Double Trouble: Chapter 100


Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 100

Danny grabbed the crotch of his jeans and tried to adjust the family jewels. It seemed he always had a boner these days. He and Rob curled on the couch watching the latest blood and gore horror movie. Most of the time the movie alone would have kept his horniness under control. But recently his libido was far outperforming his normal levels of horny behavior. He jacked off at least a couple of times a day. Hell, some days he jacked off so often his cock was sore.

Rob wiggled against him and Danny’s dick flexed again. He struggled to keep from moaning at the innocent movement that somehow excited Danny. He wanted to fuck. After a few minutes of holding out, Danny let his hands slip over Rob’s stomach and under his shirt. Danny teased at the dark line of hair that ran from Rob’s bellybutton and disappeared into his jeans.

His focus changed as his interest in getting off grew. Soon he had Rob’s shirt bunched up under his arms and both of them gasped for air. Danny ran his hands over his boyfriends chest until he found the two hard bits of flesh. The instant he rubbed his thumbs over them, Rob sighed and leaned against him. He continued his efforts for a few minutes as Rob’s response became louder. Danny bent over Rob and scraped his nails over the tanned skin. He ran his fingers over the wisps of hair that trailed from Rob’s navel to draw a faint line down his stomach that disappeared in the athletic pants Rob wore.

He teased Rob for another minute until his hard cock tented his pants. Danny slid his fingers inside the elastic of Rob’s pants and dug his fingers into Rob’s pubic hair. After he had made a few passes, he touched the base of Rob’s rigid dick. He slid his fist up and down Rob’s shaft and it wasn’t long before Rob’s moans were growing. Danny loved to drive Rob to the edge and then stop and leave him waiting for more. He had managed that a few times when Rob let out a frustrated sigh, pulled his throbbing dick from his pants, and stroked.

Danny enjoyed the show for a few seconds before running his hands over Rob’s chest, pulling his shirt up higher, and tugged and playing with his nipples. The combination had Rob bucking. A minute more passed before Rob shook and a rope of white shot out and landed on his bare chest. His climax held him bound until he collapsed against Danny; a panting and sweaty mess.

Danny’s dick was still diamond hard. He rubbed against Rob, so close that his teeth clenched as he tried to stay on the edge so he could enjoy the waves of pleasure. The tease built and each time Danny was about to peak he would slow himself. But after a few minutes of wave after wave washing through Danny, Rob rolled to his stomach, wrapped both hands around Danny’s hard cock and stroked.

This time Danny’s orgasm came roaring to the front and his muscles locked. He shook under the climax then froze when come spurted from his cock like a machine gun. By the time it ended, semen coated both of them. Rob ran his hand over Danny’s chest before licking his hand clean. He leaned in and kissed Danny. The pungent flavors mingled with the scent of sex and left Danny feeling satisfied.

Rob collapsed against him as the two of them cuddled. For an instant Danny thought someone was awake, but once he’d listened intently for a few seconds, he decided everyone was still asleep.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 99


Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 99

Josh stepped through the door, closed it behind him, and enjoyed the quiet. Trapped in a camper trailer with four teenagers for most of a week would count as cruel and unusual punishment anywhere else. On the drive home there had been several times he’d considered putting the entire lot out onto the side of the road and gone home without them. But he’d bit his tongue and drove as fast as he thought he could afford a ticket to get back home. Fortunately, the highway patrol was sparse.

He glanced around the room to find a grinning Trent staring back at him. Knowing his husband would understand, he unloaded a weeks worth of baggage and frustration in his direction.

“Those heathens could tear up an anvil with a rubber hammer. And if there’s any trouble within a hundred miles, they will be right up in the middle of it. It’s a miracle we survived the whole week and nothing bad happened. You so owe me after this.”

Trent’s smile never wavered and in actuality it was possible it got larger before he spoke. “So it wasn’t the nonstop party you thought it would be?”

Josh snorted. “Yeah, right. Party. Those little shits were into everything.”

“Well, how did the cattle place?”

Josh walked over, sat on Trent’s lap, and wrapped his arms around his husband’s neck. “Is that really what you wanted to talk about?”

A grin formed across Trent’s lips as Josh ground his ass against Trent’s crotch. Josh slipped his hands on either side of Trent’s face. He leaned closer, his heart pounding. Their lips touched, and it was as if fire raged through his system. He pressed his lips harder, loving the rough texture of Trent’s face. As he luxuriated in the heat of their kiss, he slipped his tongue between Trent’s lips. Their tongue tangled with each other until Trent pulled away.

“Where are the kids?”

