Double Trouble: Chapter 97


Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 97

Danny glanced at his sister, who seemed entranced by a bracelet he’d never seen before, and Levi looked more miserable than someone in an emergency room. Definitely something he wanted to stay away from. He was busy enough trying to find something to do, so they weren’t bored to death. He turned back to cooking their dinner. Once he had everything ready, he motion to the other three.

“You know, Dad’s meeting a friend of his in town. It’s our last night. We should blow our wad and hit the midway.”

Levi paled further and waved his hands. “Not me. I can’t handle any more rides today.”

Samantha chuckled, but didn’t add to the conversation.

Danny studied them for a few minutes and shook his head again, certain his sister had got the best of Levi in some scheme she had going. He considered them for a few seconds and then his lips quirked.

“No rides then. We clean them out at the game. How does that sound to everyone?”

Levi’s head popped up first. The transformation became nothing short of miraculous. “The midway? We’re going to win at the games?”

Without looking up Samantha said, “I could use the matching bracelet if you’re still feeling frisky.”

Ah! He made the mistake of betting with my sister. Betting against Samantha is a poor idea.

But if Levi let Samantha clean him out his cash, or she’d stand and laugh at him while he lost at every rigged game across the huge midway. Levi seemed to be unintimidated by the whole process. Danny played a few of the games every season, but he’d never won in the years he’d been going. But Levi seemed convinced that he would wipe out the fairgrounds. The games went on forever, but Danny felt he and Rob would enjoy the crazy pair in the search to regain Levi’s masculinity.

They were halfway through the meal when Danny grinned at the others, shooting a wink at Ron. “It’s the perfect night for hustling the hustlers. We should be able to win junk to bring home.” He paused for a moment and met Levi’s gaze. He started to share a warning for the innocent when Levi winked at him. Danny’s eyebrows shot up, and he decided Levi could sink or swim on his own. Danny wasn’t going to form up the rescue posse. He’d leave the issues up to Samantha and Levi. But when he glanced at Rob and saw a slimmer of mischievousness in his eyes.

“Sounds like fun. After today we’ll be back at redneck high. We should have a blast tonight,” Rob said.

Danny leaned to his boyfriend and gave him a quick kiss. “Let’s clean up and head out.”

The links listed below go directly to the individual stories.


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