Double Trouble: Chapter 69

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 69

Mitch enjoyed the quiet enveloping their house. They both loved to have the kids over, and even to spend the night occasionally. But the long weekend left he and Darrin tired and ready for rest.

He wriggled a little lower on the couch and pulled Darrin’s legs higher. Darrin shifted around until he was comfortable again. He put his iPad on his thigh and rubbed his free hand over his face. He pushed his glasses almost to his hairline before letting them drop to his nose.

“I love the grandkids, but I’m glad we aren’t the one’s taking care of them all the time, especially since they’ve discovered sex.”

“Or in Danny’s case—a warm hole,” Mitch said with a smirk.

Darrin covered his face with both hands and moaned. “Oh my God, don’t remind me. I needed a bucket of ice water to keep him and his special friend off each other.”

“It might have been easier if we’d let them go at it.”

“But we have to be all adult which means we will not condone whatever sex two horny teenagers might think up.”

Mitch threw his hands into the air and laughed. “Hell, they don’t even need to figure out things like we did. Get on the internet and search for how to fuck like bunnies.”

Darrin snuggled closer to Mitch and inhaled his scent. It still had as strong of an effect on Darrin as it did the first day they’d met. That tiny closet of a grad student office had been the beginning of a life together. He shifted his hold and pressed his face into Mitch’s armpit. He took a deep breath, and Mitch leaned down and kissed the top of his head. With a chuckle Mitch lifted his arms and tucked his hands behind his head the dark thick hair of his underarms filling his pits. The sharp musky scent made Darrin’s head swim, and his body tense. But he pulled away and rested his head in Mitch’s lap. “This is nice. I like cuddling with you.”

Mitch laughed and ran his hand down Darrin’s side. “You shouldn’t badmouth your grandson. You’re as horny as a teenager.”

“It’s your fault. This is what you do to me.” Darrin reached down, grabbed his hard shaft, and tugged it upward.

Mitch slipped his hands, running his fingers through Darrin’s short hair. He welcomed the sensation and took the bottom of Mitch’s shirt and pulled it open until the first snap sprung open. He slipped his hand into the shirt and ran it up Mitch’s fur covered belly. The masculine texture brought back the same sense of satisfaction he’d enjoyed for years.

Feeling both mischievous and lustful he grabbed the shirt and ripped it open. With his husband’s torso exposed, he pressed his hands over the body he’d loved for decades. The flecks of gray in the dark hair made it that much sexier. He lifted himself, kissed Mitch’s exposed nipple and flicked his tongue around it until it was a hard nub of flesh and there were soft sighs coming from Mitch.

“You’re starting something,” Mitch said.

Darrin crawled so he could get to Mitch’s jeans and soon had them down around his ankles. Mitch kicked a few times and sent his pants flying. A few tugs at the open shirt and Mitch sprawled across the couch naked. Darrin flipped onto his stomach, leaned forward, and kissed the top of Mitch’s shaft. He pinned it against Mitch’s stomach and eased his way down the hard length. By the time he had traveled to the bottom of his shaft, a stream of clear precome leaked down half his dick.

Mitch groaned deeply and lunged at Darrin and ripped at his clothes until Darrin was bare. He pulled Darrin onto the couch beside him. Darrin had no trouble cooperating and let Mitch pull them together. Their lips pressed against each other, the stubble from Mitch’s face sending sparks of desire through him. The kiss was lingering and left Darrin in much the same state he’d left Mitch. Their lips slowly separated and they lay panting a few inches from each other.

Mitch pressed his lips against Darrin’s ear and whispered. “Flip ends. I want some of what you were getting a minute ago.”

Darrin gladly complied and was facing Mitch’s crotch. He was leaning toward his goal when Mitch’s hot mouth encased the head of his cock, and Darrin almost lost it when Mitch drilled his tongue into the underside of his knob.

But he retaliated by popping Mitch’s knob into his mouth and circling the crown as fast as he could. He licked it from top to bottom until spit dripped from Mitch nuts. The action Mitch was giving Darrin drove him to the brink. Mitch pulled off and Darrin worked harder. Mitch rammed his finger into Darrin’s prostate, pushing him over the edge. His body tensed as wave after wave of ecstasy over came him.

With a grin of retribution he gave Mitch the same treatment, except Darrin plunged two fingers into Mitch’s tight butt before driving his mouth over the hard cock as deep as he could.

“Ah, fuck!”

Darrin’s mouth flooded, and he swallowed hard. Pleasure washed over him a final time and he slumped with his head resting on Mitch’s bare thigh. He leaned forward and licked a drip of white from the tip of Mitch’s cock to enjoy the musky flavor. He settled in against Mitch.

“Ah, shit. Maybe adulthood isn’t as bad as I thought.”

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