Double Trouble: Chapter 102


Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 102

Danny stepped into the entryway and stopped to listen. It surprised him when he’d pulled into the parking spots in front of the house to find no one at home. It almost never happened that he had any privacy. He and Rob hooked up more often at his home because Rob’s older sister was away at college, and both of his parents worked in town. So there was a lot less chance of someone interrupting their fun.

But now he had time alone. At least, he thought there was no one around. But he had no intention of doing anything without checking the house to make sure. He worked his way through the living room and kitchen and found nothing. So far so good.

“Dad! Sis. Josh. Trent.”

The silence stayed the same with each name he called, and the possibility of an hour or so of privacy was just what he needed. Rob had been on some kind of school-sponsored trip for the past week and left Danny so horny he could fuck a tree. The thought of even a few minutes alone was making Danny hard and his balls hug the base of his dick. He was so excited and wanted to be certain the house was deserted.

He dropped his gym bag beside the couch and checked everything room by room. It didn’t take long to determine the house was empty. Danny planned to take advantage of the time to release some built up tension. He rushed to his bedroom, pulled off his shirt and opened his notebook computer on the bed beside him. Danny opened the locked folder buried deep in the computer—holding the collection of porn he’d downloaded over the years. He clicked on a video he liked that featured two boyfriends going at it hard with the meaty blond moaning and twisting as he got fucked.

After a few seconds, Danny rubbed and ground his hand against his stiffening shaft. By the time the couple on the screen were shirtless and had reached the frantically making out part, Danny had his hand buried down the front of his jeans stroking himself. The couple on screen kissed and caressed while Danny got harder with each passing second. By the time the two stripped, Danny lost his clothes and sprawled across the bed, enjoying the sensations he gave himself.

His cock was hard as steel as he tugged on his ball sac and rubbed against his taint until his first orgasm was close. It wouldn’t take long to hit his release, and he was so horny a second round wasn’t out of the question.

Danny’s attention shifted back to the porn playing in front of him. One of them teased the other, rubbing the head of his uncut dick against the twitching opening of his boyfriend. The bottom begging to be fed cock had Danny as horny as a heifer in heat.

If he did much more than touch his dick, he would unload days of cum, and he wasn’t ready for that yet. Instead, he rubbed his thumbs over his hard nipples. The sensation washing over him sent him closer to orgasm. At the last possible second, he stopped and threw his hands to his side and gasped for air as he fought to keep from coming. Clear precum flowed from the tip of his dick and down its side. After a few seconds, Danny got himself under control and relaxed against the bed. As his breathing came back to normal he realized the couple on screen were fucking like animals. The bubble assed bottom moaned and egging on his boyfriend to fuck him harder.

As the pair on the screen tried out different positions, Danny teased his nipples again. This time he lost himself in the performance in front of him and became focused on the delicious sensations. By this time the bottom was on his back, screaming for more as he jerked off. Danny was past gentle teasing as he tugged and twisted his nipples. When the top emptied himself into his boyfriend, Danny gave his nipples a hard twist.

“Ah, fuck!”

Without ever touching his dick, cum spewed from its tip. Danny twisted and gasped as he emptied a week’s build up of cum. With his stomach cris-crossed with white lines he sighed as the last of his orgasm dripped onto him. He lay toying with his softening dick, slapping it against his stomach in his post-orgasm euphoria.

The sound of the backdoor opening and the screen door slapping shut echoed through the house. Trent’s voice sounded through the house as Danny scrambled to clean up.

“Danny? You home?”

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