Double Trouble: Chapter 15

Wednesday Briefs

Mitch and Darrin take a trip down memory lane when Mitch delivers his sex ed lecture again. For more free flash reading check out the list of authors at the bottom of this post.

Chapter 15

Benji walked past the kitchen, his cheeks bright red, never lifting his eyes from the floor as he shot out the door. Darrin struggled to keep the chuckle building inside from bubbling to the surface. But once the front door shut, he burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny there, hot stuff.”

He grinned at Mitch, who had appeared in the room looking very pleased with himself. “I just recognize the aftermath of one of your lectures about sex, that’s all.”

“At least he wasn’t correcting me like Trent.”

“Trent probably thought he had more experience than you did.”

“That was the general impression I got. But I squashed that idea pretty fast.”

“What do you have there?” Darrin asked, pointing to the object Mitch was twirling around his finger.

He tossed it the short distance to Darrin. “Just showing him the rubber glove trick.”

Darrin opened the wadded up thing in his hand and chuckled when he looked at it. “Ah the thumb. I love the thumb.”

Mitch walked close and pulled Darrin against him and kissed him again. “You wanna try it out? I’m pretty certain we won’t see Benji until supper time.”

Darrin slipped his hands to Mitch’s butt and squeezed it. “You feeling lucky today, cowboy?”

Mitch dropped his lips against Darrin’s shoulder and bit down on his neck. He worked the spot until soft moans filled the room. He let Darrin’s neck slip from between his teeth and kissed him again. “Every time with you makes me feel lucky.”

“Good answer.” He flicked the glove against Mitch’s cheek. “You want to see if you can remember how to use this as a dental damn?”

Mitch slipped his fingers in the front of Darrin’s jeans and started dragging him toward the bedroom. Darrin was chuckling as he was pulled along. They abruptly stopped in front of the bed and Mitch slipped his hand into Darrin’s jeans and started groping him. Darrin stiffened at Mitch’s urgency and the feeling of desire built inside him.

After a few minutes of working each other into a state of lust, Mitch slipped his hand out. Without breaking eye contact, he slipped open the first button and pulled open the jeans. He grabbed Darrin’s crotch and squeezed. He groped his husband until he knew he was close to orgasm.

He grabbed Mitch’s wrist and pulled his hand away. “You better slow down or we’re going to be done.”

“Got it.” In the next instant he spun Darrin around, yanked his jeans to his knees and pushed him to the bed. Mitch followed him and an instant later Darrin could feel latex stretching across his butt. He moaned and relaxed as Mitch’s tongue filled the thumb of the glove and started working away at Darrin’s ass.

Before long he had his face buried in the pillow so his moans didn’t carry into the yard. Darrin relaxed for a moment each time Mitch put more lube on his butt, and then the pleasure built again as he got rimmed.

On the third time Darrin twisted, reached back, grabbed the piece of rubber and threw it across the room. He glared at Mitch. “It’s fun if you need to be safe, but you need to get busy.”

Mitch chuckled, pried Darrin’s butt cheeks apart and flicked his tongue over Darrin’s expose hole. The moan that resulted shook the photographs on the walls and resulted in Darrin’s face being crammed back into the pillow. Spreading his knees as far as possible, Darrin reached back and grabbed his butt cheeks and pried them apart. The waves of euphoria washed over his body again and again as Mitch’s tongue danced around his entrance.

“God, that’s good.”

Mitch leaned back on his knees and rubbed his thumb over Darrin’s hole. He lifted the bottle of lube and coated Darrin’s butt.

“You’re going to clean that mess up—oh fuck.”

Darrin’s chest sank onto the bed as Mitch drove his fingers deep inside. A rolling moan erupted from Darrin as Mitch clipped his prostate again and again. A sigh of disappointment rolled across the room when Mitch’s fingers slipped out. More cool lube dripped down the curls of hair on Darrin’s butt and then Mitch’s swollen cock pressed in.

Darrin relaxed, his breath coming in gasps as he stretched to accommodate Mitch’s thick member. As he sank deep inside Darrin, sparks of euphoria shot through his system. His muscles tensed and released, his cock jerking in response.

Mitch’s crotch ground against his ass and paused for a moment. Darrin slowly relaxed and as he did Mitch made longer and longer thrusts into him. An arm slipped around Darrin, fingertips running across his chest and down his stomach. He gasped as Mitch grabbed his cock as he thrust inside.

“Ah, fuck!”

Mitch lay across his back, driving his cock deep inside as he stroked Darrin’s cock. The combination drove Darrin to the edge and he knew it wouldn’t take much more. Mitch twisted Darrin’s nipple with his free hand and the combination drove him over the edge.


Darrin’s orgasm rolled through him as his muscles spasmed and released. Mitch’s thrusts came hard and fast as Darrin filled with ecstasy. Mitch pinned him against the bed and began emptying himself into Darrin.

A few minutes later found them collapsed on the bed, sweaty and gasping for air. Mitch kissed along Darrin’s ear and then sighed.

“The dental damn is good. But I like barebacking my husband a lot more.”



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