Double Trouble: Chapter 90


Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to other flash fictions.

Chapter 90

Mitch glanced toward Samantha sitting rigid as a poker as she glared out the windshield. She would make certain he didn’t enjoy this trip. They’d made arrangements to go back and look at the bulls Levi showed them. Of course as soon as they made the appointment—all their great plans for going back to look over the Senepol bulls went to shit.

That had left Samantha, and she hadn’t been given a choice. Which meant, she was plenty pissed off.

Mitch sighed when the silence stretched out for over thirty minutes. “We’ll get the bulls and go home. You can be back in your room and pissed at everyone by early afternoon. It won’t take long but Darrin didn’t want me making the trip alone.”

“I have a life too you know. I shouldn’t always be the last one you ask.”

He glanced over and smirked. “Oh? And what are you giving up to go with me this morning?”

Samantha opened her mouth to speak, but then snapped her lips shut and settled back into the seat without a word. Mitch wasn’t sure if he had won, or not. But at least it was quiet.

They traveled the rest of the trip without a word passing between them. She barely acknowledged when they turned into the ranch from the state highway. He eased the truck to a stop and killed the engine. He decided another attempt at making peace with Samantha was worth a try.

“Look, it won’t be that bad. The guy’s son is about your age. He was a good tour guide when your grandpa and I stopped. He seemed like a nice guy.”

Samantha let out a long suffering sigh and plastered the least sincere smile Mitch had ever seen on her face. “How’s this Pa-pa. Is that what you expect from your granddaughter? I’ll makes you all proud and stuff.”

Mitch frowned at her. “Meet Levi before you decide he’s a jerk. I thought your parents taught you not to judge people.”

“I’m not judging anyone. But we know either he or his father are homophobic. It won’t matter if—”

Mitch looked back and smirked at his granddaughter who was frozen in mid-step. He followed her line of sight and was not surprised to find Levi walking toward them.

“Is that— “Samantha stammered.

Mitch’s laughter grew in volume until Samantha glared at him. Once he got himself back under control, he couldn’t help but push a few more of her buttons. “Yup, that’s the pimple faced redneck boy that your grandfather thought you might want to meet. But obviously I was wrong.”

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