Double Trouble: Chapter 93


Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 93


The house was tense when Josh walked in after taking care of the animals before they left. Trent would be in charge of everything while Josh was at the state fair with Danny and Samantha. They’d went every year since the kid’s had joined 4-H, but this was the first year teenage attitudes and hormones were such a factor.

Josh put the last few items in his bag and then stared at Trent. “This is going to be a miserable trip isn’t it?”

“Two hormonal teenagers, at least one with a budding romance? No, not the formula for disaster at all. It’ll be a cake walk.”

He cocked an eyebrow and sneered at Trent for a minute and then chuckled and smiled. “This is all your fault you know. I’m being punished for what a little shit you were in high school.”

“Oh, sweetie. I was a little shit long before high school. Why do you think I’m staying home and you’re going? I’ll be able to see the fireworks from here. It should be awesome.”


Trent moved close to Josh and wrapped his arms around him. He gave Josh a warm hug and whispered, “When you get back we’ll have the most amazing sex. I promise.”

Josh chuckled, but a shiver rolled down his spine at what Trent might cook up. He knew one thing, even if it was nothing but a back rub, it would be erotic from Trent. About the time they would have began making out, the twins walked into the room.

Danny wore an expression of pure deviltry that Josh couldn’t resist. “What have you done to make yourself so happy?”

Danny cocked his cap on the back of his head and smirked at Josh. “Nothing big. Rob’s going to be there too. I told him we had plenty of room.”

Josh rolled his eyes and groaned before he returned to Danny. “This is work, not a chance to spend the whole time at the midway. And you are not sharing a bed with Rob. Don’t pull that crap with me.”

He turned to Samantha and said. “And you’re not spending every minute with Levi. Also, there is no way in hell he’s sleeping in the travel trailer. The boy has to find his own place to stay.”

Samantha seemed unfazed by Josh’s instructions. He became worried when the smile never faded from her face. Josh crossed his arms. “What have you done to will my life even more miserable?”

“Father dearest, whatever would make you think I would make your life difficult?”

“Spill it, young lady. What have you cooked up?”

Danny laughed and brought Josh’s attention back to his son. “What’s going on, Danny? Did you help cook something up?”

“No way! This is all Samantha’s idea. I had nothing to do with it.”

Josh turned to Samantha and scowled at her. “What?”

Her expression changed into one less challenging than what Josh had seen a few minutes earlier. “Relax, Da. I just want to spend time with Levi. He’s a nice guy and I think he’d be fun to hang out with.”

“That’s all normal stuff. What has the two of you acting like you’ve found someone to keep you in beer until you’re twenty-one?”

“It’s really not a big deal. We were just going to tease you a little before we told you,” Danny said.

Josh was frustrated at his kids and their idea of humor. He didn’t like the feeling that two teenagers were messing with him. His nerves were at the end of his tolerance. “Spit it out or we aren’t going anywhere.”

“Oh good God, boys are so cranky. Levi hired us to help him take care of his cattle. That’s it, nothing illegal.”

Josh’s aggravation deflated at what seemed to be an innocent arrangement. “Oh, I guess that would be fine. I’m sure Levi’s parents would appreciate the help.”

Samantha picked up her bags and started out the door. “That’s right. Besides, that beer isn’t free.”

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