Double Trouble: Chapter 83

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to flash fictions.

Chapter 83

Mitch gritted his teeth against the sound of Matt and Tony fucking— again. After two days Matt’s squeals were getting old. And talk about a buzz kill for he and Darrin. The pair sounded like cheap porn. If Mitch heard ‘oh, baby. Pound my tight ass’ once more he would lose his shit.

“We were probably just as bad in our younger years.”

Mitch spun, stabbing the air with a finger as he argued his point. “No, there’s no way. Neither of us would have said that. They don’t sound hot, they sound stupid.”

Mitch threw himself in one of the overstuffed chairs with a growl. Darrin waited a minute then walked over and rubbed his shoulders. He tensed at first, not wanting to relaxed. He wanted to scream at the couple, but couldn’t bring himself to that level. As Darrin continued to work on his shoulders, Mitch’s muscles relaxed. A few minutes later Mitch was enjoying Darrin’s efforts. He leaned forward, and Darrin slipped his hands lower. Darrin’s hands slipped to the front of Mitch’s shirt, opened the buttons, and exposing more of his chest. He pressed his back into the chair as Darrin rubbed his fingers over Mitch’s nipples.

Mitch let out a soft moan, cupped his hands around Darrin’s neck, and pulled them together for a kiss. “You keep that up and I won’t be responsible for what happens.”

“I wasn’t looking to make you more responsible. I’d hoped you’d go more for irresponsible and horny.”

Mitch kissed Darrin again, this time the heat was intense. With their lips pressed hard against each other, Darrin ran his hands over Mitch’s chest. The sensation was the heat he wanted, but they’d reached jalapeño level and Mitch’d hoped for something more like ghost pepper. He wanted to be gasping for breath and sweat running down his body.

Darrin sank his teeth into Mitch’s neck and the jolts that ran through Mitch had him shaking. Darrin continued to work on Mitch but he trembled as Darrin rubbed and tweaked his nipples. The combination of sensations had Mitch hard and throbbing before Darrin pulled away.

“How’s that? Twinks out of your head?”

Mitch grinned at Darrin and pulled him in for a kiss. Their lips tight against each other and the heat built for Mitch. The kiss continued for several long delicious minutes before their lips separated and both men panted for air. With a note of deviltry covering his face, Darrin walked around the chair and knelt between Mitch’s legs.

The feelings built again as Darrin rubbed his hands up and down Mitch’s thighs. The masculine strokes soon had Mitch’s cock straining against his jeans as the familiar erogenous sensation built through his body. Darrin reached up and a moment later Mitch’s jeans pooled around his ankles. With a few deft movements from Darrin, his briefs followed and his aching cock jutted from his crotch. Darrin gripped it by the base and traced his tongue around the crown until Mitch thought he would pop. After a few more teasing licks, Mitch pulled away.

“Oh, you gotta stop. I’m about to lose it.”

Darrin wrapped his hand around Mitch’s nuts and tugged. “Close? You want me to stop?”

Mitch groaned a little as the pleasure of what Darrin’s actions rolled over him. He spread his legs a little wider to give Darrin better access. He wrapped his lips around Mitch’s cock and pulled his nuts tight. Unable to do more than grunt Mitch submerged in the pleasure. He had also no control left and Darrin stopped, unbuttoned his jeans, and fished his cock out.

“I want to fuck that hot ass. We’ll show the youngsters how it’s done. Get over there against the door.”

Mitch grinned and stepped out of his clothes and braced himself against the glass entrance to their deck. He glanced back as Darrin pulled one cheek over and dribbled a line of spit down his crack. As it slipped over his opening, Darrin pushed it in with his finger. Mitch groaned louder, his muscles convulsing as Darrin drove deeper. When he had it buried, Mitch panted and pre-come leaked from him in strands. Darrin worked him over until Mitch legs shook and he was seconds away. Darrin squirted lube over his cock and Mitch’s ass.

As he pressed forward, Mitch pressed his entire torso against the door. He rubbed himself against the glass as he lost himself in their lovemaking. Mitch was close, and the twinks were in the hot tub, Pay back was hell. He buried himself inside Mitch again and again until he reached his climax. Darrin pounded him and Mitch shivered as the first white strand shot across the door.

Darrin’s pounding took him hard as he emptied himself. Then Darrin pinned him and filled his ass with come. Mitch rubbed his body over the semen smeared glass as Darrin shoved inside him again and again. They slowed themselves, grinding against the door and each other until everything was coated with translucent goo and Mitch was more relaxed than any time since they arrived. Mitch looked out to enjoy the neighbors reaction and froze at the two sets of shocked expressions.

Belonging to never before seen faces.

“Oh no.”


“Apparently the twinks left. We seem to have a new couple sharing the hot tub.”

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