Slapout: Chapter 14

Wednesday Briefs

Small time town with big time drama.

Chapter 14

A bad case of guilt built inside Cullen. He hadn’t intended to set up Alec with a jerk, but now he wasn’t so sure he hadn’t done that even if it was accidental. 

After Alec’s early morning arrival at Eli’s ranch, and subsequent interruption of a booty call, they’d decided Alec needed someone to fill his time. Cullen had an accurate idea of what kind of man Alec would find attractive. Well, truth of the matter was he didn’t think Alec would be picky. Any guy with a cock and a set of balls would be his type. All the better If they were wrapped in a pair of tight jeans.

Cullen’s guilt built about how he’d manipulated Alec to get him together with a friend from college. Pete was about as easy as you are likely to find, at least in this part of the country. Cullen hadn’t talked with him in several years, which didn’t help with the regret. 

Maybe I should’ve let Alec doing his own fishing for some ass.

“Where are we supposed to meet Stephen?” Alec asked. 

Cullen scanned the area before responding to Alec’s question. “He said he would be in the beef barns. His family are big time into hereford cattle.”

“Kind of old school ain’t they?” Alec asked.

“Not really, we know what works best for our place. A bunch of those high dollar wagyu would put us into bankruptcy.”

Cullen flushed red at the sound of Pete’s deep bass. Just my luck. I shoot off my mouth and he’s close enough to hear me. 

He turned to see the grinning face of the man who’d been his roommate through college. “Sorry, Pete. I didn’t mean anything by it. You guys raise some of the best cattle in the region.” 

Pete folded his thick arms across his chest and let his gaze alternate between the two. A few seconds later he stopped and winked at Cullen.

“I’m guessing this is my blind date you were bringing.”

Cullen nodded in agreement. “Sorry. Yeah, Pete this is Alec. He’s the owner and chief cook and bottle washer for the only business in the nefarious hamlet of Slapout, Oklahoma.”

Alec chuckled, “In other words, I own the greasy spoon and do most of the cooking.” 

Pete shot Alec a warm smile that made Cullen remember why Pete seldom lacked for a date while he was in college. When he reached over and squeezed Alec should, Cullen saw him melt from the contact.

“Don’t worry about it,” Pete said. “I’m starved though. You wanna have one of the best grilled steaks in the state?”

Alec’s belly growled, and he returned Pete’s touch. “That sounds so good. It will make my stomach happy too. We can’t have my tummy be unhappy.”

Before Cullen could beat a hasty retreat, Alec turned to him. “You want to come too Cullen? It sounds like the kind of place you’d enjoy.”

Ah damn, Alec. This is why you have trouble getting dates. How in the hell can I save this mess…

But before Cullen could try to repair the situation, Pete took the situation in hand. “Don’t worry about Cullen. I’m sure you have to look at the new herd sire from Texas.”

Without waiting for a response, he twinned his arm around Alec’s and led him toward the steakhouse. As they disappeared into the dim night, he turned to Cullen.

“Don’t worry about getting Alec later. We’re going to the midway and raise a little hell.”

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