Double Trouble: Chapter 61

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 61

Mitch was talking with his hands, never a good sign so far as Darrin was concerned.

“Let’s just recap for a moment here,” Mitch said with a chop of his hand punctuating each word. “The dude who tossed you under the bus, in a faculty meeting, that guy, we are having over for steaks and beer.”

Darrin pointed to the clothes he’d laid out on the bed while Mitch was showering. Then he pulled up his pressed jeans and began tucking in his shirt. “Yes, Orin, that guy. And his husband, Rob.”

Mitch threw his towel back at the bathroom. “So now we’re the gay welcome wagon?”

Darrin was beginning to get angry. “Oh go fuck yourself. That ship sailed when Jim brought Josh to the house as a foster kid.”

Mitch studied him for several minutes before he began again. “Look. You know I’ll play along with whatever your scheme is in front of people. But I’m not going to slack off just because you have more chances to screw up than before. When I think your being stupid, I’m going to tell you about it.”

Darrin sighed but nodded. “You’ve always played straight with me. I can respect that.”

Mitch chuckled a little. “I don’t know about playing straight, but I’ve been honest.”

Darrin shook his head but kept his silence. He nodded toward the bed. “Get dressed. You’re in charge of the grill. They should be here any time.”

Mitch pulled on the pair of briefs Darrin had laid out for him and then tugged on his jeans and began buttoning the fly. He was pulling on his shirt when he glanced out the window. After a minute or so he started chuckling. “What does this Orin guy look like?”

Darrin looked at him and lifted an eyebrow. “Why?”

“Humor me.”

“I don’t know. Kind of light brown hair with a poof in the front. About average build.”

“And his husband?”

“Rob? No idea. I’ve never met him.”

“How does six-feet tall. Swimmers build. Coal black hair and I’m guessing teeth so white they practically glow in the dark sound to you.”

“You’re shitting me.”

“No, come take a look for yourself.”

Darrin moved so he could see out the window, the scene was pretty much as Mitch described. Orin’s husband was a good looking guy. Like underwear model good looking.

He glanced back when Mitch started laughing. “A husband way better looking. You know what that means?”

“Mitch, shut up. Don’t say it.”

“Yeah, you’re buddy Orin is hung like a horse, carrying the big salami, packing the heat.”

“Great! The last thing I needed was speculation about how big one of my colleagues dick was. Mitch, you’re a real asshole at times.”

Mitch started chuckling. “It’s not my fault you have a dirty mind and like porn.”

The doorbell rang and Darrin started out the room. He leaned back in and quirked an eyebrow. “He might be packing more than you, you know.”

He laughed and closed the door behind him after Mitch flipped him off. He was still chuckling once he reached the door. Darrin paused for a minute, then opened it. Mitch was right, glowing white teeth. He caught himself before he checked out Orin’s crotch. He locked his eyes above their chests and waved them in.

“Welcome. Mitch is finishing getting dressed. He’ll be here in a minute. Have a seat and I’ll get us something to drink. What would you like? Beer, Coke, I think we have a little chardonnay.”

“Oh thank God. Someone has beer,” said Rob in a deep voice. “I can’t get Orin to believe that not all gay men drink wine. And because of that.” He held out a bottle of wine to Darrin who took it with a chuckle. “We both like wine just fine, but are more beer guys.”

“Me too,” said Rob, “Give me a good lager any time.”

“I’ve got some great lager in the cooler outside.”

Darrin turned to introduce Mitch, and almost shit himself. Mitch had changed clothes and now had on a pair of button fly jeans that were at least one size too small, and left nothing to the imagination, including Mitch’s cock down the inside, across his thigh. The black compression shirt was equally revealing as Mitch’s nipples made two small mountains on his chest.

He looked so hot, and Darrin was going to kill him.

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