Josh rested his head against Trent’s shoulder and sighed. “They went to help Levi get his animals home before dark.”

A smile crept across his face. “That means they’ll be gone at least an hour. Mitch and Darrin are off visiting friends down in Dallas. It looks like we might have one of those rare moments when the signs have aligned and we have an hour of guaranteed privacy.”

“Holy fuck! Why are we not naked?” Trent said.

Josh chuckled and returned to kissing Trent until when he broke the kiss there was a hard cock pressing against his butt. He slipped his hand down the front of Trent’s jeans and wrapped them around his husband’s steel hard shaft. Trent’s moan echoed through the house for a minute before he stood with Josh in his arms, almost sprinting into the bedroom.

When they reached the bed Trent jumped forward, and they landed in a tangle of arms and legs. Before Josh caught his breath, Trent had him pinned against the mattress and Josh remembered they had been apart for most of a week, and he had no privacy in the trailer. Josh ripped open Trent’s shirt and launched it into the air. His own shirt joined it a moment later as Trent bit down on one of his nipples. Between his teeth and tongue, Trent had jolts of pleasure racing through Josh’s body. He released himself to the sensations flooding him.

Trent slipped lower and pressed his nose against Josh’s crotch and inhaled. Just the sound of Trent enjoying himself drove Josh deeper into the euphoria of their lovemaking. After a few moments there was an urgent tugging at his jeans. Josh found himself stripped naked and watching as Trent joined him.

Trent plunged his face between Josh’s legs. The amazing sensation brought Josh closer to climax as his body revealed in the sensations Trent was giving him. But soon Josh changed their positions until he hovered over Trent’s hard dick. He lowered himself until Trent’s plump cock head was kissing his hole. He relaxed and moved lower, letting Trent slip deeper. As Trent scraped across his prostate, Josh drowned himself in the pleasures. Soon he lost himself in the sensation and his world was reduced to him and Trent.

Some time later the couple spooned with each other with a crisp white sheet wrapped around the two of them. The feel of Trent’s warm chest against him was amazing and the gentle throb of his well-satisfied hole left a grin on his face. Trent kissed the back of his neck and whispered. “Welcome Home.”

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Double Trouble: Chapter 98


Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 98

It didn’t take long before the four of them headed down the midway. After having camped at the fairground for the better part of a week, they knew everythings location, from food to thrill rides. Danny, who was always hungry, had forced everyone to stop at his favorite food vender. The three boys ate their fill while Samantha stood and rolled her eyes.

When they walked past the Tilt-a-Whirl Levi’s lips formed a hard line and turned a little pale. Rob pulled Danny close and whispered. “He’s not going to get lucky if he doesn’t stop doing that shit.”

Danny chuckled. “I know. Right? What’s in his head?”

“He’s thinking he’d rather be right than get some.”

Danny grinned even larger and swatted Rob on his Wrangler wrapped ass. Rob yelped a little and then winked at Danny. The two of them were horsing around when they heard Samantha call to them.

“Hey, get your ass over here and let’s win Mama some bling.”

Danny rolled his eyes but moved beside Samantha, along with Levi. Rob had followed too, but seemed less interested in keeping Samantha happy. Danny grinned. Rob had more interested in keeping Danny happy. He could tell Rob wanted a little horizontal mambo, which Danny was fine with.

A happy squeal erupted from Samantha, and Danny brought his focus back to the arcade. Levi tossed huge plastic hoops at teddy bears too large for the hoop to fit around. Levi was already out several bucks and hadn’t got close to winning. They stood watching for a few moments before Levi scowled and turned to the others.

“This one’s rigged. It’s not even possible.”

The operator of the arcade took a hoop, stepped outside, and tossed the hoop. With no problem the hoop settled over the bear and landed on its wooden base. He smirked at the group and moved back into his booth.

Levi clenched his teeth and stomped off down the midway. They spent the next hour working a variety of games and got nothing more than a cheap plastic whistle that Levi could have bought for less than he spent trying to win it.

While they’d been at this, Rob had been curling around Danny. Now they enjoyed the opportunity to cuddle with each other in the less well-lit areas of the midway. They left yet another game and wandered into a dark part of the fairgrounds. In a lapse in judgment, Danny gave Rob a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Faggots! Get out of here. Your kind should rot in hell!”

Danny glanced up and saw four of five huge rednecks coming at them. None of them looked happy, and he thought most of them were drunk… or something. They turned to confront the thugs, but Danny wasn’t sure what they could do. Each man easily weighed twice as much as any two of them.

“Knock it off and get out of here.”

