Controller: Chapter 8

Wednesday BriefsIt’s Wednesday again and another chapter of Controller. The writing prompt this week was “more dead than alive”. Hope you enjoy Nathan’s latest issues.

Chapter 8

I almost ran into Eli as I charged head down to my next class. Being exhausted and more than a little frustrated didn’t help my attitude.

“Hey, bud,” said Eli. “What’s up?”

I sighed and started to let Eli’s question roll off me with one of the half dozen standard replies. Rather than dodge the question, I decided Eli was a good person to share this problem with. “Bad night. Tony came home with a girl and they thought I was asleep. Then the rest of the time was spent listening to him beg for sex, the two minutes it took for him to get off, and the two hours of crying from the girl who said she’d given her virginity to my asshole roommate. Then this morning he’s sprawled everywhere, more dead than alive.”

I could see the corner of Eli’s mouth twitch as he tried to keep a solemn face. After a few moments he cracked, and a snort of laughter escaped him. “Sorry, Nate. You have to admit, that’s kinda funny.”

I glared at him for several long minutes, then let out a sigh and shook my head. “Yeah, if someone else was having the problem I’d probably be laughing too. But I’m so damn tired of the crap he pulls, the mess he leaves the room in, and—“ I twisted my lips and frowned. “He stinks too. Oh my God. You’d think being away from home was some excuse for never showering or wearing clean clothes.”

Eli laughed, no longer trying to hide it. He grabbed my shoulder and held on while he began to actually giggle. I couldn’t resist, Eli’s laughter was contagious. I started laughing with him. Somehow sharing the moment with Eli was very comfortable. I found myself staring into his twinkling blue eyes.

Eli pulled off his glasses and wiped tears of laughter on his sleeve. Settling the dark frames onto his face again, he looked back at me. “Okay, enough entertainment at your expense. I think I might have a solution.”

“A solution?”

“Yup, we’ll get you out of that room.”

“I can’t get out of my contract, Eli.”

“Ah, but that’s the beauty of my plan.” Eli did the evil villain laugh and had me smiling even more.

“So what’s your idea, Snidley.”

Eli rubbed his hands together in a melodramatic gesture, then squeezed my shoulder. “There’s a room open on my floor.”

I froze in place, afraid I hadn’t understood correctly. “But there’s a waiting list and all kinds of stuff.”

“Not if the suite mates request you. That’s the rule!”

I was confused, then the answer dawned on me. “One of the guys in your suite is leaving.”

“Nope, those guys won’t leave without dynamite blasting them out. Almost as good, though.” Eli paused again, just to drag out my agony.

“Oh, come on, Eli! Where?”

“Jamie told me this morning one of his suite-mates is moving in with his girlfriend. So they need to find someone.”

I froze, processing the information. After a moment or two things clicked into place. “I can move into Jamie’s suite?”

“I bet he’d be happy to have you as a roomie. Come on. I know you’re about to pee yourself to know for sure.”

Eli draped an arm over my shoulders and veered us toward the Quads. A few minutes later we were standing at Jamie’s door. I cocked an eye at Eli.

“You sure this is okay to bug him?”

“Sure. Michael won’t be awake, but he doesn’t get up until dusk anyway. I swear he’s a vampire or something.”

I stood frozen, poised to knock but not wanting to disturb them for some odd reason. Suddenly I jumped when knocking echoed up and down the hallway. I realized Eli had pounded on the door. “Jeez, Nate. Jamie’s not all that.”

A hurt expression flickered across Eli’s face, but the door opened and Jamie stood in front of me. My heart hammered in my chest at the sight. Jamie was shirtless with a pair of lounge pants. His tiny brown nipples were perfect against his olive skin. I swallowed hard and smiled.

“Hey, Jamie.”

“Hey, Nate. What’s up?”

I motioned to the now quiet Eli beside me. “Eli said you’re looking for a suite mate.”

I sensed the slight resonance through my body when Jamie chuckled. “Yeah, Greg’s moving in with his girlfriend. He told us last night.”

I let out my breath. “I’d be interested. My roommate is driving me crazy.”

Eli began to chuckle again, and then tried to control himself as he looked back at me. “Sorry, it’s still funny.”

Jamie gave me a questioning look.

“Last night was kinda rough and someone thinks it’s funny.”

Jamie slowly smiled and nodded. “Come on in. I think this will work out fine.”

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