Double Trouble: Chapter 103


Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 103

Danny sat at the dinner table with Trent and Josh flanking him. He looked about as unhappy as it was possible for a person to look. His face was a toxic mix of righteous anger and teenage angst. Josh wished Trent had already taken care of it before he got home, but as it seemed to go too often recently, Trent had waited until all of them were home. Apparently, Samantha had showed up from school, saw the situation and ran. She’d used the excuse of going to a study session, but Josh understood what happened. One glance at the family meeting expression and she was gone.

Josh braced himself against the whiplash he was about to experience. He had no driving need to gang up on Danny, or at least he didn’t want Danny to feel like he was being out maneuvered. Josh hated it when Mitch and Darrin did it to him when he was about Danny’s age.

“We need to talk with you, Danny,” Trent said.

Josh braced himself, this whole thing wouldn’t go well. But there wasn’t much else than support Trent… even if he was worse than Danny when he was a teenager. But that seemed to have escaped Trent’s recall.

“Fine. What horrible, offensive, earth shattering thing did I screw up this time?”

Trent adapted the condescending tone to his voice that sometimes makes me want to punch his face.

“Now Danny. It isn’t that we think you’ve done anything terrible. But we noticed behavior patterns and we find them… concerning,” Trent said.

Josh struggled to keep from defending Danny. They had to bring this problem out in the open so they could deal with it. He steepled his fingers, pulled his shit together so he and Trent presented the united parent front. But when I looked at Danny, his face clouded with anger.

Great, another pissed off teenager.

“I haven’t done a damn thing wrong,” Danny said, “You did a lot worse at my age than anything I’ve done.”

With both Danny and Trent were looking more like cooked crawfish than reasonable people, Josh decided it was time for him to try for the role of peacemaker.

“We aren’t trying to assign blame, Danny. We want to remind you—“

“Well fuck! So you walked in when I was jacking off, who fucking cares. Every guy’s jerked off, including the two of you.”

Josh looked first at one of them and then the other before the strange conversation became clear. He scowled at them. “This whole package of drama better not be over Danny jacking off. That’s stupid, and it’s about the safest sex there is.” He turned to Trent. “What’s going on?”

Trent didn’t seem to have calmed himself before he began. “I couldn’t care less about what you do by yourself. At least you’re not going the get anything. But what you’re doing with Rob. Bareback. No rubbers. We’ve talked about not being safe. We’re worried.”

Josh was trying to defuse the situation when the backdoor opened and closed with a bang. Great! All I need is another set of opinions. With the way my life has been going, it will be—

“Hey! Where is everyone? I
a trailer full of bulls and need someone to move off their precious computer and get their ass out here and help.”

Mitch. Of course. It had to be Mitch.

Josh sighed as he heard the refrigerator open and close and the sound of boots coming closer. Mitch studied them as he took a few swallows of beer. When the silence stretched out, he nodded and motioned with the bottle. “Looks like a fun group. Anything I can do to help?”

Danny spun toward him with a sour expression. “Yes. We’re having yet another safe sex talk because they think I’m too stupid to know when I have a rubber on and when I don’t.”

Mitch looked at each of us and once he reached Trent he laughed. He motioned at Danny. “Come help me with the bulls and I’ll tell you some things your dads pulled.”

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