Double Trouble: Chapter 109

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 109

Mitch had a grin etched across his face as he maneuvered the wheelchair they’d rented for day’s little event. There was a part of him that planned to enjoy the argument he was going to have with Cody over today’s outing. But Darrin was always quick to point out that Mitch enjoyed getting under people’s skin, like the world’s biggest chigger. After all the crap he dealt with over the past two weeks while being the live-in caretaker for Cody, he was looking forward to peppering the boy with some good natured ribbing.

He wheeled into the room to find Cody looking miserable as he focused on the television. Sam and Gordy would have bought Cody an even bigger TV, but Mitch had to be the voice of reason. They were two shellshocked parents who were trying to deal with the near loss of their child. At this point a thousand dollar television is nothing, they still had their child. Anything they could do to make him more comfortable was reasonable so far as they were concerned. Mitch had assured them Cody didn’t need the giant ass TV to entertain him. Mitch’s suggestion hadn’t left Cody very pleased for a few days afterward, but he got over it.

This time Cody might be even more unhappy than over the television, but Mitch had no doubt that he would be thrilled once it worked. And Mitch knew it would work.

Cody glared at Mitch and put the remote on his side table with a firm click. Well, that’s better than throwing it at me. We’re making progress.

“What do you want now?” Cody asked.

“I thought a little outing would be good. And yes, I talked to your parents and your doctor. Everyone agrees that getting out would be good for you.”

He motioned at the casts enclosing both his legs. “I’m sure being wheeled around with all this crap on my legs. I’ll just stay in bed and watch cartoons or something else equally stupid.”

Mitch shook his head and wheeled the chair into the room, parked it beside Cody’s bed then pulled back the blankets covering the young man. Then Mitch gave him what would have been a lethal glare given to anyone else. “Get ready because your ass is about to climb back on a horse. And you’re just going to have to suck it up and deal with it.”

The color drained from Cody until he looked like a zombie. Mitch grabbed a T-shirt from the dresser and tossed it to Cody. “Put this on. We probably won’t be there long, but I figure the last thing you need is a sunburn.”

“You’re fucking crazy. I can’t do anything but sit. Broken legs. Ring any bells.”

Mitch lifted an eyebrow. “I can put you in the chair, and you can go out in your undies. You know I’m not above doing it either.”

Their eyes met, and Cody tried being defiant, and it worked exactly as well for him as it had worked for people in the past. A few minutes later Cody was dressed in a tee and gym shorts, and they were making their way out of the house and toward the stables.

Cody began to look panics when he saw where they were going. “What the hell are you doing? What if I fall? You crazy bastard!”

“Well, for one thing, you’re going to take a little ride.”


\[If you want to know more about Sam and Gordy don’t miss “Tackling the Subject” the story of how they met. Preorder is June 20th and Early Release slated for July 4th.]

The links listed below go directly to the individual stories.


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