Double Trouble: Chapter 81

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to flash fictions.

Chapter 81

Darrin was shaking, and any drop of lust had evaporated in the dry western Oklahoma winds. The police were stopping them, and there was only one reason for Darrin to be half dressed. He wondered what would be the penalty for indecent exposure. Or even worse, would this land him on the sex offenders list. The possibility made his stomach knot, and he wasn’t certain he wouldn’t puke on the officer.

Darrin glanced back in the rearview mirror and the muscular vehicle was barreling toward them, lights whirling. As the police car closed the distance, Darrin slowed, looking for a safe place for him to pull off the road. He glared at Mitch who was silent, which wasn’t normal.

“I hope you’re happy. I told you we shouldn’t be doing that even if we were in the middle of no where western Oklahoma.”

Darrin spotted a place where the road’s shoulder widened and he eased the pickup into the spot and waited. A few seconds later red and blue light bathed the interior as the cop pulled in behind them. Darrin sat with both hands on the wheel as he waited. With nerves already shot, he didn’t want to do anything to make the situation worse.

“I could offer to blow him. Think that might help?” Mitch asked.

Darrin stared ahead of them as heat flashed over his face. “If you open your mouth, he will have a reason to haul me into whatever God forsaken county jail that’s closest because I’m going to beat you to death.”

“Ooh, a little S&M. That’d be fun.”

The door on the car shut and Darrin’s tension went higher. This time he let his eyes flicker to the side mirror to see a big man wearing a highway patrol uniform making his way to the pickup.

The officer wrote for a few more seconds before meeting Darrin’s gaze. “I’ve been following you for a few miles. You seem to be driving a little erratic. Would you mind stepping out of the pickup, sir?”

Darrin made his way to where the cop pointed and went through a battery of roadside sobriety tests, all of which he passed with no problem. At one point he thought a chuckle came from Mitch, but when he glanced toward him, he was staring straight ahead. His attention change back to his situation, and the cop staring at him.

“I don’t see any reason for your driving from the sobriety tests…”

Darrin was trying to decide how to respond when the officer’s radio crackeled off something unintelligible and he turned back to Darrin. “I will let this go this time. I’d focus more on the road in the future and don’t let other things distract you.” There was a pause while he finished writing on his report. He closed the folder and looked at Darrin. “I would be careful. There are cops out here that don’t like anyone born outside this county. They might make life more difficult than anyone wants.”

His grin became broader. “Might want to check your zipper. My husband likes to push the boundaries too. I’m better at driving distracted than you are though.”

Darrin felt his face burning at the back side of the retreating cop who climbed into his cruiser and drove off with a quick wave in Darrin’s direction. He stared at the receding taillights until they disappeared over the distant hills. As the realization they had escaped a potential disaster settled onto Darrin, he decided Mitch needed a little payback.

He left his fly unzipped and made his way to the pickup and a grinning Mitch. He crawled inside, took Mitch’s hand, and shoved it back into his pants. Mitch let out a squeak. “What’re you doing? What about the cop?”

“Finish what you started. I was having a good time. It’ll give you practice for the rest stop in a few miles.”

Mitch looked suspicious, but worked on Darrin again before he spoke. “Why? What’s at the rest-stop?”

“A cop’s dick you’re going to suck in exchange for the ticket you would have cost me otherwise.”

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