Double Trouble: Chapter 70

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 70

Danny hated his job today, which consisted of repairing fence damaged during the winter. The horses in particular would rub and push against them until not much was still standing. High school was on summer recess and his dads’ made it clear Danny’s summer wasn’t going to be sleeping all day and playing video games all night.

Moral to the story? Danny had been up for hours. He’d eaten breakfast, and told what fence to fix. Now Danny scowled at that very fence. At least a quarter of the posts were rotting and needed replacement. They hadn’t even gave him the pickup to use. Just because one time he drove it to see Troy. It wasn’t that big of a deal, he only lived a few miles away.

But today he was using the oldest fucking ATV on the place. Its top speed might be ten-miles-per-hour. Downhill, with a good tailwind. All of which left Danny in a pissy mood and not very charitable toward any of his family. Even the grandfathers hadn’t sided with him. He wasn’t happy.

Danny heard his name being called from a distance and when he looked he spotted his friend Rob galloping toward him on his new Paint. He had to admit it was a beautiful animal, even if he didn’t think Rob was smart enough for a horse like it. But then Rob was good looking too.

Rob had the poor gelding almost trying to run sideways up the side of the hill instead of a nice safe canter. When he reached Danny, the young man watched in disbelief at Rob’s performance.

“One of these days you’re going to find a horse who doesn’t like the way you handle them and tosses you on your head.”

Rob gave him a wide grin. “Don’t worry about me. I can deal with any horse you name. They’ll perform just like I want them to, same way I take care of my men.”

Danny spread his legs, grabbed his crotch in one leather gloved hand, and thrust forward. “I got more meat here than you can handle you mouthy little shit.”

“Oh? You think so?”

“Enough for you to choke on, and keep you from talking.”

“Bring it then. We’ll see who is packing.”

Danny stared at him for several seconds before sighing. “I’ve got too much to do. I don’t want to get my ass chewed out for not getting the work done.” He paused for a moment before giving Rob a significant look. “But if you wanted to help…”

His friend beamed at him as Danny shook his head and wanted to make certain Rob understood. “I have a lot to do and you’ll have to actually get your little skinny ass in gear.”

“Hey! I can outwork your lazy butt anytime.” Rob grabbed a posthole digger and a wrecker bar and headed down the line to posts that needed replaced. Danny watched Rob until he knew the work was done right. Once he satisfied, he put the leather gloves back onto his hands and wrestled the roll of barbed wire from the ATV.

Once that was where he wanted it, Danny stuck the fencing pliers in his back pocket and set to work.

The two worked well together and most of the afternoon remained when they finished Danny’s section of fencing. His body ached and his clothing drenched with sweat. The shirt he’d tossed in the ATV hours ago had dried with patterns of salt stains. The sweat drying on his skin made him itch. He had no desire to ask for more work, and had an idea what Rob had in mind. Some stress relief wouldn’t be the worst idea ever. But a swim first sounded even better.

About that time Rob walked up with his horse in tow and grinned at Danny. “Looks like we’re done. I think we should have some fun.”

“Let’s go for a swim first, I wouldn’t mind cooling off.”

With a grin stretched across his face, Rob swung into the saddle and trotted toward the creek. Danny roared in pursuit, but it made little difference with the piece of antiquity he was driving. He arrived in time to see Rob’s white ass disappear beneath the water.

Danny rolled to a stop in a small grove of cottonwoods that flanked this part of the stream. His boots went flying, followed quickly by his pants and briefs. The cool water felt wonderful as he waded in. Rob swam closer as Danny sank until only his head stuck above the slow running water. He wrapped his legs around Danny’s mid-section, pressing his hard cock against his friend’s stomach. The sensation made Danny’s shaft stiffened. A moment later his cock rubbed up and down Rob’s butt crack. They shared an awkward kiss as he tried not to fire off his load.

Floating gently, their lust grew as they crawled over each other. He was ready. Danny needed to find relief.

“Danny! Where the fuck are you?” his dad called.

“Mother fucker!” Danny muttered as they scrambled for cover.

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4 thoughts on “Double Trouble: Chapter 70

  1. What a time for his dad to turn up! That was getting so nice and steamy too. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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