Double Trouble: Chapter 113

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 113

Danny eased into the parking lot for the high school gymnasium. He turned off the engine but then sat without speaking. As he remained frozen, Rob glanced around them.

“Are we going in? My folks weren’t too sure how they felt about me taking you to the prom. But they’ll be pissed if the money for a tux and stuff was wasted.”

Danny grinned at Rob before leaning over to plant a kiss on his cheek. “Sorry, I was getting all mushy about finishing high school. I guess I’m being sentimental.”

Rob straightened the flower on Danny’s lapel then gave him a peck on the lips in return. “Tonight will be fun. Everyone knows us and we’ve been going together. It’s not like it’ll surprise anyone we’re with each other.”

Danny let out a long sigh before laying his arm across Rob’s shoulders. “You’re right. It’s the end of high school jitters. I might have put too much weight about it being prom and the stuff that goes with it. Now it’s here and I’m all twisted up about it. Damn.”

Rob spun around and grabbed Danny’s wrists. “Come on. Let’s see what’s going on.”

Danny rolled his eyes but smiled as he let Rob lead him into the gymnasium. They’d decorated the cavernous room in the tradition all small rural high schools. But he knew he would remember the experience for the rest of his life. Actually he had no idea if he’d recall much about tonight or not, but every adult he’d talked to for the past month said he would. Josh seemed to be on the verge of tears each time he saw either him or Samantha.

Trent became the only voice he trusted. His only advice to Danny had been don’t get anyone pregnant and to call him if he needed a ride home. Danny thought it had been a funny crack, but he’d given him nothing more than an eye roll. He realized Rob had pulled him into the gym. They stood at the edge of the boisterous crowd and took it all in. He saw several friends who smiled and waved.

But there were also people with scowls plastered across their faces. They were the same assholes that complained to the school board about same sex couples at the prom. But the screaming shit fit it generated had enough backlash that the vote to allow gay couples was unanimous. It was good they did, otherwise everyone in his family would be upset.

Samantha and Levi appeared at their side and for once he was glad for the advice he could tell she was about to share. I might not always agree with my sister, but she covers my back. I’m sure this was no different.

She caught Danny’s eyes and cocked her head. “You look good. You ready to show these city slickers how to do it?”

He met Samantha’s gaze and motioned her ahead of him onto the now vacant dance floor. They’d takes but a few steps when a boo drifted through the space. Danny spotted the hate filled person it had came from and moved toward the offender. But then an iron grip manifested on his shoulder. He turned in time for Samantha to step in front of me.

She locked eyes with the source of the outrage. In an unblinking glare, she dominated the encounter. In less than a minute, he dropped his gaze to the floor. Samantha studied the room, challenging any others. When none was forthcoming, she moved back to Levi’s side and grinned at Danny.

“I’m ready to dance!”

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