Danny jumped and looked behind them. Two of the carnival workers closed the distance between them, and each of them carried a shortened baseball bat. Danny’s stomach knotted as he wondered who the two were threatening. But as they got closer, it was obvious they were talking to the others.

“Get home. You’re drunk and ain’t got no business messing with these kids.” The expression on the carnie’s face would sour milk. He lunged at the others and yelled. “Get outta here!”

The gang of five stumbled over each other as they ran to escape. The slight action of their rescuers seemed enough to send them packing. Danny stepped forward with his hand extended.

“Thanks. We appreciate the help.”

The man stared at Danny’s hand for a second and then frowned.

“Get back where there’s light. Don’t be stupid.”

Danny let his hand drop and watched the two men turn and walk back into the midway.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 97


Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 97

Danny glanced at his sister, who seemed entranced by a bracelet he’d never seen before, and Levi looked more miserable than someone in an emergency room. Definitely something he wanted to stay away from. He was busy enough trying to find something to do, so they weren’t bored to death. He turned back to cooking their dinner. Once he had everything ready, he motion to the other three.

“You know, Dad’s meeting a friend of his in town. It’s our last night. We should blow our wad and hit the midway.”

Levi paled further and waved his hands. “Not me. I can’t handle any more rides today.”

Samantha chuckled, but didn’t add to the conversation.

Danny studied them for a few minutes and shook his head again, certain his sister had got the best of Levi in some scheme she had going. He considered them for a few seconds and then his lips quirked.

“No rides then. We clean them out at the game. How does that sound to everyone?”

Levi’s head popped up first. The transformation became nothing short of miraculous. “The midway? We’re going to win at the games?”

Without looking up Samantha said, “I could use the matching bracelet if you’re still feeling frisky.”

Ah! He made the mistake of betting with my sister. Betting against Samantha is a poor idea.

But if Levi let Samantha clean him out his cash, or she’d stand and laugh at him while he lost at every rigged game across the huge midway. Levi seemed to be unintimidated by the whole process. Danny played a few of the games every season, but he’d never won in the years he’d been going. But Levi seemed convinced that he would wipe out the fairgrounds. The games went on forever, but Danny felt he and Rob would enjoy the crazy pair in the search to regain Levi’s masculinity.

They were halfway through the meal when Danny grinned at the others, shooting a wink at Ron. “It’s the perfect night for hustling the hustlers. We should be able to win junk to bring home.” He paused for a moment and met Levi’s gaze. He started to share a warning for the innocent when Levi winked at him. Danny’s eyebrows shot up, and he decided Levi could sink or swim on his own. Danny wasn’t going to form up the rescue posse. He’d leave the issues up to Samantha and Levi. But when he glanced at Rob and saw a slimmer of mischievousness in his eyes.

“Sounds like fun. After today we’ll be back at redneck high. We should have a blast tonight,” Rob said.

Danny leaned to his boyfriend and gave him a quick kiss. “Let’s clean up and head out.”

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Double Trouble: Chapter 96


Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 96

Samantha glanced at Levi and grinned as they made their way through the midway. He had a look of determination on his face and knotted muscles on each side of his jaw. She managed to hit every one of his buttons and was proud of herself that she’d been able to play him that easily.

He glanced at her and she could tell he was barely keeping his temper under control. He kept glancing at her, and she was happy to fuel the anger she had been tending all day.

“You know there’s no way you’re going to win. You should just give up and pay up,” Samantha said.

He looked at her and twisted his lips in determination. “No way. No girl is going to beat me at anything, especially not this.”

She turned on him, this time he’d managed to get her temper flaring. She spun on him with a scowl that would send the banshee flying to for safe hiding spots. If Josh had been there, he would have been shaking his head and tisking. He could have told Levi he had made a fatal mistake. But he was having dinner with some friends and Levi was on his own.

Samantha crossed her arms and glared at him. “You saying no woman could beat you? Because I’m not a girl, I’m a woman. Also I live with five guys, and they expect me to do the same work they do. They’ve never complained about me not holding up my share of the work.”

With that she spun and moved across the fairgrounds at something close to a run. She couldn’t believe that boy thought she couldn’t handle a few midway rides, which was bad enough but easy enough to prove him wrong. But this last crack, well she would show him who was the one who could keep her dinner, and that girls, not girls, women, could do just as well as any guy.

She spotted the Tilt-a-Whirl and staked out their spot in line. When Levi caught up, Samantha turned to him with a hard line for lips. “We can start here and see how the tough stud is doing after a few rounds.”

“Bring it on! Anything you can do I can take twice as much.”

