Double Trouble: Chapter 64

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Chapter 64

Trent flipped through his closet trying to decide which pairs of pants he wanted to pack. Josh would take the easy way out. He’d have a suitcase filled with jeans. Trent didn’t mind. Josh looked hot. But Trent was looking for something a little different. It wasn’t often they got to escape from the ranch.

Josh was going to shop some bulls a breeder had at the Fort Worth Stock Show. But Darrin and Mitch decided he and Josh needed a weekend, and had offered to watch the kids and check on the animals. They’d talked about it for a while but eventually decided they would enjoy the weekend of fun once they’d taken care of buying the new herd sires.

Danny appeared at their door. “Dad, what clothes should I take?”

Trent considered for a minute. “Well, Saturday they’re taking you to Laugh Out Loud in Lawton. So you’ll need to take some clothes to—“

“Samantha! We’re going to play laser tag!” Danny said as he sprinted down the hallway. The running steps came to a halt and Trent knew Danny had another question. He had barely finished the thought when Danny peered around the corner.

“Um, Dad?”

Trent didn’t turn from their closet so Danny wouldn’t see his grin. “Yeah, Danny. What’s up?”

“I sort of promised Brandon that we’d go out this weekend. He got his license last week and was going to drive.”

“Talk to your grandfathers. It’s up to them.”

Danny dropped his head. “Oh. Okay.”

Trent took a deep breath. “Danny, have they ever told you no when you asked to bring friends on trips before.”

Danny considered the question for a minute. “No. I can’t remember them saying no.” He disappeared around the corner but Trent wasn’t finished. “Hey, Danny.”

He leaned back around the corner. “Yeah.”

“They aren’t going to let you sleep with Brandon.”

“Why not?”

Trent rolled his eyes. “You know why not. Now go get your stuff ready and pack two sleeping bags—and not the zip together kind.”

Danny scowled at Trent for a second before turning to stomp down the hallway. “Well shit. That fucked up the whole weekend.”

Trent smiled but then did the dad thing. “Watch your mouth Danny or you’ll be mucking out the stalls for the whole weekend.’

There was more muttering, but none of it was loud enough for Trent to hear. Josh dragged one of their bags into the living room. He glanced up and was smiling also. “I take it your son is not very happy about being told he wasn’t going to be sleeping with his boyfriend on the trip.”

Samantha appeared before Trent could say anything. “It’s only fair. I don’t get to sleep with my boyfriend either.”

Trent’s muscles seized at the idea of Samantha with someone. “Oh, hell no. That’s not happening.”

“Danny’s messing around and you don’t say anything to him? What the hell?”

“Shut up, Sam!” Danny yelled.

“This is bullshit! You can’t have a double standard.” Samantha said.

“Young lady, watch your mouth,” Trent said.

She stomped down the hallway, cursing with each step. She stopped at her doorway and spun on Danny and Trent as well as an innocent looking Josh who’d stumbled into the argument. He glanced from one of them to the other before turning back to Samantha.

“Honey, one dad being protective of his daughter is bad enough. Two dad’s being protective of their daughter is lethal. We can’t imagine you being with someone. Talk to us in a few decades and maybe we can agree that you can do whatever you want so long as it’s safe and sane…and we don’t know anything about it.”

“Bull! Shit!” she yelled and then slammed the door behind her,

“I gotta say. I’m glad to leave that kind of attitude behind with Mitch and Darrin,” Trent said.

“They’re going to kill us for dropping her off in this mood.”

“Oh, yeah. But we won’t be there for too long so maybe he won’t figure out that she’s on a rampage.”

They finished packing their bags, with the faint sound of things being slammed filling the air. Josh glanced toward Trent. “Are you at least going to call them and warn them that one of the kids is going to be pissed off.”

“Naw, they like to spend time with the little darlings. They can side with Samantha and talk about what assholes their dads are. Actually I’m hoping Darrin will get everything straightened out.”

Danny yelled from the living room. “We’re going. Sam’s already in the truck.”

“Okay. We’re right behind you.” Trent said as he and Josh grabbed their suitcases, tossed them into the back seat and jumped into the pickup. A few minutes passed, and they parked beside Danny’s pickup, just in time to see Samantha rush through the door.

“Do we have to go in?” asked Josh.

“They really will kill us if we just drop the kids off.”

They resign themselves to going inside and spending at least a few minutes with Mitch and Darrin before leaving for Dallas. They walked through just in time to hear Mitch yell.

“Oh, hell no! There’s no way your boyfriend is spending the night.”

Oh, shit. Here we go.

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3 thoughts on “Double Trouble: Chapter 64

  1. Hahaha! This is going to be a hell of a weekend for Darrin and Mitch! But there might be a little mistake in the third to last paragraph. Did you mean Trent, Mitch or Darrin? Whatever… both the parents as well as the grandparents will possibly have to face the old proverb : Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Hehe…I’m speaking of own experience…

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