Slapout: Chapter 12

Wednesday Briefs

Small time town with big time drama.

Chapter 12

Cullen drifted awake slowly with the light of early morning filling the room. It took a few seconds for him to realize that he was not in his own bedroom, but instead had woke up in Eli’s bed. The thought startled him at first, but then he examined his thoughts about the older man. As he did, he realized he was in bed alone and naked. The last fact disturbed him more than anything else. He glanced around, becoming more frantic as he searched for clothing. If nothing else, at least some underwear.

Cheerful whistling drifted from the kitchen and Cullen knew Eli was the source of the tune. He realized it was a translation of one of the current hits being played constantly on the local country music station. It wasn’t a horrible interpretation. Eli’s version didn’t quite have the same details as the original. But regardless of his lack of musical ability, Eli was happy this morning.

The fridge door open and a few minutes later the aroma of bacon and sausage left him drooling like an old hound. But it didn’t change the fact he was naked in his boss’s king size bed and he needed to do about that issue. He hung over the mattress to see if his undies were lurking there when he heard.

“Want some coffee? It’s freshly brewed.”

Cullen lurched back into the bedding, wrapping the quilt around his body. From his hiding place he hollered into the next room. “Coffee would be great. Maybe with a little cream?”

“A little cream. Got it. I’ll have it to you in a minute.”

Cullen decided to relax and enjoy whatever Eli planned. He scooted up the bed to get more comfortable and finished shoving the pillows against the headboard.

Eli walked into the room with a steaming mug and held it out with a smile. “Morning sunshine. Here’s your coffee. Take a swig and let me know how it is.”

Cullen adjusted his position, took the drink lifted it to his lips. The hot fluid flowed through his system and warmed him like a new electric blanket. The cup was huge and hot enough to be almost too warm to hold.

As a second sip just, this side of boiling, worked it’s way through Cullen, Eli sat on the edge of the bed. He studied Cullen for a minute or two before saying anything further. But Cullen didn’t rise to the bait. He waited patiently to see what Eli wanted to discuss last night. He had enjoyed the newfound intimacy between the two of them but wasn’t certain what Eli’s thoughts were on the subject. He was more than willing to give Eli all the time he needed.

Eli took another sip of his coffee and shot Cullen a grin. “So, are you freaking out about being charmed by an old man?”

The tension drained from Cullen. He sat his coffee on the nightstand then crawled across the pristine white sheets to take Eli in his arms. He stared into Eli’s eyes before giving him a gentle kiss.

“You’re the perfect age and last night was amazing. How do you feel about being seduced by a college kid?”

About that time Cullen realized his morning woody had returned with a vengeance. Along with its appearance Cullen found he wanted to start his time with Eli from where they left it the night before. He drew his naked body from under the bedding, cupped Eli’s package and squeezed.

“Oh fuck. That feels amazing. But if you keep that up much longer everything will be burnt, and the smoke alarms get a testing.”

Cullen took the waistband of Eli’s underwear and started to lower them so he could get to the rock hard shaft. Halfway through his maneuver a furious pounding sounded from the back door.

“Hey! Anybody home? I smell breakfast.”

Eli sighed and pulled his briefs to his waist before hunting for clothing. He looked at Cullen with a frown.

“Alec seems to be looking for a free meal.”

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