Wednesday flash fiction

I just wanted to let everyone know that Double Trouble is back online for this week. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise there’ll be a new chapter come Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday flash fiction

  1. I’ve been reading your stuff for ages but I’m really bad about commenting. So, yeah, love your work. Waiting for Wednesday and the next chapter. I’m curious how you are liking writing a piece this long with the restrictions of Wed. Briefs. Do you already know how the story is going to play out and you write around the weekly prompts? Is it something you’d do again? Just curious.

    • Hi Jace,
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the stories. The flash on Wed briefs are different for me. A thousand words is not much for me, although sometimes I struggle to get the 500 word minimum. I know the ultimate ending, but don’t have anything written out on what happens in each chapter. While my longer work is outlined fairly closely, I wing it on the flash. It goes wherever I think would be interesting. The other thing is there are so many characters in Double Trouble that I can shift around whenever I think it would be interesting. It is fun and gives me a very short story to try out new things on. I would definitely do it again,

  2. I can’t wait to read the next chapter of “Double Trouble”! But a suggestion: Now, that same sex marriages are legal in Oklahoma, what about adding a new chapter to “Growing Josh”? Their Kiowa wedding was great but know they could get rid off all the legal restrictions.

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