Double Trouble: Chapter 82

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to flash fictions.

Chapter 82

Mitch stopped a few steps behind Darrin to enjoy the beautiful fall mountain scene. Their timing was perfect. When the sunlight hit the leaves, the entire mountainside looked covered with gold. He turned to Mitch and winked.

“This is beautiful. The aspens are in full fall color. I don’t know how you did it.”

Mitch flashed a smile that stretched from ear-to-ear. “I’d like to take credit, but this was pure dumb luck. I rolled the dice, and God helped us out.”

“Well, however we got it, I’m happy.” He looked up at the log cabin they’d be living in for the next few days. It was beautiful and inviting. And expensive.

“This looks like its way over our budget…”

“The last part of the trip we’ll be camping, so that’ll save us bucks.” Mitch walked behind Darrin and wrapped him in a hug. “It is beautiful though isn’t it?”

Darrin turned in Mitch’s embrace until they were facing each other. Mitch always enjoyed the boyish look Darrin had kept, even with the stress of his job. Darrin winked at him and kissed. They separated a short time later and held him close. “So did you have any adult activities planned?”

“Oh, hell yes. I’m going to adult activities your ass until you won’t be able to sit right for a week.”

“And I’m going to enjoy these activities?”

Mitch discovered that the whole sexy banter thing turned him on. His cock was stretching down the leg of his jeans. A deep growl slipped from between his lips as he leaned in to kiss Darrin. His lips had barely touched Darrin’s scruffy face when they heard.

“Hey, neighbors.”

Mitch spun around to find a young couple smiling at them. Mitch was a little frustrated their long overdue lovemaking session was interrupted. A giggle from one of the pair drew his attention back. God, do they even have pubes? But the tall blond was chewing on the others neck like it was a rawhide treat. With a smirk they pulled apart. “Sorry, its our honeymoon and Tony is a horny fella after driving from Amarillo.”

Mitch scowled at the pair, but a warning tug on his jeans from Darrin kept him from responding to the guy. In spite of the warning, he couldn’t keep from sharing a crack toward them. “Yup, we were about to work off some steam too.”

“Oh, cool! I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again soon.”

They watched as the young couple disappeared into the cabin next to them. He primed himself for a tirade about the pair of twinks, but Darrin squeezed his arm. When he looked, Darrin had one eyebrow almost to his hairline. “Don’t tell me you’re going to be pissed off at two guys who are younger than Josh and Trent.”

“But, they’re—“

Darrin cut him off. “Come into the cabin. The kitchen is suppose to be stocked. We can eat and then slip into the hot tub for a little us time.”

Mitch hesitated for an instant, then relaxed. “You’re right. We won’t see them again while we’re here.”

“Exactly. Let’s see what’s in here.”

A little more than an hour later they’d put the last of the dishes into the dishwasher and Mitch was ready to get into their private hot tub. He grabbed Darrin’s face and kissed him hard. At first tense, but then Darrin relaxed under Mitch’s touch. They parted and both of them were panting.

“Strip,” Mitch said. “I’m ready for the hot tub.”

“Strip? It’s daylight, and the thing isn’t just outside the door. I’m not going out naked.”

“Oh, come on! Don’t be a pussy. Who’ll see us? We’re in the middle of the fucking woods.”

“We can lose the suits once we’re in the water. But I’m not streaking from the cabin.”

Mitch wasn’t happy that his plans were thwarted, but he’d been with Darrin long enough to know he wouldn’t change his mind on this. So rather than ruin the evening, he slipped into a pair of trunks, grabbed a towel and followed Darrin. A few minutes later they had sank to their necks in warm water. Mitch drifted close and gave him a long slow kiss. He pressed his tongue against Darrin’s lips and they opened with no hesitation.

“Hey again neighbors. How’s it hanging?”

This time a slow burn of anger simmered inside Mitch. He turned to the pair while trying to keep his cool. “Hi. What are you guys doing over here.?

“The hot tub seemed like a good idea. Making out in the great outdoors stuff.”

“Well, this is our tub. Why don’t you use yours.”

“This is our tub.”

This time the anger surfaced. “What do you mean this is your tub? This is our cabin and our tub. We didn’t planning to share.”

Tony stopped what he was doing long enough to look at Mitch. “Cool down, Gramps. The tub is private, but they’re shared.”

“That makes no fucking sense. If it’s shared, it’s not private.” He turned to Darrin. “Right, professor? Shared is not private?” Without waiting for an answer, he turned back to the couple, to find them dropping their Speedo’s and climbing in.

Mitch lost it when the pair started making out. “Mother fucker! Are you kidding me!”

“Come on Mitch. I’m not staying in a hot tub with other people who were having sex. It isn’t going to happen.”

Mitch’s lips formed a thin line, but he followed Darrin out and wrapped the towel around him. They walked into the cabin and Mitch shot them a death glare before yanking the blinds closed.

He turned to Darrin, shaking his finger. “This is not over.”

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