Slapout: Chapter 11

Wednesday Briefs

Small time town with big time drama.

Chapter 11

Eli flipped on the bedroom light and realized Cullen had followed him. He sat on the bed, tugged off a boot and glanced to Cullen who leaned against the door frame. Eli pulled off his socks and tossed them into his boots as Cullen rub his package and grin.

Cullen’s cock hardened and slithered down the leg of his form fitting Wranglers. The sight of his intern giving Eli an exciting performance had its effect. Eli slipped off his shirt and teased his own nipples. The ripples of electricity traveled from his aching chest to his dick.

He relished the view of Cullen stroking himself and a growing pool of precum soaking his jeans. It didn’t take long before he pushed himself off the bed, moved in front and penned Cullen against the wall. He slipped his hands around Cullen’s scruffy face and move closer. As their pelvises ground against each other, Eli pressed his hot lips against the young man’s and twisted them into a heated exchange that went on for several minutes.

Once they broke the kiss, they breathed in gasps. Eli created a line soft bites that trailed down Cullen’s neck. As he reached its thick base, his nibbles shifted to feather soft kisses down his thick chest. With each button he released Eli became more entranced by the sight of his young lover.

He teased at the patch of blond thatch coating the space between Cullen’s muscular pectorals before pulling the last button free and letting the shirt drift into the shadows covering the dark wooden floor. Cullen sighed with pleasure as Eli explored the skin now open to his delight. He leaned close and flicked his tongue over Cullen’s hard nipple.

“Fuck. That feels amazing.”

Eli slid his hand inside the back of Cullen’s jeans and enjoyed the rough sensation of hair under his touch. He slipped a finger between the mounds of muscle that made up his ass. Slipping lower, he found Cullen’s hole and teased it with his finger. As he slid inside, Cullen moaned and dropped his head against Eli’s shoulder and lifted his ass.

Cullen groaned as Eli pierce him again his finger, becoming louder as he buried it deeper inside. It only took a few minutes for him to start rocking, fucking himself on Eli’s finger. They enjoyed their continued exploration of each other’s bodies until Eli became overcome with the need to take them to the next level.

He took a step back, cupped Cullen’s package and squeezed. Eli pressed further until Cullen lost himself in the pleasures. While he ground against Eli’s work-roughened hand, he pressed his head against the wall until Cullen’s cries told him that his climax loomed close. With a knowing smile, he stepped back and waited as Cullen writhed. He slipped a hand free and rolled his nipples.

“How’s that cowboy? You ready for more?”

Cullen moaned. “Fuck me. Oh hell, fuck me.”

He slipped his hand down Cullen’s jeans and tugged them lower before slipping his fingers through Cullen’s thick pubic hair. Eli teased the treasure he’d found for a spare minute before he tugged his hand out of Cullen’s jeans then led him to the bed. He pulled Cullen tight, kissing him hard before pushing him backward.

Eli tugged at the heel of each of Cullen’s boots and quickly had him reduced to jeans alone. His lust mounting, Eli worked off the pants and soon had his handsome man naked before him. He took a minute to look at the stud sprawled on the bed before him, cock stretching across his stomach. In the dim light of the bedroom, Eli ran his tongue over his lips as he relished the beautiful sight before him.

With his cock straining to escape, Eli stripped and tossed his clothes to one side. As soon as his final sock landed on the pile, he crawled up the bed between Cullen’s legs. He hovered for an instant before lowering himself onto Cullen’s thick thighs.

He wrapped his fingers around Cullen’s thick cock and squeezed. A sigh came from Cullen’s lips as a stream of clear gel oozed from the tip of his cock. Eli eased back the hood Cullen boasted and slid his tongue around the exposed crown.

“Oh fuck. Damn that feels good,” Cullen said.

Eli continued his oral exploration in silence until he could tell Cullen had reached the point where they were both had an overwhelming load. This time he didn’t let the pressure release, he was hungry for cum. As he sank deeper, Eli noticed a tremble dance through Cullen’s muscles. A second later his mouth filled with the masculine cream that had been building. Cullen’s expression contorted with pleasure until with a soft groan Eli sucked down the last of his juices.

Cullen collapsed against the bed, gasping for precious breath. Eli rose to his knees as he wedged himself between Cullen’s legs and curled his fingers around his aching dick. He knew he would release the torrent of sperm in a matter of seconds and was ready. With a handful of strokes, his balls hug against his shaft and a second later a thick strand of white jizz landed across Cullen’s torso.

Eli stroked himself with a hot passion and cuddled against Cullen. Enjoying the sights and smells of the aftermath of their lovemaking.


He put his finger over Cullen’s lips.

“Shh. Tomorrow is soon enough.”

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