Double Trouble: Chapter 78

Wednesday Briefs

The continuing saga of three generations of ranching family. Below the story you’ll find links to flash fictions.

Chapter 78

Danny gulped a few times until Jamie’s butt disappeared under the murky water. He realized his penis had done what it was good at as the situation became embarrassing. He yanked off the rest of his clothes, letting them fall wherever. Before the last piece hit the ground, Danny splashed through the water to hide his erection. Once he reached deeper, he sank lower until only his neck and head remained above the creek.

“This is amazing. Great suggestion, Danny!”

He turned to find Jamie submerged to his shoulders. When Jamie smiled his snow-white teeth gleamed against his golden tan. The combination left Danny with a tingle in his belly, and no relief from his erection. He struggled to get his horny teenage self under control, but wasn’t having much success when Jamie flipped himself up and then disappeared underwater. Danny’s thoughts focused still on the firm butt that had flashed above the water for a second.

He wondered where Janie had gotten to when hands grabbed his legs and pulled him below the water’s surface. Taken by surprise, Danny surfaced gasping and coughing. Once he caught his breath, he spun searching for Jamie.

“You asshole! I’m going to nail your skinny butt.”

“Yeah, give it your best shot, cowboy!”

Danny dove underwater and grabbed at Jamie’s legs. The muscular legs flexed under his touch and then slipped away. The sensation of skin against skin felt good, but Danny was too competitive to not try to win at everything. As a result, they spent most of the next thirty minutes fighting in the water. It ended when neither of them could catch their breath. They’d stopped with Danny’s legs wrapped around Jamie’s torso as he tried to pull him under, again.

As they caught their breath Danny realized their faces were inches from each other and he got the slight mint aroma of Jamie’s breath. Before he considered the action, he leaned in and kissed Jamie. The instant they separated, Danny knew things weren’t going well.

“Shit. Sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.” Danny said as he stumbled away from Jamie. “We need to go or the parents will be hunting for us. Sorry. Yeah. Let’s go.” Danny spun away and ran toward the edge of the pool.

“Danny. Hang on. Danny!”

Danny yanked on underwear and jeans, refusing to respond to Jamie’s call. He was working at pulling socks over his wet legs when Jamie walked out of the water and squatted down just behind Danny’s shoulder. He reached toward Danny’s shoulder, but then hesitated. They reached Danny’s breaking point.

“You can’t catch it.”

Jamie’s face turned into a scowl. “I’m not stupid, Danny. I know being gay isn’t contagious.”

“Well, I’m bi, not gay.” It seemed like an important distinction.

“Okay, whatever. But I already knew you were into guys. I should have told you before that I’m straight.”

Danny sat for a minute before motioning vaguely in Jamie’s direction. “If we’re going to have the ‘I’m not into guys’ talk I’d appreciate it if you’d put on clothes.”

After a soft chuckle, he heard the crunch of gravel followed by the sounds of Jamie dressing. A few minutes later Jamie called out to him. “Okay, it’s safe. I’m dressed.”

Danny grinned as he glanced at the cute guy walking toward him. “It wasn’t so much me needing to be safe, you’re the one in trouble.”

Jamie folded into a seat beside Danny and patted his shoulder. “I should have told you I wasn’t into guys when we first started running around together. I was afraid you’d take it wrong, and I didn’t want to lose a friend. It’s not like I have many, and none of the ones I have are into bull riding. I hoped I’d found another friend.”

Danny laughed and shoved playfully at Jamie. “You goof. We can still be friends. Do you want to hang around with someone who’s… well who’s somewhere in the LGBT spectrum.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “Sorry about the kiss. What I was thinking?”

Jamie shrugged. “It was as much my fault as yours. But I’m flattered you wanted to kiss me.”

“Are you kidding? Trust me, you’re fucking hot.”

Jamie’s face turned red. It shocked Danny to find himself wrapped in a tight hug. Once he released Danny, they both grinned. “I’m glad we’re still friends.”

“There’s no way you’re happier about it than I am. Let’s get the horses and head back to the house. We’ve got a pizza or two in the freezer.”

“Cool! I’m starved.” Jamie took a step and froze. “Where are the horses?”

Danny jumped up from the ground scanning the area. “Well, damn it to hell.”

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