Double Trouble: Chapter 67

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 67

Trent frowned and rubbed the back of his head where Josh had just thumped him. “What was that for?”

“It was for checking out that guy’s butt. That’s the third one. And who was having the meltdown because something happened that made you feel older?”

“Oh, for God’s sake. I’m just looking. It’s not like I’m taking anything home.”

Josh cocked an eyebrow. “You try to take one home and I’ll band you and then you won’t want to act like a horny eighteen-year-old. Because I remember you at eighteen, and you weren’t too sharp.”

Trent shot Josh a glance filled with daggers. “I don’t remember you cutting down on the sex when you were eighteen either.”

“Beg your pardon? I’ll have you know that I was a virgin until you showed up.”

Trent snorted loud enough to startle a few of the cattle that were closest. “You were still a virgin because you were still trying to fit into the fish world and I had to teach you how to enjoy a good one hundred percent rare beef steak.”

Josh’s face burned hot, and he moved a little closer to Trent. “Let your gaydie sense work a little better.”

Trent slowed his pace and a second or so later glanced at Josh. “What’s gaydie sense? Like gaydar?”

“No, like spidie-sense for our people. You know, to tell when the crowd is turning against us.”

Trent chuckled. “Our people? My people are from southwestern Canada and performed our marriage. You? You’re just a white boy from western Oklahoma.”

“You know what I mean. Look over there.” He twitched his head toward some of the people who seemed to lock their attention on the couple.

Josh glanced around again, it wasn’t as if a crowd was forming and torches were being lit. But he thought it would a good idea to keep their personal live a little less public. They’d left the cattle barn without finding the current owners of their new herd bulls and were now in a new world. This was horse country.

No one was noticing them now, which was perfect in Josh’s opinion. They toured through the stalls of giant horses that made the ones on the beer commercial seem small. One hoof of these bad boys would cover Josh’s head. But they were sweet and didn’t seem to want more than a good scratch on the end of their noses.

Trent scratched his fingers under the chin of one behemoth who he was making very happy. “Too bad we can’t stick around for the stone boat pulls tonight. I bet this big guy could move a house all by himself.”

“And if he had that annoying habit of stepping on your foot, broken foot time!”

“Not this big fella. Would you guy?”

A snort came from behind them and they turned to find a middle-aged guy sporting a well-trimmed beard smiling at them. “Actually, Ben there loves nothing better than to catch you not paying attention and getting that huge hoof on your foot and lean into it. He’s never broke bones, but it hurts like hell.”

A second man walked up behind the first and laid a hand on his shoulder. “Noah has woke up everything on the farm more than once by screaming bloody murder when Ben tries to flatten his foot again. It’s pretty entertaining.”

Noah glanced back and scowled. “And Jesse can be a real ass sometimes too.”

Josh stepped forward and held out his hand. “I’m Josh.” He motioned over his shoulder and considered for a few seconds. He decided this time he’d trust his intuition. “That’s my husband, Trent.”

The other two froze in place and Josh realized how big these two were. If it came down to it he and Trent would act more like a quarter horse while Noah and Jesse were more like their draft horses. But then the pair grinned. “Yay, that’s so cool. How long have you been married? Jesse and I have been together for almost twenty years and we got married when the Supreme Court got smart,” Noah said with a grin.

The tension drained from Josh. “About the same for us. Trent is part Haida, and we had a traditional marriage from them a long time ago. But we redid it last year in Tulsa to make everything legal.”

Jesse leaned close to Josh with a grin. “I hear one of the clubs downtown has a great drag show.”

There it is. We’re with our people.

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