Time away

Sorry to announce but I am taking a break from writing. The pressures of life are making it too demanding to continue. I hope after several months away the fun will return, with new stories to tell.

Thanks for your understanding.


5 thoughts on “Time away

  1. So so sorry to hear that. God speed I hope that you have a great rest and return inspired. Kindest Regards

  2. Jon as much as I will miss your stories I know that we all need time out from time to time. As much as your stories mean to your readers you are more important. Take the time you need to recharge and we will with for your return at some point in the future.

  3. When the ‘pressures of life’ take the joy out of writing, it’s time to find a different release valve. Much as I and we will miss your writing, we prefer you well and happy. Return to us when you may. Good travels in the meantime.

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