NaNoWriMo Last 100 words – day 23

Not bad, met my goal. At this point I will be happy with that. Just a little over 43,000 words. And I managed to work a little on another chapter of Double Trouble. So look for another chapter the first Wednesday in December.

Dhala finally smiled and sat beside him. “I know we will. We will break tradition.”

Tayi smile at the pair. “You won’t be the first. There are ways for lovers to meet.”

Dhala considered his mother for a few moments, trying to unravel the mystery of her words. But then the question they had all been asking since they found Machi. “How did you get so badly injured? What happened?”

This time he did bolt upright, his eyes darting wildly around the room. “Misiq. A lot of Misiq. They were in the far valley, need the white cliffs. And they are hunting us.” He grabbed Dhala in a protective wrapping. “They blame us for the sickness, and are coming to kill the people they believe carry the plague.”

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