Double Trouble: Chapter 66

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 66

Josh gave Trent plenty of space. His expression meant his husband wasn’t far from losing his shit. The night hadn’t gone the way Trent expected. Actually, it hadn’t been much different than Josh figured it would go. But there was no way he was going to say anything to Trent. He knew when not to piss off the man he lived with. And right this minute, he was going to give Trent some time to calm down.

Trent stomped back and forth across the nondescript beige carpet. His boots were hitting the floor hard enough to cause the lamps to shimmy a little. He ripped open the curtains, crossed his arms, and glared into the inky darkness.

“You know, it could have been worse,” Josh ventured.

“Shut. Up.”

Josh ducked his head and sat on the side of the bed and started working his boots off. Trent wasn’t dealing well with the situation. But Josh didn’t want to give his frustration a target, so he kept his mouth shut and let Trent simmer.

“Twink clubs should come with warning labels. Damn little glitter covered monsters. They’re going to get older too you know. Their little twenty-eight-inch waists. Let’s see how they look once they have teenaged kids. Then we’ll see how their tiny little butts look when they have to do something besides go to the gym. It’ll all come back to haunt them. You just wait and see.”

Josh nodded his head in agreement as he peeled his socks off and dropped them inside his boots. “You’re right. Everyone gets older and the day will come when they have more important things to worry about than keeping their narrow glitter covered chests clipped and groomed.”

Trent spun to Josh and started motioning with his hands as he warmed to his subject. “Exactly! Their skinny bodies will be more than five-percent body fat. They’ll live on more than seltzer water and cigarettes.”

Josh couldn’t keep the smile from his face this time. He considered for a few seconds but then decided it was just too easy. “Your memory is kind of short. Until the kids got in it and used up the last of your body glitter trying to make themselves look like Christmas ornaments, you had a drawer full of the stuff. You would have kept it too, but the bottles were completely empty.”

Trent glared at him and frustration filled his face. “You think it’s so funny. Only those old dudes hit on you, you weren’t exactly in the prime market either.”

Josh shrugged and the smile never wavered from his lips. “I hate to break this to you my fine studly husband but Jeff and Adam were a lot closer to our age than those twinks.” Josh unbuttoned his jeans, let them fall to his ankles, and stepped out of them. He worked his shirt off a button at a time while Trent wore a path in the carpet. “Besides, they were good dancers and I wanted to dance.”

Trent glared at him. “They were at least ten years older than us.”

“And have been together for over twenty years, and weren’t looking for a hookup. They just wanted to have a good time, which was all I was looking for.” He paused until Trent stopped for a moment to glare at him. “Besides, those boys you’re so pissed off about were probably twenty years younger than us. I bet most of them had to leave at the under-aged curfew. Seriously? You’re letting an eighteen-year-old get under your skin like this? It isn’t worth it.”

Josh let Trent sit and stew while he dug through their luggage, found his toothbrush and ducked into the bathroom to get ready for bed. He could hear Trent fuming under his breath without his audience to play toward. Josh finished brushing, washed up and made his way to the bed.

He settled into the blankets and smiled at Trent. “Are you about ready to get in bed?”

“I’m pissed off. Does it not make you mad as hell?”

“Actually, no. We were no better when we were twenty-something. Anyone the age we are now would have been an old fart.”

“Rude little fuckers.” Trent muttered as he started undressing. His face was covered with a frown as he tossed his shoes and clothes into a pile. As the briefs he was wearing topped off the stack, Josh grinned at Trent’s body, which he still felt was as hot as any of those young guys.

Trent noticed and his frown deepened. “What?”

“Just thinking how steamy you are.”

Trent made a dismissive sound and started toward the bathroom. “I need to wash off the cologne and body glitter from tonight.”

“Go ahead. I’ll see if I can’t find a way to relax you once you’re out.”

With a smirk Trent disappeared around the corner. The shower started and shortly after he could hear Trent splashing as he washed up. A few minutes later the shower stopped. Josh waited patiently and got the reward he was hoping for when Trent walked into the room, finished the last of his drying and tossed the towel to the countertop.

“So this is it. This body isn’t going to get any better. It’s down hill all the way.”

“Come here.”

Trent smirked as he stared up and down Josh’s body. “You’re just trying to get my mind off tonight.”

Josh grabbed the back of Trent’s head and pulled him in for a hard kiss. He shoved the tip of his tongue between Trent’s lips and a moment later was exploring the inside of his husband’s mouth. They separated and Trent started to say something else when Josh grabbed his nipple piercings and tugged at them.

“Shut up and let it go. The kid just called you ‘sir’!” Before the conversation could go anywhere else Josh had Trent focused on something much more pleasurable.

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One thought on “Double Trouble: Chapter 66

  1. Haha, I had to wipe the tears of laughter away with this one. I still remember the first time a youngster called me miss, I was only in my late Twentys. I’ll look forward to what the guys get up to next.

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