Last 100 words For Aerie – Dec 10

Getting closer, in the final scene. Here’s your 100 words.

Fortunately for all of them, Tayi was keeping the fledgling busy this morning. He was about to lose patience with Dhala when Askari walked into the room. “Why are you cleaning, Dhala? You’re no longer Sibin’s Saat.” Askari winked at Sibin. “Let the slob clean up after himself. There was talk among the old women that he ran off his last Saat, and regretted it later.”

Sibin snorted but then stopped short at the expression Dhala was giving Askari. He stood frozen for a moment or two and his lips drew into a thin line, all the time staring at Askari.

“What? Why do you have that look on your face? Askari asked.

He stood judging Askari for another few moments. He finally exhaled a trembling breath. “I saw him, Askari. In the Misiq camp.”

“Are you certain? He doesn’t look that—“

“No. I’m certain.”

Sibin interrupted the pair. “What are you talking about?”

Last 100 words For Aerie – Dec 8

The battle is over. They characters are starting to take inventory of whatever is going on, and who is left. The rough draft is also at 59,000 words. Close to a novel. I’m working on the outline for Gordy and Sam’s story too. I guess that’s enough for today so here’s your 100 words.

She stared at each of them in turn until they dropped their gazes to the ground. Then, with a sigh, she turned and retreated to the back of the room and the inner passageway with barely a whisper of sound. At the top step she paused and cocked her head. “My son is coming. He’s going to need help landing without crashing into the cliffs too. He feels exhausted.” Without a backward glance she disappeared down the passageway.

Askari and Sibin stared at each other for a few moments before they both heard a low cry that had to belong to Dhala. They scanned the sky, trying mightily to spot the flyer. Their breath quickened as they strained to see their friend, their mate.

Last 100 words For Aerie – Dec 6

The rough draft for “Aerie” is getting close to finished. I think a week at the most. For those of you who read, and enjoyed, “Wrangler Butt” I’m putting together an outline to write about how Gordy and Sam first met. I think it should be a fun read.

Oh, if you haven’t read Wrangler Butt and decide to. It has a ton of grammar and POV issues. And a ton of sex scenes. First time writing, what can I say. So you’ve been warned, but there is a link to it in the “Novels, Novellas and Short Stories” link on the left. I guess that’s enough for today so here’s your 100 words.

He knew he was much less damaged than was Sibin. The Misiq had almost beaten him to death. When he’d checked the mobility of his chest muscles, he quickly discovered that whatever healing Dhala had done, and he couldn’t recall clearly, had him back from the brink of death, but many days from healed. 

But when Dhala had worked through similar exercises, it was as if he hadn’t been through a battle the previous day. None of them had wanted him to go, but soon realized he was going to do a scouting flight, whether they wanted him to do so or not.

Sabin resigned himself to a few fast lessons on performing a change, and navigating the skies without making himself into a giant green target. The first few changes back and forth left Dhala shaking, but he picked up the intricacies quickly.

Last 100 words For Aerie – Dec 5

Today Obsidian Sun received a second Honorable Mention today at the Rainbow Awards. That’s pretty exciting to me! Otherwise it’s been a good writing day. Have my word count done early and will edit on the Wednesday Flash for next week…right after I go to work for a few hours. There’s always something happening. But nothing that serious, and it’s a bright sunny day outside anyway. So here are your last 100 words for today.

“Is something wrong, Sibin?”

He paused for a moment before shaking his head. “Not a problem. It’s just…”

“What? The last few days have not been gentle on any of us. If Dhala has a problem we wish to know. Now.”

Sibin seemed startled for a moment and then shook his head. “His scales are very hard. Much harder than mine. He could probably deflect arrows.”

“He did repel arrows when he came in to save you.”

Sabin nodded his head slowly but then seemed to come to a realization. He looked at Dhala and smiled. “You shouldn’t have any trouble. A tough set of plates never hurt anyone.”

Dhala nodded his head slowly and Askari felt as if he could detect a vein of fear pulsing through him.

Last 100 words For Aerie – Dec 4

Friday, finally. But Dhala and Sibin are trying to survive while Luke and Nash are going into heavy edits. (don’t worry, two different novels.) So here are your last 100 words for today.

