Double Trouble: Chapter 65

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 65

The pickup and stock trailer pulled to a stop, and Josh looked around at the hotel Trent had picked. He really didn’t want to be driving around downtown Ft. Worth with a few tons of bull in the trailer, but he’d let Trent worry about that when they left on Sunday. So he was fine with the place Trent had picked. It was the perfect combination of comfort, and still having a parking lot that Josh could get their rig into.

“They have a limo we can rent too. So no need to try and park the truck downtown. Plus, we don’t have to be the responsible dad’s tonight. We can get hammered and someone else will drive us home.” Trent said.

Josh chuckled and turned to his husband. “I have to say, I do enjoy the parental release program, even if we do have to mix it with business.”

“Well,” Trent said, “The show starts tomorrow. I’d like to see how these two new bulls compare to the others their age. This is a big show, the classes should be tough.”

“I think it’ll be fun to watch. They’ll be great for our herd. But it would be great to be able to say our bulls were champions at the Fort Worth Stock Show.”

Trent nodded his agreement and turned to Josh with a mischievous grin. “But tonight there are no kids, no critters, just you, me and a list of clubs we want to hit.”

They gathered their bags from the pickup and headed for the hotel. Once they were checked in, they were both eager to wash off the dust of western Oklahoma and spend a night on the town like they had when they were younger. Josh’s clothes were laid across the bed and he considered what he was going to wear tonight when they went out.

Trent’s voice from the shower brought him back into the present. “Hey, why don’t you come join me? We can wash each others backs.”

Josh chuckled and shook his head. “Yeah, I don’t think so. I know what washing your back in general leads to.”

The water shut off and the next thing Josh knew, Trent was standing in the doorway toweling off. “What in the world are you talking about? I was just trying to save a little water.”

“Yeah, whatever. I know you better than that. You get away from the kids and you want to fuck like bunnies.”

Trent shook his semi-hard cock at Josh and laughed. “And do you see some problem with fucking like bunnies?”

Josh walked to his husband and spun him toward the bathroom before giving him a sharp smack on the ass. “I do when it cuts into our fun. Now finish getting dried and get some clothes on.”

He walked back to the bed and picked a dark blue pair of Wranglers and began pulling them on. He went to the mirror and turned back and forth. I’m no twenty year old, but the body isn’t in too bad of shape. A sharp wolf whistle pierced the air. “Hey, hot stuff. You wanna fuck?”

“First, seriously? Did that really work for you at some point? Second, I better be the only one to hear that question from you.”

Trent grinned, completely unrepentant, as he finished running the towel over his crotch and tossed it back into the bathroom. He looked at the clothes Josh had laid out and grabbed the black boxer briefs from the selection. “Are you serious? You’re going to wear underwear? You are becoming an old man.”

“Leave my underwear alone. I’ve never been a big fan of commando. My stuff rubbing against my zipper is not fun.”

Josh enjoyed the view as Trent walked to the closet and started flipping through his clothes while glancing back at Josh from time to time. Eventually he pulled out a pair of button fly jeans, and when he slipped them on Josh knew why he’d picked them. They left nothing to the imagination once he got them closed. Actually, if Josh didn’t know better he’d think Trent was stuffing his crotch. But Josh did know better, and he wasn’t. The body-hugging shirt that followed it didn’t hide much either. Technically they’d meet any ‘no shirt, no shoes, no service’ requirement. But in actuality, it showed off his body even more.

Their eyes finally met and Trent smirk. Josh cocked an eyebrow and frowned ever so slightly. “Are you advertising goods for sale?”

“Highest bidder.”

“Just remember, I do know how to castrate a bull.”

Trent did a stage performance cringe. “That’s a low blow.”

“Just remember who you came with. Dance and flirt all you want, but I’m the one you have to deal with later.”

Josh sat on the bed to pull on his boots and stood to make sure everything was in place. Then he looked back at Trent to discover a smirk on his face.


“Well you’re going to be the fulfillment of a lot of cowboy fantasies. Are you fishing for glitter cover twinks?”

“If you’ve picked a club filled with twinks we’re going to spend the night dancing with each other.”

“Finish getting pretty and we’ll see how this night goes.”

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