and tight, a slight adjustment in the programming had taken care of the need for lubricant. The technical success lost all importance to Max as Lance crouched over him and began riding his cock. The delicious sensations soon had Max driving for the edge.

Lance ground against Max, his hips gyrating and sending him into orgasm. Max grabbed Lance’s muscular thighs and began to shoot volley after volley of his essence deep inside. He was lost in the release as if Lance was somehow sucking him dry.

Max would never know how much time passed before he again was aware of his surroundings. Lance had slid over him, his heat pleasant and comforting to Max. He let his hands slide over his hips, and pushed a finger inside Lance, to find nothing. Max’s brow lifted. “Where did it go?”

“Oh, I absorbed it. I can make something similar if you’d like.”

Max lowered himself and looked into Lance’s beautiful amber eyes, still uncertain why he’d been so drawn to that artificial color. With a pang of regret, Max kissed Lance. “I guess we’ll need to put you back. The program won’t last much longer.”

Lance smiled and pushed Max’s sweat drenched hair from his eyes. “No, we have time.”

“Why?” Max asked, becoming concerned.

“Eye color is linked to so many things. Creation is such a complex activity.”

Sandbox: First Love

This story I wrote quite a while ago and I’m glad to say my writing has improved since then. But I thought I’d share it with you, I think it’s still a fun little story. The writing prompt was intercourse.


Danny had been on pins and needles for months waiting for the arrival of his eighteenth birthday. Today was the day. His breath came in gasps as Kirk’s tongue invaded his ass. He could feel the stretching of his hole and was eager to give himself to the most popular football player in school. Kirk’s tongue burrowed deeper as Danny’s toes curled. He was ready, Danny knew he was in love, and wanted to share everything. Continue reading

Sandbox: Candidate

He felt the hot cum spray against the back of his throat. He gulped, not wanting to miss a drop. But in spite of his desperate efforts, a thin stream of translucent fluid dribbled from the corner of his lips. He was addicted to the pungent white cream.

The grunts of release slowed, until only the post orgasmic panting marked the figure leaning against the nondescript restroom wall. But he was focused on the vein-covered beauty in his fist. His tongue traced along the still rigid dick, cleaning every vestige of cum from it. Continue reading

Sandbox: Opposites Attract

Hope you enjoy the story. This isn’t the typical hot 20-something character, but don’t worry, it’s still hot.



The scenes on TV shifted and changed, providing illumination for the room as Mark piled the couch with cushions in anticipation of movie night. He could hear popcorn exploding in the kitchen as James tried his latest recipe. Mark would have been perfectly happy with a bag of microwave popcorn, but their relationship had lasted all these years because they recognized they were not mirror images of each other, and it was okay. That realization had been a crucial element to the success of their relationship because they were markedly dissimilar, as illustrated by their career choices. Mark enjoyed his job as supervisor of a construction crew, and James was a contented professor in Literary Studies at the university. Continue reading

Sandbox: Desperation

Here’s another short story I was playing with. This one isn’t my typical writing. It’s a bit darker.

Also, like I’d said earlier. These are fresh out of my head and without the benefit of an edit. So please forgive the grammar and typos that probably are sprinkled through them.


In the darkened entryway, Matt could scan the monochromatic nightmare before him. The constant nocturnal drizzle started, creating a staccato rhythm, the hallmark of Matt’s existence. His world gathered the darkest recesses of the street, where shadows crossed and recrossed until the darkness sucked all pleasure into its void. His emaciated body shivered continually, the cold seeping into his being. He touched the bruises on his throat from a john who wanted ‘something special’, and promised to pay extra. His hair was longer, lanky, he struggled to look as young as possible. At eighteen, Matt sold off the only thing left, himself.

The screams of ‘faggot’ and ‘queer’ from his parents to his news still haunted his dreams. He’d tried other family members, people he thought of as friends, but rejection became his constant companion. To feed himself, he’d sold off his few possessions one by one. He’d held out, longer than most. With the passage of time his hope left and betrayed himself.

His first time, he’d whored himself for a few bites of food. The sour taste of cock and cum lingered for days as he’d contemplated how much it would hurt to die. He survived and forced himself to live through each time afterwards. Each day lowered him deeper inside the stygian abyss of his life.

A vehicle stop, the whir of an electric window descending. He dragged himself upright in the doorway, marketing his shirtless body. He stumbled forward but was cut off as an androgynous form with bleached blond hair slunk to the open window.

The kid crawl into the dark SUV, the tinted glass gliding up to hide whatever happened inside its cavernous interior. He stood, hope washed away as the cold rain ran down his pallid skin. He hobbled back to his doorway. Wondering…

Sandbox: Something different.

Ok, this time the sandbox is a little different. I tried my hand at writing a polyamorous relationship. Two guys and one girl. So be warned, if that not your thing, stop now.

