Double Trouble: Chapter 80

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to flash fictions.

Chapter 80

Danny peered into Mitch’s suitcase. “What all do you have in there? I see some odd shit.”

Mitch stuck his head out of the bathroom where he’d been shaving. “Unless you want way too much information about your grandparents you should stay out of our stuff. And watch your mouth, remember we are all trying to clean up our language.”

“Well, that’s a f’ing bunch of crap. Crap is still okay isn’t it? Or do I say poop? Or would do-do be better? Just tell me.”

“Oh please, knock off the drama. Your grandpa’s right. If you don’t watch it, then those words slip out without you knowing.”

Danny sat quietly for several minutes and then looked back at Mitch. “Why are you going to Colorado? Why can’t we go with you?”

Mitch considered telling Danny the truth that he and Darrin needed away from their family. It was time for some hot sex without wondering if one of the four would appear. But an adult wouldn’t handle it that way. Being an adult sucked. “We’re going to visit a few new ranches in New Mexico and Colorado. We need different bloodlines for our herds. It’ll only be a week or so, and in the meantime you and your sister can take care of things.”

Danny looked like he would go into another tirade, and Mitch thought he’d had enough teen drama for one day. He locked eyes with Danny for a few seconds until he dropped his gaze. “Go take care of the horses. They haven’t been fed and watered yet today. By the time you finish, we’ll be packed and you can tell your grandfather’s goodbye.”

Danny grumbled and acted like he was going argue, but turned and left without further discussion. Mitch waited until the screen door slammed.

“Who pee’d in his Post Toasties?”

Mitch shot a grin over his shoulder at Darrin. “He wants to go with us. He thinks he will be missing something.”

Mitch walked behind Darrin, wrapped his arms around his chest, and leaned in to kiss the side of his neck. “He will miss something, and that’s why they will be several hundred miles away.” Mitch dropped his hands to Darrin’s crotch and cupped it in both hands. “And I got other plans for you.”

Darrin closed his eyes in enjoyment and sighed before stepping away and turning to Mitch. “No one is as eager to take care of the little guy as me. Now come on, let’s get dressed before the fun police interrupt what we’re doing.”

Over the next hour they finished their packing and loaded everything into the pickup. Once they’d given their final hugs for everyone and had made it to the state highway toward Woodward, Mitch glanced over and grinned at Darrin. “We made it. Freedom for the next week or so. We don’t have to be adults.”

“I don’t know about not being adults, but it would be good to not need to solve everyone else’s issues.”

A wicked thought came to Mitch, and he unbuckled his seat belt. At the buzzer Darrin glanced over. “What are you doing?”

Mitch grinned and reached for Darrin’s crotch. He rested his hand over Darrin’s bulge and squeezed. “Something we haven’t done since college. You’re getting road head.”

Darrin let out a throaty chuckle that turned into a moan as Mitch tightened his grip. After a few times, Darrin was erect and both of them were breathing hard. Mitch reached up and opened the button on Darrin’s jeans. When the sound of a zipper filled the cab, Darrin grabbed Mitch’s hand. “This might not be such a good idea. What if someone sees us? I don’t want to call Josh or Trent for bale money.”

Mitch slipped his hand inside, wrapped his fingers around Darrin’s hard shaft and stroked slowly. “Relax. You’ve needed this. There’s no one for miles. We’re in the middle of fucking no where.”

“Mitch, wait.”

He flicked his tongue onto the underside of Darrin’s cock.

“Ah, fuck.”

He sucked the head into his mouth and licked it. After a few minutes Darrin tensed, but it didn’t seem to be for the right reason as his voice sounded serious.

“Mitch. Stop. Fix my pants!”

Mitch came off and wiped his face. “What’s wrong?”

“Cops! There’s a fucking highway patrol coming up behind us, he’s flashing his lights and there’s no one else around.”

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