Double Trouble: Chapter 88


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The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to flash fictions.

Chapter 88

Double Trouble – Ch 88


Darrin drifted awake with the early morning chill nipping at his cheeks. He pulled the blankets higher and snuggled against Mitch. A gravelly voice rumbled from the pile of bedding.

“What’s going on? You cold?”

“I’m freezing! You should do your husbandly duties and get me warm.”

Mitch pulled him closer until the entire length of their bodies pressed against each other. He landed a soft kiss on the back of Darrin’s neck that sent his pulse racing. By the time Mitch abandoned Darrin’s neck he had forgotten the cold. His thoughts focused on Mitch’s next act.

Mitch slipped his hands around Darrin’s chest as he bit down on his neck. The sensations sent shivers through Darrin and blood rushed to his groin. In only a small amount of time, Darrin was hard as steel and making small mewing sounds. Mitch pushed his hands lower until his fingers gripped Darrin’s dense pubic hair. After tugging it, Mitch chewed on Darrin’s ear. The combination had Darrin writhing on the bed. By this time he was considering little more than the next sensation Mitch would give him, his thoughts and reactions had come more in line with a teenager rather than a middle-aged man. He couldn’t help it; that was how it made him feel.

He rolled toward Mitch and kissed him tenderly. Their lips caressed as they explored each other’s hot mouths. Darrin could think of nothing beyond the crackles of pleasure coming from each gentle touch. Mitch’s rough beard rubbed across his, and Darrin sighed at the aftermath of Mitch’s grazed touch. He held Darrin’s face in his strong hands, tilting it backward, and ran his tongue from the base of his neck upward until he again bit down on Darrin’s ear.

He relished the building sensations before pushing his fingers through Mitch’s chest hair, taking his nipples between his fingers, and pinching them firmly, sending a jolt of electricity through his body.

“Fuck. I love it when you do that. You make my nips so happy,” Mitch said.

“Yeah, I got it. It’s one of my favorite spots for you. I think I could get you to shoot with some good nipple play.”

Mitch chuckled as he slid his hands lower on Darrin until he caressed his asscheeks. “There’s not much chance of that happening now. Maybe when I was a horny teenager. But if you want to give it a try, let me know.”

Darrin lowered his head, took Mitch’s nipple between his teeth, and bit down until Mitch groaned and squirmed under the attention. “Fuck. Holy fucking hell.”

Darrin moved from one side to the other as his attention focused on Mitch. He slid lower, kissing through the swirl of dark hair around Mitch’s navel. He moved down, careful to keep in all the luxurious heat they had generated. He slid lower until Mitch wedged his cock between Darrin’s pecs. Darrin slipped back and forth, enjoying the precome coating. He was gaining a nice covering, but he wanted something a little closer to the tap this morning. He dropped lower and took Mitch’s cock in his mouth, and ran his lips up and down its hard length.

“Ah, fuck. That’s good,” Mitch moaned.

Darrin pressed in deeper, taking Mitch until he was close to choking. By now they were hot enough that Darrin had let the bedding fall to the floor, leaving them naked and writhing across the bed. Mitch popped Darrin on each cheek, leaving red marks on each side.

“Come on, bitch. Suck it, suck my hard cock.”

Darrin released Mitch’s cock, cocked his eyebrows and glared at him. “Do I, in any way, resemble a female dog? Because that shit ain’t happening and you know it too.”

“I don’t suppose I could claim it was ‘cause you are such a hot lover?”

Darrin reached upward and popped Mitch across the cheek, hard enough to leave a red spot. “No. Now shut up.”

Darrin worked over Mitch’s dick again and he lay back to enjoy himself. Soon they were back in the heat of passion, and Mitch was getting close.

“Babe, unless you want me to fill your mouth, you better stop,” Mitch moaned.

But Darrin sped up and tugged on Mitch’s sac. Soon Mitch gasped as the first wave flowed through his body and into his crotch. Darrin caught the first explosion of come and swallowed. The volleys continued until Mitch collapsed onto the bed, gasping for air. Darrin grinned as he nursed Mitch’s softening cock, taking the last of his semen and relishing the distinctive flavor he loved so much that was all Mitch.

Mitch lurched around the bed until he was lying between Darrin’s knees, with Darrin’s hard dick between his lips. The feeling was amazing as always. Sex with Mitch was always balls to the wall. Sometimes literally. But regardless, Darrin wouldn’t last long.

Mitch pressed down, making small choking sounds, and Darrin’s cock slipped down his throat. The tight heat pushed him over the edge as his nuts sucked tight against his body. He held Mitch’s head as he emptied himself. Once the final wave of pleasure washed over Darrin, they collapsed onto the bed, gasping for air.

“Fuck!” Darrin said.

“Double fuck!” Mitch laughed. “I’d call that a good morning.”

As the words tumbled from his mouth, they heard the crunch of gravel as a pickup came to a stop and a moment later Terri’s voice cut through the morning air.

“Come on, cowboys! Time to go look at some prime beef.”

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