Sandbox: Opposites Attract

Hope you enjoy the story. This isn’t the typical hot 20-something character, but don’t worry, it’s still hot.



The scenes on TV shifted and changed, providing illumination for the room as Mark piled the couch with cushions in anticipation of movie night. He could hear popcorn exploding in the kitchen as James tried his latest recipe. Mark would have been perfectly happy with a bag of microwave popcorn, but their relationship had lasted all these years because they recognized they were not mirror images of each other, and it was okay. That realization had been a crucial element to the success of their relationship because they were markedly dissimilar, as illustrated by their career choices. Mark enjoyed his job as supervisor of a construction crew, and James was a contented professor in Literary Studies at the university.

Mark’s head snapped around as the smell of hot popcorn and Parmesan cheese flooded the room. James kicked his feet off the table, set down a tray loaded with a huge bowl of popcorn and two brimming glasses of beer. As he stood upright, two massive hands grabbed his ass and squeezed.

“Well! Someone’s frisky tonight,” said James with a chuckle.

“You know you always make me horny as hell.”

James chuckled and flopped down, feeling a work roughed hand slide under his shirt and start scratching his back. He relaxed in the intimate sensation, grabbed the beer glasses and handed one to Mark.

James enjoyed the possessiveness of his husband, knowing the hand on his back claimed him. But beyond that, he liked the sensation of Mark touching him, and didn’t object when he left it in place. Once they had settled in, James started the film. Tonight’s selection a comic book action flick they’d both wanted to see.

Several hours passed, empty glasses and popcorn bowl long ago relegated to the sink. As the credits rolled past, James leaned against his husband, running his finger through the trimmed salt and pepper beard on his square jaw. The thick eyebrows and short hair added to his masculine appearance. James leaned in, pressing their lips together. His fervor met with equal passion.

He straddled Mark’s lap, opening his shirt a button at a time until his husband’s hair covered torso lay exposed. Running his fingers through the thick dark fur, he found Mark’s nipples with their small stainless piercings and tugged on them playfully. A deep rumble of contentment filled the room, as Mark pressed his head against the couch.

Time ticked past as the two explored each other as they had so many times. Clothing was thrown, draped and tossed around the room until their bare bodies pressed against each other.

James’ pulse always raced at the sight of his husband, and tonight was no exception. His love for the construction worker meshed with his lust for the masculine form in front of him. With an impish grin, James pulled Mark until he lay on the couch, and James sprawled on top of him.


Mark looked into the gray eyes inches from his face, always a little surprised this was his husband. James’ carefully trimmed silver hair and smooth, lithe body would have made him a catch for anyone. On their anniversary, Mark still sent a bottle of wine to the friend who had set them up on their first date. Their love had grown over the years, but the intimacy of James lying on him was still one of Mark’s favorite pleasures.

James slid between his legs, his tongue running down the underside of Mark’s hard cock as slender hands lifted his legs and spit dribbled down his crack. Mark trembled, familiar sensations flowed through his body as James slipped his slender finger inside. After long delicious minutes of stretching and exploring, the bulbous head of a hard cock pressed against him.

Mark clamped his legs around his husband’s body, stopping him cold

“Oh no, fucker. Get the damn lube. Last time you sweet talked me into letting you dry fuck me I was sore for a week!”

James gave an innocent smile and retrieved a bottle. Cool gel smeared over Mark’s butt, followed by a deft entry as James slid deep inside. A shuddering moan erupted as his prostrate was clipped, a spurt of precum dripping from his stiff cock. Mark’s eyes rolled back as he dug his heels into James’ butt, urging him on. The pair moved with practiced ease. Their eyes locked as they neared their orgasm.

James slammed inside Mark, his sweat coated body and rough animalistic grunts a marked difference from the careful persona he cultivated for the rest of the world. With Mark, he never needed to hide his true self, his base nature. Mark had always loved it, loved him. With a final surge of ecstasy, James slammed in hard, his cock erupting, filling his husband.

Mark’s breath hissed as James grabbed his hard, wet cock, and pounded it frantically. After a few strokes, Mark let out a loud grunt as the first jet shot out, leaving a trail of white across his chest. Lost in the sensations of subsequent blasts, Mark let out a sigh as his ejaculation culminated with a pool of white on his rounded stomach.

Mark sighed as the last bit was milked from his cock. James lifted his hand slowly to his own lips and leisurely licked it clean.

“You kinky shit,” said Mark with a chuckle.

“And that’s a problem?” asked James, knowing the answer.

“Not with me.” A contented smile grew across Mark’s face.

James snatched a discarded shirt from the floor and wiped the residue from them. He tossed the shirt beside them and lay against Mark. Wrapped in Mark’s arms, the pair began to cuddle. Relaxed in the heat of their bodies, Mark leaned in and kissed James softly.

“You’re fucking hot, for a professor.”

“You’re a great fuck, for a construction worker.”

Mark kissed James again then moved to clean up. James wrapped his hands over Mark’s, holding him in place.

“But…” said Mark.

“Fuck it. Why do you think I insisted on a leather couch?” James gave him a wicked grin.

“Kinky fucker.” Mark curled himself around James, considering how lucky he was to have found his soul mate.


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