Slapout: Chapter 15

Wednesday Briefs

Small time town with big time drama.

Chapter 15

Alec’s emotional equilibrium was screwed up after spending only a few hours with Pete. They were having a wonderful time at the midway and he loved the affection Pete showed him. He couldn’t seem to keep his hands off. If there were any of ‘those’ looks, Alec was too focused on his date. He glanced around and smiled to find they were at the gate for the ferris wheel. He shivered when he felt Pete wrap his arm around his waist.

Alec grinned. “Tonight has been fun. Thanks.”

Pete gave him a grin and kissed his cheek. Alec was oblivious to any mumbling from the people surrounding them. Pete played it better than Alec had seen before. He chose the biggest and most obvious of the rough crowd and blew him a kiss. The little mob let out a collective growl and turned on the pair.

“Button it up!”

It took Alec a second before he realized the command came from the carny running the ride. He held the thugs in a contemptuous glare. The baseball bat he held in his other hand made his intent clear.

Alec read the thugs developing around them. To his surprise, a number of other carnival workers were sprinkled through the crowd. The locals didn’t seem very happy about the bullies either. Alec waited to see how this would play out.

Some kind of self-preservation kicked in. They had already lost half their thugs when the ride operator made a threatening move toward them and spun the bat.

“It’s time for you boys to go home. We don’t want any more of your crap.”

Down to the ringleader and a few more, they backed away one slow step at a time. They’d reached the edge of the crowd and someone moved toward them. They left at a run. Once they disappeared into the fair goers, he turned to the crowd.

“Next round is free. We don’t want people like that to ruin the fair excitement. Line up! Don’t be shy,” he motioned the pair closer. Alec’s apprehension grew by the second, but he stayed beside Pete.

“I mean you two. Please. Front of the line,” the ride operator said.

Pete looked at Alec with a gleam in his eye. “I’m game if you are. I hate to miss a ferris wheel.”

Alec considered the proposition then grinned at Pete. “Me too. I don’t want to miss it either.”

In a few short minutes he found himself buckled into the seat as it lifted into the sky. It had been the better part of a decade since Alec had been on a ferris wheel. But tonight had been one of the best in recent memory. On the second revolution he pried apart the fortitude to crack his eyelids open a touch, just in time to see the ground rush past. He kept them open as the wheel climbed back to the top. The view was striking from the orange tint of the last sunlight disappeared while below them was the layers multitude of bulbs and tubes to light up every object on the fair grounds. The ride continued, and Alec relaxed. At least he’d gotten calm enough to loosen his grip on the metal bar holding them in.

As his nerves settled, the wheel slowed until they were perched at the top. Pete reached over and squeezed Alec’s thigh. A ripple of pleasure washed over him at the touch. Pete left his hand in place, leaned closer and pressed his lips against Alec’s cheek. The combination delighted him and a few seconds later he realized his shaft was stiffening. He took a stuttering breath and turned to Pete.

“What are you doing?” Alec asked.

“Do you like it?”

He struggled to keep himself controlled as Pete slid his hand higher up Alec’s thigh and nipped at his earlobe. “Stop,” Alec sighed out. “I don’t want to get in trouble.”

Pete gave Alec’s package a quick squeeze then cupped his face. Their eyes met, and Pete’s expression threaten to melt his resolve.

This time Pete’s voice turned raspy as his lips almost touched Alec’s ear. “Want to come to my hotel room? I have a great bottle of Kentucky whiskey I picked up.”

Alec swallowed hard and nodded in agreement as the ride lurched back into motion.

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