He reached down to Dhala’s forearm, and it was as if he’d touched stone. Cold and ungiving. He tried to pry them apart, but there was no yielding. It was as if Sibin was encased in a iron ball, keeping everything out, and everything in. He and Tayi mored more forcefully as fear filled them like a dry stream bed during a summer downpour. Strain as they would, they had no results. He even prodded at Dhala’s injuries, hoping the pain would break through the spell…nothing.

There was a faint gasp and he realized there had been an observer for quite some time. He glanced to the edge of the flickering light to see Jua holding a waterskin of water.

The fledgling swallowed hard as they turned to him. “Are they dead? Are Dhala and Sibin gone?”

Last 100 words For Aerie – Dec 3

A couple of what I thought was going to be disasters today, which turned out fine. Something to put back for a story. More notes to make and writing to do. Okay, enough of that. Off to work on editing pass two for Camouflage. Finished with the first few scenes at this point. And now, todays 100 words:

The wounds from the encounter with the Misiq yesterday were still seeping blood and left him stiff and not as mobile as he’d like. He picked up the bowl of cleanser Tayi had made for Sibin and started cleaning the wounds again. He hadn’t awakened since they had found him. He heard what sounded like a length of metal over a stone. Dhaka’s talons on the stone floor. Glancing into the darkest corner of the room he saw the swirling green eyes.

Dhala had moved into the corner and became an intractable shadow. Askari knew he wanted to help, but couldn’t work out the details of either shifting back to his two-footed form, or healing Sibin. For some reason Askari could sense Dhala’s emotions to a much larger extent than he ever had with Sibin.

Last 100 words For Aerie – Dec 2

Busy week but things are working out. Hope you enjoyed the latest chapter of Double Trouble. The stories are are coming along. Editing is coming along well on Camouflage but of course I always want it to go faster. Writing goal finished for day met, check. Starting the editing for the night, check. So here are the 100 words from today.

He flew a few lengths from the ground, did a quick wing over and fell from the sky toward their enemies. This time all four feet were balled tightly as he hit the first Misiq. By the time his momentum was dropping, he had injured a number of the invaders. As he again winged skyward, he got a glimpse of Askari raging across the battlefield. He’d gotten a bow and was releasing a deadly rain into the Misiq. When they moved too close, he used the thick bow as a club, damaging them as he could.

The air around them echoed with the reverberation of an animal’s call like none he’d heard before. It was part howl, part hiss with a blood chilling scream of one of the great eagles. The Misiq froze for a moment, and then disappeared into forest. Askari released a final arrow which was punctuated by a scream.

Last 100 words For Aerie – Nov 30

Back to work and plenty to do. I’m telling you, a good afternoon nap would make me a much more productive person. But I managed to get more written on Aerie and edit Camouflage. The final chapters of Camo are with my good friend who is willing to read the crap early versions and give me feedback. But it feels like good progress to me, and after NaNo–it seems like I’m taking a break. LOL Here are the last 100 from today.

Sivin folded again, regaining some of his momentum he slammed into his victim. There was a surprise whoosh as Sivin hit him full in the middle of his back. As they hit the ground together, the sound shifted to a muffled scream. Sivin thrust his head outward and screamed in defiance. 

With that he leapt into the open air and started rowing for the opening in the gargantuan trees. Misiq appeared on either side, whipping weighted nets around their head and launching them at Sibin. He roared again in frustration as he searched for another escape from what was obviously a well planned trap the Misiq had set for him.

Last 100 words For Aerie – Nov 29

I passed the 50,000 work goal for NaNoWriMo yesterday. There was a small celebration, but Aerie is far from finished. Since I was enjoying sharing the final 100 words, and several of you seem to enjoy the sharing I thought I’d try to keep going with the sharing. So, here’s the last 100 words from Nov 29.

Askari started to chuckle and then it shifted into a cough that had him grimacing. “I’d happily trade your tiny little scales for the cracked plates I have. One of the Trickster damned Misiq monsters was drawing a bow heavier than any we used in the hata hunts. It apparently will break Onija plating.”

Dhala glanced around them. “And where is this animal now?”

Askari smiled and twisted the spear so it’s head glistened in the sun. “It seems a hata spear can take down many killing brutes.”

Dhala swallowed hard, remembering the Misiq he had killed just a short time before. The knot forming in his chest had to be forced down. He turned to Askari.

“There were Misiq scouts, just a little further down stream.” He paused for a moment and then continued. “I took care of one, but the other changed forms and escaped. Can you walk? I think we need to be elsewhere.”