The ride operator motioned them onto a bench and locked them into the seat. As it took off, Samantha let out a high-pitched squeal. From the look on Levi’s face, he wasn’t having as much fun. By the time the ride was over, Levi’s tan had taken on a pale look and he was swallowing hard.

“You ready to give? Cause you look about ready to puke.”

Levi swallowed hard a last time and stared at Samantha. “That the best you got? This’ll be like taking candy from a baby.”

Samantha gave him a feral smile and proceeded to take him on every ride that spun, dropped, twisted and plunged that existed on the midway. But Levi refused to admit defeat. Samantha had them at her final attempt, and the pride of the amusement park, the Crazy Runaway Roller Coaster. You were strapped in standing up and the whole ride went downhill from there.

“There we are. Guaranteed to have you puking up your heals before the ride was over. The other great thing, you can’t get off the ride. Once you’re on, you’re committed to the whole ride.”

By now Levi was ghostly white and looked like he was barely holding on by the tips of his nails. “You can’t get off?”

Samantha went in for the kill. “Nope. You can be puking your guts out and you still gotta finish the ride.”

Levi’s face twisted into a frown, but then he motioned toward the coaster with his head. “Let’s do it. I’m ready.”

Fifteen minutes later Levi was holding onto the rim of one of the fifty-five gallon drums the fairgrounds used for trash, throwing up everything he’d eaten since breakfast. Once he was down to the dry heaves, Samantha slapped him on the back.

“Come on cowboy. There’s a turquoise bracelet with my name on it.” Her face took on a twist of mischievousness. “Then you can buy me a nice hot, greasy, corndog covered with a ton of spicy mustard.”

Levi sprinted back to the trash barrel.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 95


Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 95

They had survived the first few days, but Danny was finding the lack of sex frustrating as hell. Rob had been more than willing, but cramming five people into a trailer had created a situation where he could do little to relieve the building sexual tension. Since they’d been using the fairgrounds showers he couldn’t even jack off in the shower for some relief. As a result Danny had spent the last couple of days with a chubbed cock, and a mission to find somewhere for he and Rob to get some much needed relief from the constant teenaged horniness. Danny was getting horny enough that his eyes were wandering to a few tight butts that had drawn his eye. But it would be nothing more than lustful glances though, he knew he didn’t like the idea of sharing and Rob was his goal.

He had Rob in tow by his shirt as he unlocked the door and peered inside. After a minute he called out in a soft voice. “Hey. Anyone around?”

They both stood tensed, ready to flee if someone replied. Danny thought he had everyone accounted for, but it was possible for someone to have a change in plans. He and Rob listened closely, and Danny tried again but a bit louder. “Sam! Dad! You here?”

Rob tensed, ready to disappear, but the trailer remained dim and silent. They crept inside, and Danny did a quick walk through. But he still found nothing.

He turned to Rob, done with planning and ready for action. He grabbed the front of Rob’s shirt and pulled him close. Their lips rammed together hard as they became a writhing mass of hands, arms and mouths. Danny soon had Rob pinned against the wall. Their mouths were in a fierce battle for supremacy while he grabbed Rob’s crotch and started groping Rob’s hard length. He worked the steel hard cock through the tight jeans. For all their lustful maneuvering in the tight space they finally ended up sprawled between the floor and the steps leading up to Dad’s bed above the gooseneck.

He ground into Rob as he worked his hands higher on his torso until Rob’s shirt was wedged under his arms, exposing his ripped torso. Danny ran his hands over the expanse of skin to play with the dark treasure trail that started around Rob’s navel and plunged down and disappear into his jeans. Danny leaned down, sucked on Rob’s nipple, and enjoyed the loud groan that filled the room.

“How’s that feel?” Danny asked with a smirk.

“Good! Oh holy fucking good.”

Rob pushed him to his back then started pawing at his jeans. Danny relaxed and let Rob have the lead. His zipper was ripped down and his jeans were quickly tugged down to the middle of his thighs. Danny tossed his head back with a moan when Rob grabbed his cock between his teeth and started gnawing at it. Danny grabbed Rob’s head and pinned it hard against his crotch.

“Chew on that dick. Damn that feels good.”

Rob’s response was to bite harder until Danny thought he was going to come. He pulled Rob off his crotch and bit down on his neck as he worked over Rob’s crotch with the other hand. He had Rob moving closer each passing moment. He squeezed hard on Rob’s nuts and bit and sucked on a spot just below Rob’s ear.

Rob trembled in his arms and moaned. “Fuck!” The next thing Danny knew Rob was convulsing in his arms and a wet spot grew under Danny’s hand. After a few minutes had passed, Rob slumped against him panting for air. Eventually he looked at Danny and smiled.

