Actual new words!

I have 20,000 words written in a contemporary western that’s my newest project. Currently titled Camouflage, It’s about Luke, a young rancher from eastern Oklahoma, and Nash, a rent boy from Atlanta. They found each other on an online dating website, but Luke doesn’t exactly know what Nash does for a living. I’m pleased with how the new story is developing.

Also, for fan’s of Wrangler Butt my first on-line story, I’m working on the outline to tell Gordy and Sam’s story. If you haven’t read Wrangler Butt, Gordy is a graduate student in agriculture who was a college linebacker. Sam is a computer science major, with a major chip on his shoulder toward jocks, especially meat headed football players. I’ve been thinking about writing the story of how Gordy and Sam met for years, so I’m excited to be developing the story for it. It may end up being my NaNoWriMo novel for this year, if I can get the rough draft of Camouflage written in time.

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