Controller: Chapter 7

Wednesday BriefsWelcome to this weeks chapter. I hope you enjoy the guys.

Chapter 7

I walked along. Considering the information I’d never experienced that they’d talked about at the GSA meeting. I chewed my lip quietly while we moved toward the dorms.

“What’s wrong?”

I glanced over to find Jamie looking at me. “I didn’t know there were so many different sexes. The pronoun thing was kind of odd too.”

Both of them chuckled. Then Eli explained. “Gender, not sexes. It’s about how you feel in that quiet inside you place, not your physical sex. The pronoun introductions are for the people who are transgender, they might have been born female, but feel male or even neither.”

“But what about asexual? How could Em not be attracted to anyone?”

“Well she—“ Eli shook his head and sounded a little frustrated. “They—identify as asexual. Em says no one is attractive to them.”

“Pronouns are hard.”

Jamie and Eli both chuckled. “You wouldn’t think so, but a person’s gender identity sometimes gets pretty complicated.”

I followed along in quiet, thinking about some of the things they’d discussed at the meeting. Most of the information I’d heard before, but parts of it changed my whole way of thinking. Unfortunately as I focused on recalling the discussion, I didn’t notice Eli had stopped and plowed into him, almost knocking him to the ground. He grabbed me to keep both of us from falling. Our eyes met for a second, but Eli dropped his eyes and his face flushed.

“We’re headed back to the quad. Did you want to come with? I don’t think there’s going to be any gaming tonight, though,” said Jamie.

Eli laughed and shook his head. “I’m sure not playing. Some of us have to pass our classes.”

I gave them a slightly sad smile but nodded in agreement. “Me either, I have to study for a test. Dang it, I’m ready for some more playing.”

Jamie reached up and squeezed my shoulder. “Thanks for coming today, Nate. I liked having another guy there.” The heat of his touch traveled through my body, and my dick twitched in response.

Eli patted me on the back, and then the smaller man gave a huge smile. “Stay outta trouble. We’ll see you tomorrow.”

I like Eli. He’s cool. I think you could come to him with anything as a problem and he’d do his best to help you. I stood for a minute and watched as they walked to the quads. I sighed when they disappeared. I hoped Tony will be gone tonight so I don’t have to deal with him.

A short time later I was opening the dorm room. I flicked on the lights and breathed a little easier when I found the room empty. I undressed and hung the clothes I’d worn back in my closet and put on a tee and comfortable sweats, careful not to step on any of the piles of clothes Tony left around the room. I lay on the bed, propped against the pillows as I brought up the study guide from my computer. I had been serious when I told the guys I needed to study. Midterms began in a few days, but I kept playing the night through my mind. A room full of guys who were gay, a lot of them cute. And the heat of Jamie’s touch against my arm.

I checked the room to convince myself Tony really was gone. It had been awhile since I’d had any time alone. My dick was growing before I opened the encrypted folder hidden on my computer. I clicked the images open and started flipping through them. The parade of naked men began across my screen, and I rubbed my fingers over my hard nipples and my cock stiffened and tangled with my clothes.

I lifted my ass off the bed and shoved my thick grey sweats to my thighs. My cock sprang from the confining clothing and trailed a strand of precum from my belly to the tip. I laid the computer beside me on the bed and stared at the pictures as I rubbed my hard nipples. The jolts of electricity shot to my crotch and I began leaking precum in a thin stream. The slide show flipped up a model that looked a lot like Jamie, and I paused the computer.

One hand slid down my stomach and wrapped around my throbbing cock. I made a low moan as I started stroking my wet dick. My thighs stretched my sweats tight when I spread my legs wider. My hand flew up and down its length while my other hand twisted my now throbbing nipples. My breath came faster, the bliss of a building orgasm. My eyes closed tight and recalled the fire that traveled through me at Jamie’s touch.

A loud bang echoed through the room when someone fell against the door. The sound of keys at the lock caused me to freeze for a moment.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! It’s Tony. Damnit!

I slammed the computer shut and frantically yanked my pants up as the key slid into the lock and the tumblers began to turn. My breath hissed over my teeth at the pain of shoving my rock hard cock into my sweats. With my dick tenting out my pants obscenely, I grabbed my computer, and flipped so I was facing the wall.

The door opened, and from across the room came a slurred whisper. “Yeah, he’s asleep. Come on.”

The responding high pitched giggle made me grind my teeth.

I have to find another place to live!

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