“That was fucking hot!”

Danny kissed the center of the huge hickey he’d given Rob and grinned at the growing wet spot. “Glad you enjoyed it. But…” he glanced at the hard cock pointing straight out in front of him and wiggled his eyebrows.

Rob chuckled as Danny flexed his cock. A huge glob of precome oozed out of the tip and fell to the floor, making a loud splat sound that filled the space with the sound as they smelled the sexual essence in the air. Rob kneeled down, extending his tongue, he flicked the tip of his tongue at the remaining precome just as Danny grabbed his shoulder.

“What was that?”

“What?” Rob asked.

This time both of them listened, and Danny panicked. His Dad was back.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 94


Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 94

Josh carefully backed the travel trailer into one of the parking spots along the edge of the fairgrounds. It was as far from the midway and as close to their animals as possible.

Danny and Samantha were in the backseat of the pickup getting edgier with each passing second. Josh was waiting for one or both of them to have a screaming shit fit of a breakdown. But they moved into place and were glad they’d already bedded down the animals so they were taken care of, at least for a few minutes. Now he needed to work out a little structure for his kids to help keep them out of trouble.

“Okay, Danny, you’re in charge of getting everything ready in the trailer. Tonight you’re cooking so you better start getting something ready for tonight.” He cocked his eyebrow and caught Danny’s gaze. “And I don’t want bags of junk food from the midway. You actually have to cook.”

Danny smirked at his dad. “No problem. Rob offered to help cook. So we’re having something good tonight.”

“You better be right. Otherwise you’re eating whatever he cooks.” He turned to Samantha. “Same for you. Levi is not cooking every meal when it’s your turn.”

He expected a torrent of anger with a tornado of teenage angst but instead they stood smiling at him. He could almost see the golden halos and hear the symphony of harps. It was one of their more pathetic attempts.

“Don’t think you’ve pulled anything over on me. Neither of you is that innocent. Just promise me not to mess with people and not to leave the fairgrounds. If I have to bail you out of jail, the next time you’ll get to leave the ranch will be when you are driving me to the home.” He scanned each of them with a harsh scowl.

He glanced into the rearview mirror to find Levi standing on one side of the trailer and Rob on the other. He had to admit, the twins had good tastes. Both Rob and Levi were good looking. Danny and Samantha baled from the truck and ran back to their perspective dates. It was one time he was reminded things had changed far too little.

While Samantha had sprinted for Levi, wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him with enough heat that he wouldn’t be able to walk around for a few minutes without announcing to the world that he was having a teenage boy stiffy moment.

But he knew Danny couldn’t greet Rob with the same unbridled lust. It wasn’t that they shook hands like they’d just been introduced. They greeted each other enthusiastically, wrapping their arms around each other in a warm hug; a warm friendly hug. But Josh had seen his son greet Rob before at the ranch. Usually there was a ridiculously loud squeal of delight that brought the attention of everyone in a five-mile radius. Then he’d run at Rob and launch himself. In self-defense, Rob had no choice but to catch Danny and hold on tight. The whole thing would end with Rob holding tight onto Danny while he covered Rob with kisses.

The whole performance usually brought grins to anyone watching. Even an occasional ‘ahhh’ was pronounced. But this time the greeting was much more reserved. Josh frowned. It tore him apart. A few months ago he would have said his friends would have supported his marriage with Trent and the twins identified, but things had changed so much…

He changed his focus back to the boys in time to see Danny grab Rob’s ass for a second. Josh scowled and scanned the area and his blood ran cold when he spotted a group of young guys coming toward them. Josh didn’t see how they could avoid seeing what Danny had done.

I may regret not getting that concealed carry license and being able to protect my family from a hate crime. But he hadn’t. There wasn’t even anything to use as a weapon. The band looked back and forth, uncertain what was about to happen. They hadn’t said anything. That was a good sign. Maybe the odds are in our favor.

Then he heard someone speaking, but it took him a few seconds to realize it was Levi.

“Hey guys, how’s things going?”

The group looked a little startled, then they smiled and started exchanging handshakes and explosive back thumping. They stepped apart, grinning at each other. “You a-holes! What’re you doing? Causing trouble?”

The largest of the group grinned at Levi. “Not us. We stay out of trouble.”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Hey, let me introduce everyone. We should go grab some lemonade from the midway.” He turned to Josh. “That okay?”

Josh nodded and waved them away. “Go relax, just don’t disappear for too long. We have cattle to take care of in a little while.”

Josh wasn’t certain how he felt about this new development as the group headed down the fairgrounds.

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