Double Trouble: Chapter 5

Wednesday Briefs

Every taken two active three year olds to the state fair? See how Josh and Trent fare with their twins.

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Chapter 5

Mitch pulled to a stop, put his pickup in park and then sighed.

“Oh, good lord. We’re just going to the fair. Why are you all pissy about it?” Darrin asked.

“Two little kids on their first time to the state fair. Thousands of people wandering around. All kinds of crap to eat that’ll have us tied to the toilet for days. Dozens of rides that’ll either make the kids sick or piss ‘em off ‘cause they’re too small. No, it’s not a recipe for disaster at all.’

Darrin popped him on the shoulder. “Shut the fuck up! We’re going to have a good time. Those kids are going to be great and all six of us are going to have a wonderful time if it kills us! We’re never going to forget this trip.”

Mitch grumbled, “They’ve never forgotten the Hindenburg either.”

A black dual-cab pickup pulled up beside them and the windows all started flying down. “PawPaw! Grampy!” The twins were practically crawling out the window in their eagerness. Darrin and Mitch climbed out to a chorus of pleas from Danny and Sammy.

“Grampy come get me!” Sammy said.

“Pawpaw, catch me!” Danny said as he crawled out the window and jumped. Fortunately, Mitch was close enough that he could catch the eager little boy. He balanced Danny on his hip while Josh and Trent pulled their gear out of the pickup. Mitch looked at what they had and then at the parents.

“Where’s the stroller?”

Josh glanced up. “We didn’t bring it. The kids are old enough to walk and if they need carried there are four of us. Otherwise, it’s just going to look weird with an empty stroller.”

Mitch bit his lip to keep from giving unwanted advice. No stroller. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea.

The stuff for the kids was stuffed into two backpacks, which Trent and Josh took. Mitch sat Danny onto the ground and saw that Darrin had done the same thing. They held the kids hands as they lunged at everything that caught their eye, which was anything and everything.

We’re still in the parking lot! This is going to be a long trip.

They reached the building housing the goats and ducked inside. While the kids were fascinated with the pens of bleating animals, they had goats at home so they wasn’t nearly as interesting as the people walking past. Danny couldn’t keep his eyes off a young man who walked past with bright pink hair and a thick ring through his nose. He pulled until he could get Trent’s attention.

“Daddy! That guy’s got a ring through his nose like the bull. Did you ever have somethin’ like that? I want pretty hair. Don’t you think it’s pretty?”

Danny’s voice carried to everyone in a hundred feet, including the guy sporting the debated hair. Trent rolled his eyes and squatted down in front of Danny.

“Remember, we use our inside voice at the fair. But yes, Daddy had a nose ring when he was young.” He looked up and winked at the kid who was under discussion. “And if you want pretty hair, that’s fine with me.”

“I want pretty hair too!”

Trent looked at Sammy. “Yes, sweetheart. You can have pretty hair too.”

Danny looked back at the kid as Mitch guided him out of the barn. “But I have ta have my cowboy hat.”

“Your black hat will look great with pink hair.”

Danny nodded. “Yup. Think so too.”

The group made their way out into the walkway. They hadn’t gone more than a dozen steps when Sammy started pulling Darrin toward a food stand. “Come on Grampy. Let’s get a dink.”

Darrin turned back to Mitch with a desperate expression. He chuckled as the rest of them followed. They stood for a minute to see what the vender was selling. Mitch stepped up to the window. “We’d like four lemonades and a couple of kid sized one.”

Danny pulled at his jeans. “I want one a those too.”

Mitch looked over to see them pulling corn dogs from the hot oil. “And could you add a couple of corny dogs too.”

A few minutes later they were taking over one of the picnic tables situated on the fairgrounds. They settled in, and Mitch took the twins to the condiment dispensers with their corn dogs in paper trays. He glanced at the pump bottles of catsup and mustard. “Okay. Do you want mustard or catsup with your corny dog?”

Sammy walked over, considered both then carefully dispensed catsup in the corner of her tray. Mitch watched her walk back and sit beside Darrin and started eating her corn dog. He turned back in time to find Danny with one end of his paper container filled. “Whoa, buddy. I think you have enough mustard.”

“But I likes mustard!”

“Yeah, well you have enough to last a week. Come on.”

He led Danny back to the table, carefully balancing the mustard and corn dog combination. He sat between Mitch and Trent and started stirring the bright yellow sauce with his dog.

Trent watched for a minute as Danny took his first bite and smeared mustard over half his face. He turned to Mitch. “Think he had enough mustard?”

Mitch watched as Danny dunked half his corn dog into the mustard, and all of his hands. He turned back to Trent.

“Looks like it. But I can get him more if he runs out.”



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