Double Trouble: Chapter 95


Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 95

They had survived the first few days, but Danny was finding the lack of sex frustrating as hell. Rob had been more than willing, but cramming five people into a trailer had created a situation where he could do little to relieve the building sexual tension. Since they’d been using the fairgrounds showers he couldn’t even jack off in the shower for some relief. As a result Danny had spent the last couple of days with a chubbed cock, and a mission to find somewhere for he and Rob to get some much needed relief from the constant teenaged horniness. Danny was getting horny enough that his eyes were wandering to a few tight butts that had drawn his eye. But it would be nothing more than lustful glances though, he knew he didn’t like the idea of sharing and Rob was his goal.

He had Rob in tow by his shirt as he unlocked the door and peered inside. After a minute he called out in a soft voice. “Hey. Anyone around?”

They both stood tensed, ready to flee if someone replied. Danny thought he had everyone accounted for, but it was possible for someone to have a change in plans. He and Rob listened closely, and Danny tried again but a bit louder. “Sam! Dad! You here?”

Rob tensed, ready to disappear, but the trailer remained dim and silent. They crept inside, and Danny did a quick walk through. But he still found nothing.

He turned to Rob, done with planning and ready for action. He grabbed the front of Rob’s shirt and pulled him close. Their lips rammed together hard as they became a writhing mass of hands, arms and mouths. Danny soon had Rob pinned against the wall. Their mouths were in a fierce battle for supremacy while he grabbed Rob’s crotch and started groping Rob’s hard length. He worked the steel hard cock through the tight jeans. For all their lustful maneuvering in the tight space they finally ended up sprawled between the floor and the steps leading up to Dad’s bed above the gooseneck.

He ground into Rob as he worked his hands higher on his torso until Rob’s shirt was wedged under his arms, exposing his ripped torso. Danny ran his hands over the expanse of skin to play with the dark treasure trail that started around Rob’s navel and plunged down and disappear into his jeans. Danny leaned down, sucked on Rob’s nipple, and enjoyed the loud groan that filled the room.

“How’s that feel?” Danny asked with a smirk.

“Good! Oh holy fucking good.”

Rob pushed him to his back then started pawing at his jeans. Danny relaxed and let Rob have the lead. His zipper was ripped down and his jeans were quickly tugged down to the middle of his thighs. Danny tossed his head back with a moan when Rob grabbed his cock between his teeth and started gnawing at it. Danny grabbed Rob’s head and pinned it hard against his crotch.

“Chew on that dick. Damn that feels good.”

Rob’s response was to bite harder until Danny thought he was going to come. He pulled Rob off his crotch and bit down on his neck as he worked over Rob’s crotch with the other hand. He had Rob moving closer each passing moment. He squeezed hard on Rob’s nuts and bit and sucked on a spot just below Rob’s ear.

Rob trembled in his arms and moaned. “Fuck!” The next thing Danny knew Rob was convulsing in his arms and a wet spot grew under Danny’s hand. After a few minutes had passed, Rob slumped against him panting for air. Eventually he looked at Danny and smiled.

“That was fucking hot!”

Danny kissed the center of the huge hickey he’d given Rob and grinned at the growing wet spot. “Glad you enjoyed it. But…” he glanced at the hard cock pointing straight out in front of him and wiggled his eyebrows.

Rob chuckled as Danny flexed his cock. A huge glob of precome oozed out of the tip and fell to the floor, making a loud splat sound that filled the space with the sound as they smelled the sexual essence in the air. Rob kneeled down, extending his tongue, he flicked the tip of his tongue at the remaining precome just as Danny grabbed his shoulder.

“What was that?”

“What?” Rob asked.

This time both of them listened, and Danny panicked. His Dad was back.

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