Otherwise, enjoy the little scene with Cole, Dalton and Kelly. Let me know what you think. Would you like to see more of written about this relationship? No is okay. I’m just checking.


Well, I’d messed around too long again and now they’d be home soon and it was my night to cook. I’d had good intentions. The final that loomed over me consumed my afternoon though, now our meal was going to be some junk I’d thrown together. The ground beef was browning and the water was also ready for the noodles. I sighed, hodgepodge crap again.

The rattle of keys at the door signaled Kelly’s return. Damn, I’d hoped Cole would be first. If I had him eating, then Kelly would be easier to deal with. Now, I’ll catch grief about what a terrible meal I made. I jumped when the muscular hands around my waist belonged to no girl. I turned to meet Cole with a kiss. Continue reading

Sandbox: “Lockers”

Billy sat quietly on the wooden bench, surrounded by the smells of a college locker room. The careful observer would notice a slight shake in his shoulders from time to time, but they would never have seen the silent tears that slid down his nose to splatter onto the grey concrete floor. The cool of the room seeped through his sweat soaked clothes, but he was oblivious. Nick had dropped him and outed him to the whole team at the same time. Continue reading

Sandbox: “Choices”

Stephen stood surrounded by clothes of every description, the scent of cedar and leather wafting through the closet. He flipped through a few shirts, considering what he was going to wear. Tonight was it. He was going to meet the parents. What the fuck had he been thinking? It was Friday night. Six months ago he would have been filling his pocket with condoms, slithering into his tightest pair of club pants and smearing body glitter over his hairless torso in preparation for a Friday night sexual safari. But no! His life had shifted radically. Now his Friday night was meeting his lover’s parents. Continue reading

Sandbox: “Choices”

Stephen stood surrounded by clothes of every description, the scent of cedar and leather wafting through the closet. He flipped through a few shirts, considering what he was going to wear. Tonight was it. He was going to meet the parents. What the fuck had he been thinking? It was Friday night. Six months ago he would have been filling his pocket with condoms, slithering into his tightest pair of club pants and smearing body glitter over his hairless torso in preparation for a Friday night sexual safari. But no! His life had shifted radically. Now his Friday night was meeting his lover’s parents.

He wanted to rebel. To lace, pin, pull and tug on his favorite dance club outfit and say fuck it to all of it. The responsibility, the caring, having someone that he needed to check in with, just toss it all. He’d fought falling in love, fought it tooth and well-manicured nail. He hadn’t been looking for love, he was the poster boy for the stereotypical gay slut who has been fucked more times than most men had been on dates. With a soft sigh, he shook his head in disbelief as he selected a crisp blue cotton shirt that made the aqua in his eye float to the surface. Flipping through the choices, he picked a pair of light gray pants, adding a black belt and some matching socks, carried his selections from the closet and laid them all carefully on the bed.

Looking over his choices, he slid off his boyfriend’s oversized white T-shirt and the nondescript boxer briefs he was wearing, and then started pawing through his underwear drawer. He pulled out several choices, dropping them back into the drawer with a shake of his head. As his digging progressed to a back corner, his fingertips hit a different texture. Recognizing it immediately, Stephen pulled out the black lycra jockstrap and grinned. After all, he reasoned, there was no reason to give up everything from his former life. Threading his taut legs through the straps, he reached into the pouch and adjusted his goods until everything was comfortably in place.

He twirled in front of the closet’s full-length mirror, confirming his body was still the perfect pale, lithe foil for the black undergarment. He sashayed back to the bed and donned the clothes he’d selected, critical of each detail. Once satisfied, he strolled into the bathroom, to spend the next 20 minutes achieving the ‘just rolled out of bed’ look he was going for with his hair.

Standing at the closet doorway, Stephen surveyed his shoe collection. He was trying to select the perfect pair, when he felt a pair of strong hands curled around his waist.

“Stop it! I’m almost dressed,” whined Stephen.

Dan pressed his mouth against the back of Stephen’s neck, kissed it softly and then nipped at this neck.

“We have 30 minutes…”

Stephen felt the warmth flow through his system, his knees weaken and his heart race with his lover’s touch. As he surrendered to the sensuous touches, he remembered why he’d agreed to meet the in-laws.

New Sandbox

I’ve decided to share some of my writings when I’m just trying out an idea, setting or whatever. These aren’t fully realized stories, mostly just scenes or ideas I’m wanting to play around with. This one is writing with multiple partners in the scene. It was challenging, at least for me. But I hope you enjoy them.

Also, I’ve tried to turn on the comments feature so you can post comments if you’d like. Enjoy


Strip Poker

Kirk lifted the bottle and drank deeply. It only added to the tension building in the room, but then that was the idea. He locked eyes with each of the other three players, watching them squirm under his gaze. With a satisfied smile, he fanned his cards across the table.

Continue reading