Humpday Teaser: Before the Christmas Trip

Randy and Tanner were wedged tight in their make-out chair, both of them enjoying their time together. The pair were enjoying their last night in the apartment before they began their epic trip for the winter holiday. Tanner had finished his finals a few days earlier, and had been putting together a great last dinner for the two of them. Randy had came home early, was happy with how his tests went and began helping with the meal too. They’d soon sat down to a great dinner Tanner had obviously splurged to buy, although Randy suspected the steaks were pilfered from the family freezer at the ranch. Everything was delicious, and they’d had a great time talking while they cleaned up afterwards.

Before long they were settled into the chair together, but Tanner knew Randy was barely keeping his urge to open their gifts under control; he’d been on the same page in the book he was reading since they’d wedged themselves into the chair. Tanner was delighting in his eagerness, knowing he would break sometime soon.

“Ahh, you know it’s the last night for us in the apartment,” said Randy without meeting Tanner’s eyes.

Tanner hid his smile, slowly closing the magazine in his hand and letting it drop to the floor. “Oh, I guess it is.”

“So, I guess tonight we open our gifts to each other.”

“Yeah. Yeah I guess it would,” said Tanner as a smile covered his face.

“Well, Damn. Let’s open them!” said Randy, losing any semblance of patience.

Tanner rolled out of the chair with enthusiasm. Grabbing the two presents from under their tiny tree. Tanner handed Randy his gift, and then jiggled his own present. The weight and noise of the box made suddenly had Tanner questioning his homemade gift. But it was too late now for him to make any changes. He hoped Randy would know the present was from the heart.

“You go first!” said Randy enthusiastically.

Tanner dug in his jeans for his omnipresent pocketknife, found it lurking at the bottom and fished it out. He grinned when Randy let out the expected sigh, and began working on the package. In a few moments he had a plain brown box lying in the midst of the wrapping paper.

“What did you do? I thought we agreed to not spend much.”

“Oh, open it. I couldn’t resist,” said Randy as he practically twisted in his seat.

Tanner shook his head as he carefully cut through the packing tape. Opening the flaps, he was staring at a small piece of black leather in the box. Lifting the leather in his hands, Tanner let it unfold, and realized he was holding a black leather jockstrap. He gave Randy an ornery look and held it against his waist.

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